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5 Hour South Kona Speedboat Snorkeling Cruise & Sea Cave Expedition
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Discover what makes Kona special on this 5 hour, 3 stop snorkeling adventure! Snorkel the Place of Refuge, Captain Cook Monument and one more secret spot! Go fast, splash through the waves! Getting to the snorkel spots is half the fun with Sea Quest.

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Set out for an exciting day of ocean adventure with Sea Quest! Feel the wind in your hair as you cruise south from Honokohau Harbor on a high powered, rigid inflatable speedboat! Cut through the waves and feel the sea spray, this is a much more thrilling cruise than your normal snorkel boat can provide! Snorkel at culturally significant and visually spectacular locations teeming with vibrant tropical marine life. Keep your eyes peeled for the local spinner dolphins and pilot whales who love to swim along side the boat! Humpback whale sightings are common during the winter months when the whales are in Hawaii. Explore sea caves, arches and lava tubes only accessible by boat along the Kona coast!
Snorkel at 3 incredible South Kona dive sites including:

  • Place of Refuge at Honaunau Bay: The reef just offshore of this extremely culturally significant and sacred place is absolutely incredible. Pristine clear waters with vibrant and healthy tropical reef and one of the best snorkel sites in all of Hawaii! Those that say otherwise have never been here!
  • Captain Cook Monument at Kealakekua Bay: Big Island's most famous snorkeling location! Famous for the calm, clear protected waters and vibrant tropical coral reef. This marine sanctuary is also famous for it's historical significance as the place where Captain Cook lost his life. Your captain will give you the full story on how this famous explorer made first contact with Hawaii but was not so welcome on his second visit.
  • Secret Location: Your captain has a few secret spots that even few locals have ever been. The location will be chosen based on the prevailing ocean conditions for the day.
Sea Caves, Sea Arches and Lava Tubes

The rugged coastline of South Kona was formed by the ancient lava flows of Mt. Hualalai running into the ocean. Over time, the force from ocean swells pounding on the rocky shoreline has formed countless sea caves and sea arches and other unique lava rock formations. Many lava tubes are also visible, such as the lava tubes that make up the eyes of Pele's face at Red Hill marine sanctuary.

Dolphins and Whales

Spinner dolphins and pilot whales call the coastal waters surrounding Kona home year round. Sightings of marine mammals are very common as you cruise between snorkel locations. One of the biggest advantages of going out on a smaller speed boat is that you cover much more ground during your tour. This significantly increases your chances of seeing marine mammals such as Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins, Pilot Whales, Bottle nose Dolphins and during the winter months, Humpback Whales.

Please Note!: Marine mammal sightings are not guaranteed but are extremely common. Humpback Whale sightings only occur during the winter months from December through April.


Rigid Inflatable Snorkel Boat Sailing Catamaran Snorkel Boat
Fast, exciting, bumpy ride. Getting splashed by the waves is part of the fun! Slow and stable. Relaxing and comfortable cruise.
Get close to the sea caves and arches. There are few other boats can go inside! Does not visit sea caves
Cover more distance and see more of the coast. Slower sailing limits how far you cruise down the coast.
Better chance of seeing Dolphins and Whales! Decent chance of seeing marine mammals.

Hawaiian legends, lore, cultural and historical facts

Your captain and crew are extremely knowledgeable on everything Hawaii. They will share with you the cultural and natural history of the sites and locations you visit during the tour. Learning about why the places you visit are so special truly makes this an experience you will cherish for a lifetime.

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  • Duration: 5.5 hour(s)
  • Available: Daily
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  • Inclusion: Soft drinks / Juice / Bottled water / Flotation devices / Lunch / Fruit / Snacks / Snorkeling equipment (snorkel, mask & fins)
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  • 08:00 Check-in at Keauhou Bay Pier
  • 08:15 Expedition South Kona (5 hrs)
    307074 Snorkel at 3 sites including Kealakekua Bay & Honaunau Bay. Enjoy lunch in the shade of the canopy within view of the Captain Cook monument!
  • 13:15 Check-out
    • Must be able to climb a ladder.
    • The use of NON-Reef safe sunscreens is prohibited on this tour.
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    • This activity is not wheelchair accessible.
    • If less than 4 participants are booked, the activity may not operate.
    • Children 5 years old and above can participate in this activity.
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USD 159.41
USD 159.41

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USD 159.41
USD 159.41
5 Hour South Kona Speedboat Snorkeling Cruise & Sea Cave Expedition