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Partner with us and promote Hawaii’s tours and activities, and boost your social media presence with video and photos from your experience!

Why partner with us?

At HawaiiActivities.com, we are always looking to work with a wide variety of content creators to promote Hawaii’s unique tours and activities, while offering the opportunity to experience these tours first hand.

Not only will you be able to go on some of the many local tours and activities available in Hawaii, but you will be able to do so at no cost to you while gaining some incredible footage for your platforms.

Who is HawaiiActivities.com?

We are an industry-leading online travel agency specializing in offering the best tours and activities all across the islands of Hawaii, and have partnerships with a majority of the activity providers throughout the state.

Our team of local experts and professionals are able to select and offer tour options that you will not only be sure to enjoy, but also those that have the best photo and video opportunities for you to share on your platforms.

Content Creator Sponsorship Highlights

  • Complimentary Hawaii tours and activities
  • Access to amazing photo and video opportunities to use on social media
  • Local experts to assist you in the booking process
  • Professional management team to work with you before and after your activity
  • Exclusive access to activities only available through HawaiiActivties.com


We extend sponsorship opportunities to long-form video creators on YouTube and/or bloggers with a substantial number of followers. Please find the detailed sponsorship amount provided below. These sponsorships will be awarded in the form of VELTRA points, which can be redeemed for booking activities on our website.


  • 10-49k subs – $100 worth of VELTRA points
  • 50-99k subs – $300 worth of VELTRA points

  • 100k – 499k – $700 worth of VELTRA points

  • 500k and above – $1,000 worth of VELTRA points

For examples of videos we have sponsored, check out BKR and Yes to Hawaii.


Must have a MOZ DA score of 40 and above

  • 10-29k monthly page views – $100 worth of VELTRA points

  • 30-49k monthly page views – $300 worth of VELTRA points

  • 100k – 499k monthly page views – $700 worth of VELTRA points

  • 500k and above monthly page views – $1,000 worth of VELTRA points

If you do not meet the above requirements, you can still sign up for our affiliate marketing program where you can get a commission for every confirmed booking made through your links. 

We do not offer sponsorships for other social media platforms at this time

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