The Pineapple Isle


Once covered in fields of pineapples, the island now boasts two luxury resorts, a rock garden fit for the gods, and the perfect day trip from Maui.

Lanai’s remoteness is its biggest draw for visitors, especially those that want to learn what old Hawaii was like. With a resident population of about 3,000 people, this little island is never crowded, and once entirely covered in pineapple fields, Lanai is now owned by Larry Ellison of Java fame, but still accessible by the public. An island getaway in Lanai often begins with a ferry ride from Lahaina, on the nearby island of Maui. Near the ferry docks are jeep rentals for off-road adventures, while the Four Seasons resort is within walking distance. The coastline alternates between awe-inspiring sea cliffs and beautiful beaches, making this one island where every adventure could result in the discovery of a hidden gem. Empty beaches, fun hikes, and vibrant coral reefs abound here, where the land is healthy and colorful, reminiscent of what Hawaii was like pre-modernization.

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