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  1. Very good day! Great value! Would highly recommend.
    Reviewed by: Christel and Jason, 2018/04/18
    My husband and I went on a North shore / O'ahu tour a week ago with Aloha Island Expedition. We had a wonderful time and we got to see and experience a lot of unique sites throughout the day. It was the best day we've had in our 3-weeks visit to Hawai'i. Our guide was very friendly, thoughtful and knowledgeable and he really customized the day's activities based on our interests. He went out of hi...more
    • Beautiful Ulupo!
      Beautiful Ulupo!
  2. Great title
    Reviewed by: Bex, 2018/04/18
    A beautiful 3 mile kayak with an amazing snorkeling experience! My advice- wear sunscreen even if it doesn’t feel like it’s sunny...Ouch! Lesson learned. For the dare devil jump off a 30 ft cliff int...more
  3. Fantastic all inclusive tour - highly recommend
    Reviewed by: Michelle Shaffer, 2018/04/16
    My husband and I were only on Hawaii for a few days and wanted to get as much volcano exposure as we could into one excursion. An all day tour seemed like the perfect choice, with a hike of the lava fields during the day and including the 'glow' at night. We ended up being the only two people on our tour and Jeremy was amazing throughout the entire day, starting with his stopping at the visitor'...more
    • Spatter and glow
      Spatter and glow
    • Lava fields
      Lava fields
    • Rain hiking
      Rain hiking