1. Fabulous helicopter ride
    Reviewed by: Marg from Australia , 2017/05/22
    We travelled from Australia with our friends and took a helicopter tour of the volcano. The trip was amazing !! The pilot was informative and very knowledgeable. He had some great jokes and made us feel very safe. I would really recommend this trip to anyone.
  2. Second time within a year doing this.
    Reviewed by: -PAUL-, 2017/05/22
    Had a great time the first time, I did it again. I did the same thing, got bicycle and rode to the end of Lanikai beach to find that spot I first saw, a secluded beach to myself. However this year was high tide and didn't have the beach, but still enjoyed to peace and quiet though. From there, I traveled all the back to Kailua, and kept on going north until it was time to go back. Then choose Bobs...more
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      back in 2016
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      this time in 2017
    • Lanikai Beach farthest point
      Lanikai Beach farthest point
    • Overlooking Kailua (North)
      Overlooking Kailua (North)
    • Overlooking Kailua (South)
      Overlooking Kailua (South)
    • Overlooking Kailua (Further South)
      Overlooking Kailua (Further South)