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  1. Relaxing & Romantic evening on the water - Perfect date night!
    Reviewed by: MsTravelGal, 2020/02/16
    We thoroughly enjoyed this dinner cruise! The Prince Kuhio is perfect for just sitting back with a good drink, relaxing, and taking in the views. I liked the choice of music; it really enhanced the aloha ambiance. The servers were exceptionally attentive and friendly, they also doubled as the post-sunset entertainment--very impressive. The water was a little choppy when we first got underway...more
    • Perfect double date on the Prince Kuhio.
      Perfect double date on the Prince Kuhio.
    • Reenacting the Titanic scene.
      Reenacting the Titanic scene.
    • View of Diamond Head from the harbor.
      View of Diamond Head from the harbor.
  2. A beautiful and fun experience!
    Reviewed by: Hillswilliams, 2020/02/16
    This excursion was one of my favorite things we did on the island! The crew members were fun and were very helpful to any and every one on board to ensure a great experience. They encourage first time...more
  3. Great views, great crew, outstanding experience!
    Reviewed by: Hillswilliams, 2020/02/16
    This excursion was beyond what I expected! The boat ride was smooth and there was plenty of space for my friends and I to enjoy the ride! We had cute bean bag chairs to sit on which added to our excitement. The crew members showed great service and were happy to get to know us a little when the time was right and everyone on board had been helped. Very easy going and fun guys to hang out with! The...more
  4. Best luau on Oahu
    Reviewed by: Michael, 2020/02/16
    I have been to a few different luaus in Hawaii. This one is far above and beyond any of the others. The location is beautiful right on the water. Nothing beats a sunset from the west side. The food is buffett style and the Kalua Pork is amazing. They roast the pig right there. If you are vegetarian/vegan they also have alot of options for you. The seating is on a little grassy area in front of the...more
  5. Beautiful sunset dinner cruise
    Reviewed by: Michael, 2020/02/16
    We had a great time on this sunset dinner cruise. The Steak and Shrimp were very good and the drinks were cheap. They also have a vegetarian option available if requested ahead of time. The staff were friendly and put on a little hula/firedancing show which was pretty entertaining. The boat itself was nice, I wouldn't call it luxurious, but nice. Swells weren't very big out there but the boat does...more
  6. Best Tour we have done!!!!
    Reviewed by: Swan1427, 2020/02/15
    We did the EarlyBird Breakfast Cruise on Jan. 22, 2020. It was wonderful. Easy to arrive and enjoy some breakfast before leaving. Food and drinks were well worth the price. Shortly after leaving we saw the whale breaching amd we were all amazed. Capt. Mike and crew did an amazing job. Highly recommend!!!