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  1. Great sunset cruise.
    Reviewed by: CO from Stl, 2019/06/12
    Great sunset cruise. Sunset was beautiful. Food was excellent. The staff and musician made it even better! We loved it!!!
  2. Great casual sunset booze sailing!
    Reviewed by: Anthony, 2019/06/12
    It was one of our to-do list for a while, and I'm glad I did. I was with a group of friends, and it was a nice way to end the day. The crew was friendly and attentive, and their Mai Tai was delicious (not too strong so it was smooth). I don't know their relationship with Corona, but they only had corona for the beer choice, which I didn't mind at all (who doesn't love corona on the tropical wat...more
  3. Beautiful Leis!
    Reviewed by: Tpatton, 2019/06/11
    It was our anniversary and we have always wanted a lei greeting when visiting Maui. This was a wonderful greeting. The gentleman who had our leis, held up a sign with our names and Happy Anniversary on it. He placed the leis around our necks, then took several pictures of us with my phone. He then asked if we needed help getting anywhere and offered directions on which way to go. We were very plea...more
  4. Fun ride
    Reviewed by: Dave , 2019/06/11
    Beautiful views. It is a lot of fun. Great entertainment. Nice people. Would recommend it.
  5. My kids & I enjoyed both attractions.
    Reviewed by: Mo Martin, 2019/06/11
    Great package deal...We loved the submarine experience. We actually saw a few baby sharks & stingrays. The Luau was nice as well. We loved how the story was told.
  6. Great excursion
    Reviewed by: Suepatsfan , 2019/06/11
    Great time, we went with 6 people age 6-52 and everyone had a blast. I would definitely recommend this as a must do on the island. Group was only about 15 people and we had 2 great guides, Miguel and Derek.
  7. UrbE Diamond Head
    Reviewed by: John, 2019/06/10
    Taking the UrbEs was the perfect way to get around and up to Diamond Head. Ryan and Aya were great guides and took a lot of wonderful pictures which they sent to us. I would highly recommend this tour.