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Discover the places Maui dolphins love to play! Maui dolphin watching cruises take you along the coast and the Auau channel where pods of dolphins are plentiful and sightings are almost always a sure bet. The waters to the southwest of Maui are filled with Hawaiian spinner dolphins, making the islands of Lanai and Molokini excellent destinations for dolphin watching and snorkeling! Check out these dolphin watching tours to experience the playful and vibrant marine life of Maui.
Type Description Rarity Fun Fact
Spinner Dolphin
5-6 ft long, dark stripe on back, small dorsal fin Very Common Known for spinning as they jump out of the water
Spotted Dolphin Has freckle-like spots all over Common Can jump at least 15 ft high
Bottlenose Dolphin 8-12 ft long, dark grey, larger dorsal fin Uncommon Can swim at up to 20 mph

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  1. No.1
    Set sail across the beautiful waters of Maui and Lanai to go snorkeling and see spinner dolphins! Explore the reef and marine life on this fun-filled morning dolphin snorkeling cruise to Lanai!
    Meal Provided


    6 - 6.5 hour(s) (morning)
  2. No.2
    Go snorkeling at Molokini and Turtle Town, two of Maui's biggest ocean attractions, on this 6-hour snorkeling tour that includes dolphin watching & swimming with turtles! Do everything ocean-related on the Leilani's 'Best Day on Maui' tour!
    Pick-up Provided
    Meal Provided


    6.5 - 9.5 hour(s) (morning)
  3. No.3
    Watch for dolphins as you take a cruise to one of the top 10 snorkel destinations in the world. The uninhabited coastline of Lanai is home to numerous large pods of wild dolphins and vibrant reef systems full of life.
    Meal Provided


    Family Discount
    6 hour(s) (morning)
  4. Encounter spinner dolphins on this Maui cruise and snorkeling adventure, taking you beyond Molokini and Dolphin Cove aboard a fast powered catamaran.
    Meal Provided


    5.5 hour(s) (morning)
  5. Get away and raft to the waters near Lanai for a fun-filled day of dolphin searching and snorkeling from the ocean rafting zodiac boat!
    Meal Provided


    Tue, Thu, Sat
    5.5 hour(s) (morning)
  6. Experience an undersea tour on a high-tech submarine plus an unforgettable dolphin watch cruise and snorkeling adventure with tropical fish, green sea turtles and more!


    9 hour(s) (morning)
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