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  1. Thank you to Vicky for getting a pineapple to my son and family in Salem Oregon.
    Reviewed by: Lynn Thorn, 2020/01/10
    Granddaughter very happy to get the pineapple...many thanks to Vicky!!
  2. Great trip, excellent customer service
    Reviewed by: Kody from Oahu , 2020/01/07
    There were 6 of us who decided to take the trip for the day to walk from Manele harbor to the beach for snorkeling and fun in the sun. A few people in our party were late to the dock and staff was able to change our tickets to a later ferry at no charge. Was easy to walk to the beach 5 minute walk and we saw tons of fish and had tons of room on a beautiful beach. Saw whales, dolphins, turtles, ...more
    • Manele Harbor
      Manele Harbor
    • Beach
    • Lahaina docks
      Lahaina docks
    • Beach campground, showers, picnic tables, and bbq grills
      Beach campground, showers, picnic tables, and bbq grills
  3. Perfect filler between beach days!
    Reviewed by: tahnzu, 2020/01/03
    The submarine ride was amazing! We saw so many fish and quite a few sharks (which made the whole trip for my kids). The guide was knowledgeable and friendly, although I think they could pull back on the jokes about the submarine or boat sinking etc. it is sort of funny as an adult but my kids got a little freaked out. Don't let that deter you. It was an amazing experience and my kids talk abo...more
    • Plantation
    • Maui Ocean Center
      Maui Ocean Center
    • Plantation
    • View of the reef from inside the submarine
      View of the reef from inside the submarine
    • Approaching the submaring by boat.
      Approaching the submaring by boat.
  4. One Maui Morning
    Reviewed by: jqgossard, 2019/12/25
    As early as the pick up times for this tour, it was worth it!! The experience to watch the sunrise over Maui and right above the clouds of Haleakala was absolutely amazing!! Shuttle ride up the mountain was perfect to take naps before arriving to the summit. Pick a spot along the fence line as soon as you can because it gets crowded very fast!! Now...all visitors, PLEASE understand that you ar...more
  5. 10/10
    Reviewed by: Jake, 2019/12/21
    This tour was so fun. We had a really nice driver that talked about the culture and history of Maui, and she even asked my wife and I questions about ourselves. She knew all the best places to stop & take pictures, eat banana bread, and what literally every plant was. She was truly and expert guide. At one point, she stopped at a waterfall for us to look at, and she said we could jump off of it an...more
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