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Waikiki Submarine Tour by Atlantis - Explore Shipwrecks, Sunken Airplanes & More


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2022/03/15 Ann ゆうぽん

My family had a great time and service was excellent and workers are very friendly.

Always Honest Review

2022/03/13 Sharon and family ゆうぽん

This was a great experience. It was wonderful to be educated about all the ocean conservation and the coral life that is being done. Was also nice at the time, it was not too crowded - which did make this trip worth the price.

Could not have been happier.

2021/10/26 Ed From PHX ゆうぽん

We went on the Sub as a group of 4. The only thing I would suggest to for next time is have a few people on each side of the sub. There were times when they saw something on one side and the other side did not get to see it or Photograph it. If we had people on both sides we would have had photos of all the different things.

The guide was very enjoyable and made the trip a blast. He told us things about the fish and the scenes from 107 feet below we would have never known, and he made it interactive as well.

I would highly recommend this to anyone that is looking to see things below the surface and not have to worry about having a SCUBA cert or getting eaten by sharks ( like one of our group did)!

Must do!!!

2021/05/15 Denise ゆうぽん

This was the most interesting excursion I’ve ever had. I saw 2 turtles which was the main reason I wanted to go. The sea life was so interesting, wasn’t what I had expected. I highly recommend doing this if you’re interested in ocean life. I saw a live star fish on the bottom and a mortar shell. The guides were also very interesting and funny.

A New Experience

2020/01/29 a-chan ゆうぽん

I did this tour with my friend who is not from the island. It was her first time on a submarine and she was amazed by how beautiful it was underwater. The boat ride to the submarine was very smooth and because the weather was so nice we decided to sit on the top deck. The view from the deck was amazing. Just as we departed we were able to see a sea turtle swimming next to our boat. The submarine ride itself wasn't so bad we were able to see turtles, sharks, and a lot of fish. It was a bit cold so I do recommend bringing a jacket since you will be underwater for quite some time. My friend and I really enjoyed the tour and we would love to go back and try it again!

Best way to see Oahu's marine life!

2020/01/23 MsTravelGal ゆうぽん

"We got no troubles, life is the bubbles, under the sea!" It was inevitable that "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid would be playing through my head on this tour. I've always been fascinated by ocean life and would love to someday learn how to scuba dive...but until then, this submarine tour is the perfect--and only--way to explore the world under the sea.
The shuttle out to the dive site not only provided great views of Diamond Head and Waikiki, but also gave us the chance to see exactly where we'd be descending and what part of the bay we'd be exploring.
I've actually done this tour twice and enjoyed it just as much the second time. On both tours we saw sea turtles, star fish, and tons of fish in various shapes, sizes, and colors. During the second tour we also got the chance to see two scuba divers exploring one of the sunken ships.
The crew were all very friendly and knowledgeable and provided lots of interesting facts and details about what we were seeing.
I highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in seeing a completely different world, so unlike what we see every day on land. Take Sabastian's advice and go "under the sea!"

submarine tour

2019/11/23 tabor ゆうぽん

from start to finish a must do for families wanting that extra fun activity to do. picked up from central location from hotel and dropped off at pier. very organized after drop off and staff very friendly and knowledgeable. my daughter and I enjoyed the vessel and the captain doing narration & made it fun

Fun experience!

2019/08/09 Emily ゆうぽん

This was a fun experience to be in a submarine! Very professional and a funny captain. I would not expect seeing a ton of sea creatures as this is a very protected environment they have created for this experience.

Really enjoyed the boat ride and submarine!

2018/06/15 H. Toomey ゆうぽん

Great experience! Kids really enjoyed themselves. The tour guy on the submarine was hilarious! The boat ride out to the submarine was really nice and got to see some beautiful scenery. Everyone was very friendly! Have to do it if your here, we wanted to do things that we aren’t able to do back home.

First Time experience

2018/06/09 Nunia T. ゆうぽん

This trip was the first time we have ever been on a submarine and we are glad we did it as it was one of the best experiences of our lives. My boyfriend Daniel and I were booked on the Premium Seats which I definitely recommend as those windows are much larger. The staff members are very knowledgeable and always looking out for your safety. You will first board the ship that will then sail out to take you to the submarine dock. The sail is really beautiful as you get to see Waikiki and diamond head on the way. When loading into the Submarine they ensure that your safety comes first and are very careful about every little details. During the submarine tour we went as deep as 110ft and it was just wonderful. Everything is super blue and you get to see a lot of different varieties of fishes, treasures and coral reefs. Also the guide and captain are super funny so you will definitely enjoy your time.

Love submarine adventure

2017/02/11 Javier Manuel mejia ゆうぽん

Excellent experience because it was my first time going there n I totally loved it I'm definitely going back...

Loved it!

2016/11/14 Grace & Bethany ゆうぽん

This was a great experience, the crew was amazing and very knowledgeable!

Well worth it!

2016/08/07 John ゆうぽん

Enjoyed the submarine experience with my 3 kids ages 7,12 and 14. All of us had a great time. The short boat ride to and from the dive site was great, with beautiful views of Waikiki and Diamond Head. Everything was very organized and the staff all seemed genuinely happy to be there. The narrator dude (Justin or Jason...can't remember) was awesome!...funny and knowledgeable. Sad to hear about how global warming is changing what can live and grow in Hawaiian waters and how quickly things are changing. We saw a million colorful fish, a shark and a turtle. Totally worth it!

Atlantis Submarine tour, Waikiki

2016/06/19 Richard Rockwell ゆうぽん

Had a wonderful time. Got to check-in early and was offered an earlier eight AM ride as they held the boat for us. Turned out to be a blessing as there was fewer patrons and more windows. Guide was friendly and extremely entertaining. A must for anyone visiting the island for something very different.

Great tour! Good tour guides!

2016/02/27 Kelly Rush ゆうぽん

Saw lots of fish and sea turtles! The guides were very informative.

Christmas in Hawaii

2016/01/11 Cyndi ゆうぽん

We spent Christmas in Hawaii and went on this excursion and absolutely loved it!!! The crew was fabulous and we would do this excursion again!!! Saw a turtle and a shark and lots of other cool stuff!!! Great excursion to do 1st!!! Some folks may need a little dramimine for motion sickness, however, you don't even notice how far down you are, it's amazing!!!

Submarine tour

2015/12/19 Rich ゆうぽん

We had a great time on the submarine! Our guide was the best.

Submerge in Waikiki

2015/05/17 PearlEP ゆうぽん

After fellowship in Honolulu, my co fellows & I decided to try the Atlantis submarine as our final activtity! All worth it & my daughter who is with us enjoyed the Waikiki underwater. Great to see Waikiki underwater!

Fun experience

2015/04/07 Rachel ゆうぽん

Great experience. We booked quite last minute but they still managed to confirm our booking quite quickly. Although the submarine ride is only 45 minutes, transporting out there was also great for sight seeing. No fluffy colorful coral, but lots of fish and some turtles! Tour guide also gives some history of the sites. Educational and fun experience- felt like discovery channel.

Definitely something different!

2015/03/23 ronandanne ゆうぽん

Did this activity 18 March 2015 and thoroughly enjoyed it. All seats have amazing views, informative and fun guide and plenty of one-off photo opportunities. We saw turtles and sting rays along with huge fish and an array of pretty smaller ones. Would be happy to do this activity again! Thank you!

Awesome Tour

2015/03/10 Jim ゆうぽん

I took my family on this excursion and was delighted as everyone was. Tour guide was witty and very informative. Boat ride to sub was added bonus. We were busy keeping up with all of the different fish species passing by our observation ports in the sub!
Sub was quite comfortable. Premium ride was excellent. I highly recommend taking this tour. You won't be disappointed !

Great Experience

2015/01/22 Mr.Jim ゆうぽん

Great Experience for all, Would do this one again.
Wish it was a longer dive with more to see but over all, Great...

Cool Excursion

2014/05/28 Pandora ゆうぽん

It's best to take Premium tour if you want to see. The tour guide was very funny. We enjoued ourselves. We like how colors break down as you descend into ocean floor.

great experience

2014/04/28 Detroit ゆうぽん

Wish we could have seen more underwater sites. But its the next best thing to snorkeling for those who haven't done it.


2012/01/02 Erin Docking ゆうぽん

This was such an amazing activity to do in Hawaii!! This was my second trip in a matter of 8 months to hawaii and I was advised by friends to try this out and I was not disappointed!! The arrays of sea life and colours of the ocean and fish are so diverse! I loved it and would even go on it again when I go back to Hawaii in 2O12.

The world of Atlantis

2011/07/13 Maj Juul ゆうぽん

A good and comfortable way to experience the sealife. Recommendable to families and people who would like to see colourful fish and turtles without getting wet.

Great fun!

2010/04/21 MinnesotaMike ゆうぽん

The kids loved it. The ride out was fun, we saw several sea turtles swimming alongside the boat. The staff were friendly and helpful. My wife was slightly disappointed that the shipwrecks were all planted by Atlantis, but there were many more varieties of sealife than I expected. Overall, we all enjoyed it. This was our most expensive activity, but I am glad that we included it. We were on the larger, newer sub and the viewing ports were better than anticipated. My kids, ages 6 to 16, all enjoyed it.

Atlantis on Ohau

2010/03/21 William ゆうぽん

My wife and I went on the Atlantis sub on Ohau. Transportation was on time. Your riding a boat out to the Sub. The sub doesn't come to the docks. We saw 3 sea turtles, 1 shark, 1 eel and countless diffierent types of fish. There is a depth guage up from by the captain. I'm not sure how deep it got but the deepest I saw was 84 feet. Temp was comfortable. It didn't rock like a boat. Very stable. The pressure didn't compress it. The ears never poped like an airplane. Very nice ride. I recemend it. Turn your flash off on the camera. Glass is so thick that even angle PICs gives flash back. Just turn off the flash.

Waikiki Submarine Tour by Atlantis - Explore Shipwrecks, Sunken Airplanes & More
Dive into blue Hawaii water aboard Atlantis Submarine & explore a vibrant aquatic world without getting wet. The only submarine tour in Hawaii takes you to the ocean floor, 100 feet from the surface! Get ready for the best family activity on Oahu!