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Captain Bob's Kaneohe Bay Sandbar Snorkel & BBQ Lunch with Free Transportation


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The crew was amazing!

2023/01/23 Travis M ゆうぽん

Would recommend this to anyone the crew is outstanding the water was amazing. Beer was ice cold!!

Wonderful time under the blue sky.

2023/01/12 nagueyari ゆうぽん

We were blessed with great weather and had a great time. Our guide, Yuki-san, was happy and energetic, and we really enjoyed the experience at the sandbar. It was the first snorkeling experience for the children, and they seemed nervous, but they were able to try it even in places where they couldn't get their feet on, and they were able to see the fish with their own eyes! The hamburger we ate on board was also exceptional. We had a really valuable experience. thank you very much!

Great Experience.

2022/12/12 Good Time. ゆうぽん

This is one of our favorite things my wife and I were able to do in Hawaii. We made a mistake while making our order, but they were very accommodating and helped us out. The captain and crew were extremely nice and helped set the tone for a good expedition. Quite a few families with kids went along, as well. The captain took time to spend with a young boy, giving him a treat that you could tell made the boy’s day. The trip gives you a great view of the bay, only improved by very a hospitable captain and crew. And we saw lots of turtles! We really appreciated the experience.

Hawai'ian super-day

2022/12/07 Delia ゆうぽん

Excellent crew. Trained, attentive, patient with all participants. Useful tips and talented cook.
My super -day 11/21/2022

Great Tour!

2022/12/04 Nina L ゆうぽん

Great tour! My husband and I really enjoyed it. He doesn’t typically get i to the water from any boat but he did at the sandbar. I loved the snorkel part for myself. The food was great and good selection of alcoholic drink options. I would definitely do this again and highly recommend!!!

Captain bob sandbar

2022/11/12 Kim Mount ゆうぽん

We had an amazing time. The crew was awesome, the views were amazing and the food was good too!!!

Super amazing cruise

2022/11/09 Louis Map ゆうぽん

The ride to the port was on time and smooth
We got funny & enthusiasm tour guides
It started to get so fun as soon as we got on the boat
All the activities were fantastic. We enjoyed every moment on the cruise so time went by very fast.
The staffs made this trip amazing I believed, so thankyou so much for the great day on the bay.

Great Crew!

2022/10/29 Shelley ゆうぽん

We had a great time with a wonderful crew of ladies! You all run a tight ship. Well organized, fun and relaxing time. Would have been fun to have a “I survived a Portuguese Man of War sting” shirt for the lady that ran into the little guy. Mahalo!

Fun Fun Fun

2022/10/29 Carla R ゆうぽん

Highly recommend this tour. The crew was awesome! The sandbar was one of the coolest places ever. Beach volleyball was so much fun and the food was great. Snorkeling at the coral reef was good! We saw several turtles during the turtle watch time. The crew was very experienced Totally awesome experience! You won’t want to miss this one!

Best day of my trip!

2022/10/22 Ycpena ゆうぽん

What an amazing adventure! The crew was so nice! The boat ride was amazing and the snorkeling was just out of this world! Best day of my entire trip.
The barbecue was perfect. And playing volleyball in the middle of the ocean was just unreal! Thanks again for the memorable experience


2022/10/22 Mario Gonzalez ゆうぽん

OMG!!! The best experience I ever had. Everyone was so friendly and helpful

Best excursion

2022/10/03 Bryan Forrest ゆうぽん

My wife and I had a great time with Captain and crew. Enjoyed the bay, sandbar, watching sea turtles, and meeting new friends from around the country.

Great burgers and cold drinks were perfect to make this excursion a must book experience on your island vacation.

An awesome day!

2022/09/24 Jen ゆうぽん

Awesome boat, fun and knowledgeable crew, and great food and drinks! My only problem was with the snorkel equipment…I would suggest bringing your own mask and snorkel with the bivalve…these set ups were something my kids would use in the pool.

Captain was super nice, and I thought the crew was outstanding.

Captain Bob’s Kaneohe Bay Sandbar Snorkel & BBQ Cruise

2022/09/24 Tom Bolton ゆうぽん

This cruise is our third Uncle Bob’s cruise and we will definitely go again on our next visit to Hawaii. We saw large turtle’s, there are plenty of fish to take photos of when snorkelling and if you are lucky you will see a turtle that you can take a photo of while snorkelling. A must while visiting Oahu if you want to experience a great day out.


2022/09/19 Ian T. ゆうぽん

WOW can’t explain how happy we are for booking this adventure. Our crew every single one was simply amazing accommodating and knowledgeable. This is truly an experience my wife and I will keep FOREVER. The Sandbar was spectacular, turtle watching was an unforgettable experience and snorkeling the reef was AMAZING AND FUN. We’ve been on other tours on our time here in Oahu and we keep recommending this adventure to everyone we meet. Thank you to the crew for EVERYTHING. AWESOME AMAZING and FUN!! Mahalo

This one was worth it

2022/09/10 Chris ゆうぽん

I've done alot of activities in oahu including parasailing, snorkeling, and more, but this one was the most worth it. Not only did the 4 hour excursion feel like it was over too soon, but the captain and crew felt like family. They were so informative with what we were doing and also joined us in playing in the sandbars. Lastly, my cousin has never swam let alone in the ocean and was finally able to go out and snorkel! What a epic time!


2022/09/10 Sandee ゆうぽん

The crew was amazing! And took care of all of the customers even had a separate boat for Japanese speaking only, so thoughtful to think of them. It was so fun going out to the Sandbar, and also took us turtle watching and snorkeling! And the burger was so good after some fun in the sun! I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone looking for some good fun, good food, and good company. All of us customers had a great time playing water volleyball with each other in the Sandbar! If you’ve been thinking about doing this, just do it, it’ll be such a fun experience to include in your Hawai’i trip!

Perfect for families!!

2022/09/10 Brenda S ゆうぽん

My and my family/friends were a total of 16 people. Including a 3 month baby. We had a blast!! Perfect for big groups, would 100% recommend. My parents really enjoyed their time there. My brother who doesn't know how to swim enjoyed the sandbar!! This tour is literally perfect for all ages and lifestyles. Great experience.

Pretty relax

2022/09/03 Tyc ゆうぽん

The view is amazing, and everyone should go in the volleyball game. It is fun!

Amazing experience

2022/09/01 Kim ゆうぽん

Staff was friendly and was an amazing experience. We enjoyed every part of it. Recommend to take nausea medicine if you’re sensitive. 2 of us did get motion sick.

We love the cheeseburger

2022/08/27 Mandy ゆうぽん

Fun! The cheeseburger was the best.

kind of crowded when everyone is snorkeling

But overall it’s a great activity!

I’d do it again if I could!!

2022/08/20 Skyler Foto ゆうぽん

The entire experience was wonderful, especially the captain and crew. The food and drinks were great as well. My only complaint is that I wish our time at the sandbar was longer! We spent a good while at the snorkeling reef, but I wish our time at the sandbar was equal in length. 10/10 recommend!!

Fun and Amazing Adventure!

2022/08/19 A Moreno ゆうぽん

A must do while in Oahu! Great friendly staff, loved the bbq hamburgers. Volleyball, snorkeling and turtle watching. My favorite thing to do every time I visit Oahu.

A Must-Do for Locals and Visitors!

2022/08/05 Czarina ゆうぽん

Honestly, my expectations for this tour was not high. Reviews seemed mixed all around (i.e., Yelp, Google, etc.) and what I "really" wanted was the tour that had all the additional activities, i.e., banana boat, stand-up paddle board, but it was completely booked. However, the experience on this specific tour was sooooo much better that I anticipated. I booked the reservation for 17 (14 adults + 3 children), with most visiting from the East Coast mainland with even quite a handful of locals for which this was their first time to Sandbar, and they were more than accommodating to our large party. At first, I thought the time allocation was too short for each excursion (1. Sandbar (1-hr), 2. Turtle watching (15 min.); 3. Snorkeling (1-hr)), but it was perfect! Any longer and it would have felt drawn out. The lunch tasted better than I expected. Not too little and definitely not too much (otherwise the kids would have vomitted!). So don't be discouraged by it JUST being a BBQ burger -- you'll be pleasantly surprised. Drinks were available on board - non-alcoholic (free) and alcoholic ($5 each) and they had quite a variety so don't worry about being parched! The boat staff was super energetic and had a really cool vibe. They informed you ahead of time of all the do's and don'ts and was always available to answer any and all questions and concerns. And lastly, the Captain really made the trip memorable! He was a lot of fun and you just knew he loved his job. The weather was perfect, so that too, helped to make the day. Overall, it was a very memorable experience and I look forward to recommending this tour package to the rest of our family and friends, local and visiting.

Kaneohe sandbar tour was an Adventure. Thanks to Capt. Eggy and crew. It was an experience my family and I won't forget. Mahalo.

2022/08/05 Kaponoakoni22 ゆうぽん

Capt Bob's sandbar tour was awesome. Capt Eggy and crew were A+. The snorkeling around the mini pop up reef was the highlight of the day. Running around the sandbar was fun. Getting to see Honus along the way was spectacular. Lunch was good. Capt Eggy and crew were very accommodating to everyone's needs. Highly recommend taking this tour. It was worth it.

Fun at sea

2022/07/13 Torres Family ゆうぽん

I appreciated leaving on time from the harbor. The staff was friendly and accommodating. The ride
allowed us to see the beautiful Kaneohe Bay. We were given ample time on the soundbar which is breathtaking. Snorkeling was also a lot of fun and we see a number of turtles. The lunch and service was great.

Great day on the water!

2022/07/03 kp123 ゆうぽん

This was a great experience! We stayed in Waikiki and the pick-up and drop-off was amazing, especially at the end of the day since we were able to sleep on the shuttle home. Swimming around and playing volleyball on the sandbar was fun! The crew did a good job getting the passengers involved. After lunch we drove around and saw sea turtles before heading to the reef to snorkel. It was our first time snorkeling, but the crew was helpful making sure we were comfortable with the gear. We had a blast! Would definitely book this if you're looking to maximize your time with activities.

A total MUST!!!

2022/06/29 Roger ゆうぽん

Second time and it always amazes me I will totally be back next year with my fam!!

First snorkeling for my boys and girls

2022/06/29 Hyojin ゆうぽん

My kids age ranging from 5-9 years and they loved it! Best lunch-cheeseburger ever. Time went by so fast when you are on the boat having fun, I’m glad I picked this one over the three hour one fyi. We will definitely be back!

Captain Bob's Kaneohe Bay Sandbar Snorkel and BBQ lunch with free transportation

2022/06/20 AHN ゆうぽん

It was my second time to this activity. This time my family of 4 revisited taking 2 more families (4+3) with us. We all had a blast. It was a great, fun, friendly atmosphere. We enjoyed the sandbar, snorkeling, and the hospitality of the onboard staff.

Captain Bob's Kaneohe Bay Sandbar Snorkel & BBQ Lunch with Free Transportation
Enjoy a day on a Kaneohe Sandbar catamaran snorkel cruise and head to the Kaneohe Bay sandbar to swim, play volleyball, take photos, or simply relax before having a BBQ lunch and snorkeling at a deep sea reef home to tropical fish and sea turtles.