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Captain Bob's Kaneohe Bay Sandbar Snorkel & BBQ Lunch with Free Transportation


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A Must-Do for Locals and Visitors!

2022/08/05 Czarina ゆうぽん

Honestly, my expectations for this tour was not high. Reviews seemed mixed all around (i.e., Yelp, Google, etc.) and what I "really" wanted was the tour that had all the additional activities, i.e., banana boat, stand-up paddle board, but it was completely booked. However, the experience on this specific tour was sooooo much better that I anticipated. I booked the reservation for 17 (14 adults + 3 children), with most visiting from the East Coast mainland with even quite a handful of locals for which this was their first time to Sandbar, and they were more than accommodating to our large party. At first, I thought the time allocation was too short for each excursion (1. Sandbar (1-hr), 2. Turtle watching (15 min.); 3. Snorkeling (1-hr)), but it was perfect! Any longer and it would have felt drawn out. The lunch tasted better than I expected. Not too little and definitely not too much (otherwise the kids would have vomitted!). So don't be discouraged by it JUST being a BBQ burger -- you'll be pleasantly surprised. Drinks were available on board - non-alcoholic (free) and alcoholic ($5 each) and they had quite a variety so don't worry about being parched! The boat staff was super energetic and had a really cool vibe. They informed you ahead of time of all the do's and don'ts and was always available to answer any and all questions and concerns. And lastly, the Captain really made the trip memorable! He was a lot of fun and you just knew he loved his job. The weather was perfect, so that too, helped to make the day. Overall, it was a very memorable experience and I look forward to recommending this tour package to the rest of our family and friends, local and visiting.

Kaneohe sandbar tour was an Adventure. Thanks to Capt. Eggy and crew. It was an experience my family and I won't forget. Mahalo.

2022/08/05 Kaponoakoni22 ゆうぽん

Capt Bob's sandbar tour was awesome. Capt Eggy and crew were A+. The snorkeling around the mini pop up reef was the highlight of the day. Running around the sandbar was fun. Getting to see Honus along the way was spectacular. Lunch was good. Capt Eggy and crew were very accommodating to everyone's needs. Highly recommend taking this tour. It was worth it.

Fun at sea

2022/07/13 Torres Family ゆうぽん

I appreciated leaving on time from the harbor. The staff was friendly and accommodating. The ride
allowed us to see the beautiful Kaneohe Bay. We were given ample time on the soundbar which is breathtaking. Snorkeling was also a lot of fun and we see a number of turtles. The lunch and service was great.

Great day on the water!

2022/07/03 kp123 ゆうぽん

This was a great experience! We stayed in Waikiki and the pick-up and drop-off was amazing, especially at the end of the day since we were able to sleep on the shuttle home. Swimming around and playing volleyball on the sandbar was fun! The crew did a good job getting the passengers involved. After lunch we drove around and saw sea turtles before heading to the reef to snorkel. It was our first time snorkeling, but the crew was helpful making sure we were comfortable with the gear. We had a blast! Would definitely book this if you're looking to maximize your time with activities.

A total MUST!!!

2022/06/29 Roger ゆうぽん

Second time and it always amazes me I will totally be back next year with my fam!!

First snorkeling for my boys and girls

2022/06/29 Hyojin ゆうぽん

My kids age ranging from 5-9 years and they loved it! Best lunch-cheeseburger ever. Time went by so fast when you are on the boat having fun, I’m glad I picked this one over the three hour one fyi. We will definitely be back!

Captain Bob's Kaneohe Bay Sandbar Snorkel and BBQ lunch with free transportation

2022/06/20 AHN ゆうぽん

It was my second time to this activity. This time my family of 4 revisited taking 2 more families (4+3) with us. We all had a blast. It was a great, fun, friendly atmosphere. We enjoyed the sandbar, snorkeling, and the hospitality of the onboard staff.

Amazing time and amazing crew!

2022/06/12 Maxim ゆうぽん

I really think this is one of the best tours offered on Oahu. They provide you with 4 hours on the water on the most beautiful side of Oahu, offer free pickup and drop off to Waikiki, provide lunch and refreshments, and sell beer and wine all day long! We had a great time drinking some beers, playing volleyball at the sandbar, relaxing in the water, and snorkeling at the coral reef. I saw 3 huge eels, and 2 giant puffers and we also saw a dozen turtles around the boat during the duration of the tour. Also, every crew member was so helpful and kind. They were engaging with everyone, helping everyone out every chance they could, and just overall had great energy on the boat which creates an even better tour. We really enjoyed it! Mahalo for everything!

Best Tour and Crew!

2022/05/14 Denise ゆうぽん

The crew was amazing, so fun and engaging! The experience itself and the activities were fantastic, most memorable part of our vacation. Most definitely recommend to anyone visiting the island. From the sandbar, to the turtle watching, and the snorkeling, this tour did not disappoint. My 11 year old had a great time and says it was the highlight of our vacation. It was for sure an unforgettable experience that my family and myself will treasure forever!

Great time

2022/05/14 Josh ゆうぽん

Loved it, great staff, amazing views, turtle watching and snorkeling were amazing.

This was an amazing experience. I highly recommend it.

2022/05/12 Laurak91 ゆうぽん

This was an amazing experience.
I highly recommend it.
My 4yr & 2yr old had a good time.
The bbq was good and everyone was very friendly and nice. We saw a few turtles most deff worth every penny!

The Best!!!

2022/04/30 Diners Choice Group ゆうぽん

We had the best time with Captain Bob’s Picnic Sail!
Captain Eggy and crew were so accommodating and the burgers weren’t bad too!
The Sand Bar was amazing.. and we saw a lot of turtles on the way to the Coral Reef. Snorkeling was so much fun although we didn’t see a lot of fishes.

Fantastic Trip!

2022/04/23 Marie Wilson ゆうぽん

My husband and I have been to the islands many times but this was our first to the sandbar! Captain Bob’s was awesome. The boat, food, staff and the amazing sandbar was all excellent. We are making this a new tradition, for sure!

Amazing trip!! Must book!

2022/04/17 Sydney ゆうぽん

We had such an awesome time on the boat! The staff was absolutely incredible!! They were so friendly, nice and funny! Would absolutely book again. The turtles and snorkeling was amazing. They are very knowledgeable about everything in the water and more. The girls went above and beyond to help the group of people that I went with. Amazing time!

Perfect family outing

2022/04/01 Abbie ゆうぽん

This trip was awesome! We are a family of 4 (kids age 5 and 11) and everyone LOVED our time on the boat. The crew was amazing - very informative and helpful. They looked out for everyone’s safety but also made sure folks were having fun. Food was good and they had adult beverages for purchase. Very kid friendly - had child-sized snorkel gear and life jackets. The boat was very clean. Not to mention the beautiful landscape as your backdrop for swimming/snorkeling/turtle-watching…pictures can’t adequately capture just how breathtaking it all was. We didn’t want it to end!

Super fun!

2022/03/28 Sheena ゆうぽん

We had a great time on the lunch snorkel tour in Oahu! The trip is exactly as described. Hanging out on the sand bar was incredible and the turtle watching was stellar, we saw many turtles and even a large sting ray. Lunch was tasty and alcoholic drinks were $5 each. Crew was helpful and personable. The snorkeling around the reef was awesome! Bring lots of sunscreen, your own towels, an underwater camera or go pro for pics, and something easy and light to wear before and after getting in the ocean.


2022/03/20 Néstor ゆうぽん

I recommend it not 100% but 1,000,000% and believe me that they are not paying me for these letters that I write, good organization, punctual, very clean, everything

Amazing time for the whole family!!

2022/03/12 Patricia ゆうぽん

As a family of 3 young children (10, 7 and 20 months), we wanted to do at least one excursion on our trip and this was perfect for the 20 month old as she was able to swim in the sandbar! There were no issues taking the 40 minute bus and then the 10 minutes boat ride over to Kaneohe. It was very organized and clean! The staff were very professional and nice and when I emailed the company about bringing my baby’s float, they had no concerns! Kaneohe Sandbar was absolutely breathtaking and so beautiful! We even saw lots of sea turtles! We spent some time in the sandbar to swim and they even set up a volleyball net! They also come around and take pictures for you. While you’re out swimming, the other staff is preparing lunch. The food was pretty good too! Next stop was snorkeling and my husband said it was fun with the kids. They even rinse you off after you’ve finished. Definitely pack extra dry clothes as the bus gets cold - I read a review about that and it came in handy. I am definitely going to recommend this excursion to others.

Beautiful snorkel cruise

2022/02/01 Natalie ゆうぽん

The staff was outstanding. We spent the first part going out to the sandbar, playing volleyball ball, eating and drinking. The food was incredible (for being burgers and sides). Next we went turtle watching and saw some massive turtles and manta-rays.
After, we headed to a coral reef shaped like a crescent moon and got to swim around on our own looking at fish and turtles. I definitely wish there was more sea life. But it’s their home not mine.
After we cruised around where they filmed parts of Gilligans Island and saw some amazing houses.
Then we made our way back and couldn’t stop talking about the experience.

Amazing time and views!

2022/01/27 Daisy ゆうぽん

First time in Hawaii with my fiancé and we had to come to the Kaneohe bay sandbar! It’s a must! The tour guides were so friendly and helpful! They helped take pics. Cooked yummy burgers. Took us turtle watching. And last we went to a reef to snorkel and got to snorkel close to turtles! It was amazing! Beautiful views! Makes for beautiful memories! We had the best time! Will def recommend everyone to try it!

Everything you could ask for!

2022/01/25 Lisa ゆうぽん

This was one of the most fun days we had while in Hawaii. It was so great going to the sandbar in the ocean and playing volleyball. We then had a nice lunch and cruised by some turtles. After all that we got to go snorkeling around a reef. They served alcohol on the boat to top off the experience. 10/10 would reccomend

Clearly the best!

2021/12/25 ABel ゆうぽん

Yuki and the entire team are a fantastic crew. It’s clearly one of the best activities on the island. Highly recommend them! The volleyball on the sandbar, turtle sightings, and snorkeling along with all the food and drinks were very well coordinated.

The best snorkeling tour!

2021/12/25 Irene ゆうぽん

I’ve been to around 6-7 different snorkel tours and the experience at Bob’s tour is by far the best. The tour is well planned, faculties are pretty new and the crew attend to a lot of details - like you’ll get a shower right after you get out of water which helps a lot if you don’t like the sea smell & want to get warm and dry quickly. The lunch is also really delicious. They even provide hot chocolate after the snorkeling, not to mention the beautiful white sand, dozens of turtles and tremendous view at the snorkeling point. Mahalo for the great experience!

Amazing! Do it!

2021/12/18 Haris ゆうぽん

An amazing experience! It’s so well organized and they give you all the information you need to have an amazing time! It’s a wonderful experience and the crew is fantastic! Hanging out at the Sandbar is a unique experience, and as an added bonus, saw lots of turtles and lots of beautiful fish! Absolutely recommend it to anyone thinking about it!

Good times

2021/12/15 The Otañezs ゆうぽん

Great staff- super friendly and accommodating. Lunch was good and the few locations we stopped at were so nice! A definite MUST

Snorkel/ ,sand bar cruise was the best experience in our tour

2021/12/04 BabytoR ゆうぽん

The ladies. Captain and the lunch was good. Would recommend the good experience to others. No regrets at all.

Captain Bob’s is awesome and must do!!

2021/11/26 Sura ゆうぽん

Captain Bob’s is awesome and must do. Kids enjoyed snorkeling and Sand bar. The staff was excellent. Surely recommend this tour to all.

2nd time

2021/11/20 RMC ゆうぽん

Kaneohe Bay is on my favorite side of Oahu. What a view! Plus the opportunity to stand out in the middle of the Bay and look at that view, makes it all the more sweeter. Glad Captain Bob's can get you there, feed you and they allow plenty of swimming/snorkeling time. See ya next year!


2021/11/17 Dianna ゆうぽん

The staff are very friendly and accommodating! We had a very good time! Though the weather was cloudy and almost like raining, the staff made the experience perfect for everyone. The lunch is simple (they served burgers) yet delicious!

Perfection worth every Dollar.

2021/11/17 Marvin ゆうぽん

Hands down one of the best experiences in Hawaii. v
The entire crew and captain were very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I will definitely be recommending this adventure to all my friends and family!!!

Captain Bob's Kaneohe Bay Sandbar Snorkel & BBQ Lunch with Free Transportation
Enjoy a relaxing day at the famous Kaneohe Sandbar with Captain Bob's on a four-hour boat cruise to the popular sandbar, where you'll swim, play volleyball, or just relax before having lunch and snorkeling along the reefs with native fish of Hawaii.