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  1. Had a great time even under stay at home orders!
    Reviewed by: Pigalicious, 2020/09/02
    Bored with the kids at home and need something to keep them entertained during this stay at home order? This soap making activity was just what we needed because it was something different that we've never done before. The kit is delivered to your house so all you need to do is pay close attention to the instructions provided. The whole process is like making Jello and totally doable for young k...more
    • Time to get creative!
      Time to get creative!
  2. A great way to escape with a few of my friends!
    Reviewed by: L.S.Yamaneko, 2020/08/27
    My friends and I are always looking for ways to hang out virtually, and this was one of the best times I have had since lockdown. Tara was a fantastic game host, and the games and tasks that she created had us all engaged and having fun from start to finish. I mean, who would have thought that I would be spending the afternoon coming up with monk seal inspired yoga poses? :P The time just fl...more
  3. Getting crafty during quarantine!
    Reviewed by: JackyDaniels, 2020/08/07
    After months of social distancing and trying to stay at home as much as possible, I was ready to try something new! This dream catcher workshop was just the thing I needed: something to stimulate my creative side and learn a new skill. I'm not the most crafty/artistic person, but this online class was very manageable and the instructor, Keiko, was so helpful and she slowly showed on her camera how...more
    • The finished result!
      The finished result!
    • All of the materials
      All of the materials
    • Adds the cutest touch to your home!
      Adds the cutest touch to your home!
    • Organized supplies, ready to make
      Organized supplies, ready to make
    • Perfect as decor for your home or as a gift!
      Perfect as decor for your home or as a gift!
  4. I proposed to my fiancé on this trip
    Reviewed by: Bobby Romadka, 2020/06/26
    My now fiancé loves mermaids. So I knew she would love to do this. She absolutely loved swimming with the tail on and the photo shoot we did was absolutely hilarious. If you’re a guy, you will probabl...more
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