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  1. Learned about 1,000 percent more about the islands than we had known!
    Reviewed by: Simon Way, 2023/11/27
    Every single presentation was excellent! Kap on the Samoan stage was fabulous, entertaining and funny! Great artwork too. Enjoyed the Fiji one also, especially noting that the missionaries led them t...more
    • Samoan presentation by Kap - fabulous and funny!
      Samoan presentation by Kap - fabulous and funny!
    • Amazing Luau
      Amazing Luau
  2. Red is an excellent horseman
    Reviewed by: Simon Way, 2023/11/27
    It was an absolutely wonderful time and we enjoyed every moment! We had quite a few things booked for our 50th anniversary celebration and this was a highlight. Red was very engaging and taught us a lot about this very interesting rescue horse farm that is doing great work for these beautiful creatures and training local children to ride and care for the horses. Fabulous!
    • A very memorable ride!
      A very memorable ride!
    • So enjoyable
      So enjoyable
  3. Amazing time!
    Reviewed by: Simon Way, 2023/11/27
    So good to swim with Leho the dolphin we were assigned to be with! Melissa taught us so much about dolphins that hour. The photos showed us smiling bigger than we never had before! Super fun and excellent! It was part of our 50th anniversary celebration.
    • Super joyful moment!
      Super joyful moment!
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