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  1. Good times
    Reviewed by: Sindy, 2022/07/01
    I loved this experience. We got there early to find parking and decided to eat breakfast. My spouse took in the scenery, everything was so peaceful. The boat ride was about 7 minutes and the area was beautiful. We got to do most of the activities, ate donuts and drank juice. Would love to return and do it again.
  2. I survived the Mokes!!!
    Reviewed by: Felipe, 2022/07/01
    Awesome experience. I survived the Mokes. It was a long kayak ride from the main canal to the Mokes, very challenging but worth it. By returning the kayak gears and eating the lunch that was included, I also could get a bike which was awesome to ride around the beach.
    • Flat island picture
      Flat island picture
  3. Exceptional Customer Service and Tons of Dolphins!
    Reviewed by: Karen K, 2022/07/01
    The crew was incredible! We loved seeing so many dolphins up close and got to see a few sea turtles too! The crew ensured everyone stayed safe while in the water which helped us relax knowing they were there if any of us needed a little help. We also loved the Hawaiian traditions included. Highly recommend this tour!
  4. Was a spectacular adventure. Lovely views and the staff was super friendly and entertaining!
    Reviewed by: Mike, 2022/07/01
    Was a spectacular adventure! The views were spectacular and the crew were awesome!
    • Super great time!
      Super great time!
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