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  1. Such a neat tour!
    Reviewed by: Ashton, 2019/09/29
    My friend and I had a blast on this tour! It was so cool getting to tube through the different tunnels and getting to see some of them by only the flashlight that's on the helmet that they give you. Our guides even had us turn off our lights for one so we went through it in the complete dark which was really cool! The sandwiches they provided were really good and we had two amazing guides that m...more
  2. Amazing!
    Reviewed by: Dee, 2019/08/25
    The food was delicious but very little time to eat! We were seated in a table where we were the last to be fed which was ok but thought they would give us more time to eat & drink. The garden is beautiful and enjoyable! The Smith's Luau was a great choice. The Show was great too!
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