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  1. Loved this adventure.
    Reviewed by: Chris, 2023/01/27
    This was a great tour that I am really happy that I went on. Harrison was our guide and was informative and a super nice guy. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to combine kayaking and hiking. The trail to get to the falls was a bit muddy but not too bad. The falls are very impressive. Lots of fun!
  2. Great little adventure!
    Reviewed by: Leslie Cody, 2023/01/22
    It was a great little activity. We had done this 26 years ago for our anniversary so doing it again on our anniversary trip was great. The staff were funny and very enjoyable. It was disappointing we couldn't go in the cave the last time you could. However we understand why. I would definitely recommend this activity. Hearing about the history was awesome.
  3. Awesome experience
    Reviewed by: Andrew, 2023/01/14
    So glad we were able to do this! Would highly recommend! Harrison, our tour guide was awesome and made the tour that much better. He had a bunch of fun and interesting information that taught us about the island.
  4. Great Experience!!!!
    Reviewed by: Chris K - PA, 2023/01/14
    We had an amazing time on the adventure. The views and locations we were taken to were spectacular. Our guides were extremely knowledgeable and friendly and made the experience that much better. Thank you.
  5. Family-run business, run smoothly, good value; hosts and hostesses professional with keen sense of humor.
    Reviewed by: Cary, 2023/01/11
    My wife and I went on the Fern Grotto tour on our honeymoon in 1990. We didn't think they'd still be around, after Iniki ravaged Kauai and COVID shut down hundreds of businesses. The hotel where we stayed was gone so we feared there would be nothing left from our initial trip. But when we returned, there were the Smiths, still in business! We loved the informative cruise and especially the lovely ...more
  6. Great activity for toddlers
    Reviewed by: Whitney family , 2023/01/01
    Easy and fun activity to do with littles. The boat cruise is lovely and the fern grotto is beautiful. Stroller accessible throughout. Guided commentary on the way to the grotto and live entertainment on the way back. The staff is very kind.
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