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  1. A knowledge guide with a great sense of humor made it such a great experience!
    Reviewed by: Libby V, 2020/12/26
    The waterfall is beautiful, the river is stunning in its peaceful beauty. The guide was so knowledgeable, engaging and funny; the food was so tasty! (I need to get the name of the place they got it from;-). Great experience overall, strongly recommend!
  2. Fun , not at all scary , great guides!
    Reviewed by: Julia , 2020/12/12
    We do the zip and dip and it was not at all scary, the last line was amazing!! The dip part great, lots of high jumps ( optional) into a volcano tube full of water! Do it!!
  3. Fun friendly and memorable
    Reviewed by: Julia , 2020/11/21
    Our host Sparky was really interested in our experience levels and kept on reminding us on how to surf,, I will always remember our fun morning! He taught us so much! Thank you!
  4. Great knowledgable guided tour... amazing hike!
    Reviewed by: Julia , 2020/11/18
    We signed up for the kayaking but the hike and the waterfall was the best part of it!! Our guide Jay was so knowledgeable about the nature, trees, plants and history of Kauai! we learnt so much and even had a taste of Kuala along the way highly recommend this adventure, the 5 hours passed so fast! Do it!! all get and skill levels!
  5. Tons of fun!
    Reviewed by: Rkn1, 2020/04/04
    We wear a bit Leary of scheduling this excursion- but had heard great things about it- it was a cold overcast morning and we thought that would be miserable but we had a great time! Great tour guides...more
  6. Can't wait to take the rest of my family!
    Reviewed by: Bobbi, 2020/03/21
    We had such a blast! I was a little worried that it was just going to be a float in water from point A to B. But boy was I wrong! We had the beat guide Jonny! He was so much fun and knowledgeable about the island. Going through the tunnels were more amazing than I thought and never once did we feel claustrophobic. Next time we go we are taking the rest of our kids so they will get to experience th...more
  7. Smith’s Family Luau
    Reviewed by: ABCD, 2020/03/14
    Great show for the whole family. Would highly recommend it.
  8. Smiths Luau
    Reviewed by: ABCD, 2020/03/14
    It was a great experience. One of the best that we have attended.
  9. Great Adventure!
    Reviewed by: Staci, 2020/03/14
    Jay was our guide and he couldn't have been more awesome. He's a local and a bit of a botanist so he was very knowledgeable and truly happy to take us on the tour. The kayak to the hike was fairly easy for two inexperienced kayakers as we were flowing down stream. The hike was fairly easy for non-experienced hikers. We went during the rainy season so it was very muddy, so it was a bit slick in spo...more
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