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Chief's Luau - Polynesian Show with Authentic Award-Winning Fire Knife Dancing


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Best Luau evet

2022/08/02 Tammy Gaiter ゆうぽん

The chefs Luau was the best one we have ever attended. Great seats, awesome atmosphere, wonderful food all topped off with a history lesson on Hawaiis culture. Then they threw in a little comedy and it was over the top. Grandkids loved it.

Great experience

2022/07/29 Diane A. ゆうぽん

Awesome! Greatest experience. One of the highlights of our trip Mahalo

Had a great time once we arrived

2022/07/18 R Gaspar ゆうぽん

Our arranged bus was 20 min late, but part of the blame was a nearby hit and run (so traffic staggered around the police and paramedics). This caused us to miss most of the pre-show. Can't really fault anyone for that - just wished we had experienced it.
They no longer separate parties by table, so no more actual COVID separation (on paper/signs, they ask people to wear masks when away from their tables, but hardly anyone did so and no one enforced it).
Food was great. Buffet style, both sides of 2 rows of tables. Pick what you want, go back as much as you want. Lines were quick.
Performance was awesome. I wasn't aware that they had world champion fire dancers in the troupe. I personally loved the stories and explanations of each dance.

Wonderful experience!

2022/07/08 Brittney ゆうぽん

Awesome experience. The people are so friendly. We’d enjoyed all the stories and the surroundings. It was all organized very well and you can tell, Chiefs family spend a lot of time on all. Can’t wait to experience this again!

Chief luau

2022/06/26 Mita ゆうぽん

Wonderful family affair
Just wish they had guest interaction not just couples

Awesome Performance

2022/06/18 Cheryl Ray Martin ゆうぽん

This Luau is a must! It is so entertaining. The Chief’s story is so heartfelt, the performance is awesome and the food is amazing! I am so glad we chose this Luau to attend. Definitely one of a kind performance!

Great entertainment, fire dancing was awesome!

2022/06/11 V and B ゆうぽん

I thought the chief and group was wonderful but venue was weird. Wet n wild???? Would be better on a ocean front setting. My first husband/wife dance was on stage and will always be remembered.

Great experience and definitely worth the money.

2022/06/07 Theo ゆうぽん

There were quite a few Luau options to choose from. After some searching, we decided to give Chief's Luau a try. It's good that they have pickup options and we don't have to drive. The pickup, drop-off, and check-in were smooth.
It was a cloudy evening with some sprinkles, but we were prepared.
Food was all-you-can-eat style, with them serving you at the station. Food varieties was limited compared with Polynesian Culture Center, but the quality was good. They even gave us 2 drink tickets for each person. That's enough for the night.
The dancing and the fire knife show were very entertaining, and the jokes too.
All in all, a pleasant evening spent on the island of Oahu.

Awesome show

2022/05/23 Jan ゆうぽん

This Luau was an awesome experience. The best part of the show was learning some insight on the culture and watching all of the amazing dances and fire show. The chief was super funny and entertaining! The food was good but the portions are huge so make sure you come with a big appetite! every Luau experience we tried getting into was fully booked out for a couple of months and I had purchased this showing same day which was a plus for us!

Oh my squash! It was amazing!

2022/05/18 Llwdavis ゆうぽん

We had Chief’s recommended to us by friends. Oh my squash! It was the best. Presented as very authentic. Food was actually very good. Great tour host, Cousin Tao and great driver. The show was everything but hookie! Authentic and impressive is how each dancer and performers presented. Well worth the royal package to sit so close to front and have a driver. Much respect Chief and team !

Amazing luau!

2022/05/17 Jasmine ゆうぽん

He made the crowd feel very included and had us laughing the whole time. The food was great, the scenery was beautiful. The fire show was unreal. I feel like the royal package was so worth it. The maitais were amazing and we even got drinks in pineapples. The photos came out beautiful and we even got leis and handmade headbands. So worth every penny!

Wow Wow Wow!

2022/04/17 Kizzy Parker ゆうぽん

What a wonderful experience for the whole family! I felt like family while we were there. The Chief was great! The fire dancers were great! The women dancers were great! Food was great! I loved the story telling and the teachings about Polynesian culture. I would do this experience again.

Great Show and Dinner!

2022/04/05 Andrew C. ゆうぽん

We purchased the Royal package and it was worth the extra $. We were the first to go up to dinner and front row seating.

The show was funny and entertaining! The Chief put in a lot of funny jokes and taught the audience some Hawaiian words and phrases. Food was great, with roasted pork as the centerpiece with lots of authentic-tasting foods.

Would definitely do it again!

Good entertainment

2022/04/02 Ruth Jacques ゆうぽん

My last night in Hawaii was with Chief’s luau. The food was great, the performers was breathtaking and the whole evening was delicious. I’ll never forget how welcomed I felt with that lei made with real flowers. I kept it . It simply a must do . It was my birthday and they sang happy birthday to me. I could go on an on. Great party.

Best show so far! Met my expectations and above!

2022/04/01 Luis C ゆうぽん

Best show so far! Met my expectations and above!

They were very interactive. Lots of jokes, food was great. The atmosphere was nice and the overall staff was very good. Feels very authentic to me
Will attend again if I ever go back to Hawaii.

Great food and great entertainment. Chief's comedic timing was perfect! :)

2022/03/08 Dustin ゆうぽん

I actually laughed out loud several times as the Chief entertained. Also, Cousin Lisa and Cousin Ben were fantastic on the bus. Good life advice and great senses of humor. And Cousin Ben played the ukulele unbelievably well!



The Chief is an Hawaiian Elvis!

2022/02/23 Mr Wiltz ゆうぽん

The show was excellent. The food was great and the drinks were good. The chief was was the star of the show. He was hella funny! The ladies were a close second. My girl enjoyed the men as well. This was a great excursion and worth the money. If you like to drink, get the Royal package .


2022/02/16 Josephine Carrera ゆうぽん

I really enjoyed this amazing Luau, my first time here and the the workers that served the food and drinks, made the Aloha in Hawaii so meaningful, The bus driver and the girl that were in bus#2, were also great, they brought the Ohana out in everyone, Mahalo to the Chief and all the dancers in the show without each of you it wouldn’t have worked out , I want to say Mahalo Hawaii, for such a blessed vacay, and to anyone that reads this, believe me best show ever, money well spent.

Great experience

2021/09/05 Nikki J ゆうぽん

It was out first time at a Luau & we had a wonderful time. It was such a great experience, the food was amazing & everyone was so friendly. We weren’t sure about it being at a water park but once you’re seated, you would never know it was a theme park. Definitely recommend!

Outstanding best part of the trip

2021/08/28 Alexis ゆうぽん

The food was delicious and I loved all the performances and how friendly everyone was kept me interested the whole time the drinks were really good too can’t wait to come back!!

Chief's Luau was Fantastic!

2021/08/11 Sunshine A. ゆうぽん

My family really enjoyed Chief's Luau. The staff was very attentive and helpful and the show was awesome! We really enjoyed our experience and would go back again when we visit Honolulu in the future.

Completed our trip perfectly

2021/07/17 Sylvia R ゆうぽん

We purchased our luau through Hawaii activities. Website was super easy to navigate! Since is was a 3rd party reservation I did confirm with the venue just to be safe! The luau was amazing! Food was delicious! Transportation was easy to locate and on time. Our host was great! Highly recommend!!

FIRE, food & show!

2021/07/14 Mariam ゆうぽん

Overall, great show! The food was delicious and hearty portions. The show was so good - lots of Polynesian dancing and fire-knife dancing. Chief Sielu was a great host and HILARIOUS!!

Would recommend trying to get the Royal (VIP) seating for better seating for the show! I booked Paradise (General) because the Royal was already sold out for the date that I was available.

Awesome Luau!!

2021/07/03 Leandra Mora ゆうぽん

This was our first Luau. My family and I had such an amazing time! Awesome to learn about the history and culture. The show was amazing, it was such a great time. Highly recommend!! It was great! Felt the love! Food was delicious! Thank you for an amazing time!

Great fun, lively and interactive show.

2021/06/23 Amanda ゆうぽん

The food was pretty good. Much better than a couple other luau’s that I have been to in the area. They offered a plate with a little of everything or you could go through the line and pick only what you wanted. They had pulled pork, fried chicken, fried fish, salad, rice, asian noodles, cooked taro root, rolls and for dessert white cake with white frosting and pineapple chunks. They offered individually packaged condiments of ranch dressing, Tabasco sauce, ketchup, soy sauce, butter, as well as small cups of poi and pico de gallo.

We had the royal package and had great seats. The seating was set up in tables of 4. My husband sat side by side and another couple sat on the other side of the table. We had another table of 4 right next to us. The Covid seating restrictions have been relaxed significantly as of June 21st when we went.

The royal package benefits that the paradise didn’t get is drink service at the tables (paradise have to walk to bar), 3 free drinks, fresh orchid lei (paradise get nut lei), closer seating to stage, first to go to buffet.

Outstanding Luau

2021/05/30 Nicole T ゆうぽん

Such a well thought out organized and creative luau. I’ve been to other luau’s on the island, but this one is hands down the best. The Chief was so entertaining and the shows were amazing! I was also able to take terrific photos! Highly recommended.


2021/03/27 Brittni ゆうぽん

We have done the Ka Moana luau this was sooo awesome! Food was good, service was great, and the show was so awesome and engaging! 100% would recommend!!

Outstanding entertainment and food!!!!!

2020/03/09 Michael A G. ゆうぽん

It was a totally Hawaiian experience from the entertainment to the delicious food!
Just an authentic feel with great music all entwined with guest participation and fun!
And through it all we even learned a lot about the culture and people of the islands!
I highly recommend to anyone planning a trip to Hawaii because the Chief’s Luau is a must see!
My wife and I will never forget it.

Royal Package - Definitely worth the extra money

2019/12/16 Jacky Daniels ゆうぽん

My boyfriend and I went to Chiefs Luau and it was such a fun night. We are so happy we chose the Royal Package because we were in the very first row, got 3 complimentary drinks, and were first in line for the buffet. The food was really good, my favorite was the kalua pork and poi. The "chief" was hilarious and very talented. This show had performances/dances of cultures from all over Polynesia so it was really cool to see all of their differences. It was very engaging and family-oriented, the fire-knife performance was my favorite. One thing to note is to bring bug-spray! There were mosquitoes since the luau is located at a waterpark. I would highly recommend Chief's luau to anyone!

The best, best time!

2019/11/18 Ashton ゆうぽん

This is my third Luau that I have been to so far and this one is by far my favorite! The crew is so nice and attentive and I loved how Chief Sielu is so family oriented. He made several points to bring guests on stage and include them in the show and they even had a special moment for two children through the Make A Wish Foundation that were there which was so sweet!
You are entertained all night long whether it's by the dancing, the Chief's jokes or the amazing fire dancers. I would also highly recommend the Royal package, we had great seats up front and were one of the first in line for the buffet.

Chief's Luau - Polynesian Show with Authentic Award-Winning Fire Knife Dancing
Get ready for one of the best luau on Oahu with Chief Sielu, world champion fire knife dancer and hilarious comedian. Chief's Luau not only includes an all-you-can-eat dinner, but also an evening of thrilling performances from all across Polynesia!