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Review by ----------RHO---- for Big Kahuna Luau at Tantalus Mountain Top with Honolulu City View

Why see the chief or a center, when you can hang with Kahunas!

Posted on: 2015/03/21

The Big Kahuna luau was awesome! We were first greeted by the Ambassador of Aloha named Chad. As we boarded the bus, he gave us our ticket, and gave us a brief explanation as to what were are going to expect. We then picked everyone else up and he then further detailed what we all was about to experience. On our drive up Chad, was greeting everyone and getting to know them by asking for everyone's first names, where they are from etc. He made a real great first impression. As soon as we got to the luau we knew what to expect. He were greeted with a shell lei, maitai, and appetizers! We took photos with hula dancers, danced hula with them, and started drinking! Those maitais were amazing! I had three before we even got seated for our dinner. Dinner menu was amazing with local foods that I couldn't get enough of. I was in a dilemma, I was either going to drink a lot, or eat a lot, so I decided to do both. Little did I know that the next day, my bed was my best friend. This is by far the classiest luau where you have servers going around asking if everything is okay even if you weren't in the VIP section. I had an amazing time and I wish everyone would take my word about how fabulous the Big Kahuna Luau is! Mahalo to Discover Hawaii Tours & VELTRA for seting me up with awesome memories!

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  • Even women can dance with fire!

  • Diamond Head Lookout

  • Wanna Hula? Then get your drink and sway your hips!

  • Tell me where you can get a better sunset picture.

  • Manoa Valley.

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