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Pacific Skydiving Honolulu - Hawaii's Best Skydive (North Shore) [Open Now]

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Good experience

Reviewed by: Manabu, 2016/11/19

This was a good experience for me. The staffs were very kindness and supportive. But, a weather was a lot of clouds... I couldn't try to go highest sky. I would like to go to next skydiving.

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2016/10/28
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Long wait and rough staff, but good instructors.

Reviewed by: Simon, 2015/12/14

Me and my GF were skydiving for the 1rst time. We had reserved and had we not called before just to make sure, we would have drove 1h30 at 6AM for no reason, before it was cancelled due to bad weather. So call in advance.
We went the next day, arrived at 9h45 AM, but had to wait until 1h40 PM before actually jumping. The beach was close, but being called before the dive was apparently not an option. We were not instructed to do anything, no one explained any delay. We are just told to wait in a room (having to guess that we must fill a form and see a video, and without any other directive than staying withing hearing distance of the place, are simply called on the intercom 15 min before the flight. Despite a board almost forcing us to tip, we were very tempted not to tip them, and would not have, if it was not for the instructors, who were friendly and professional. The jump itself was an amazing experience, and it boost my rating. However, my instructor did NOT show me the barometer just before the jump. In fact, I saw the barometer about 40 sec before the jump and it was 11k feet. We were supposed to be at least 14k (because we payed for the Ultimate), but the full price was conditional to the height, which was advertised to be shown to us before the jump, but it was not the case. So this with the short free fall lead me to believe we payed too much, but without proof on both sides, I wont press my issue.
Still, I loved jumping, and controlling the parachute. I suggest asking to readjust the straps if they hurt your legs when the parachute deploys.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2015/12/11
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lack of communication

Reviewed by: Mr. Anonymous, 2013/01/21

we made our reservations for noon. we got the the place at exactly the time they said we need to check in. they let people who had no reservations jump before us. we waited 3 hours before we got to go. then they tried to charge us again i had to explain how we already paid and i had to call the hawaii activity place to tell them to fax a copy of the voucher to the place, even though they told me i wont need a voucher as long as i have a confirmation code. the experience of the jump was good but having to wait for 3 hours even though we had made reservations that was really lame. find another place to sky dive, or just show up and they will let you jump before the people that have already paid and have reservations

Attended as:Couples
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