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Maui Molokini & Turtle Arches Snorkeling Tour & Snuba Dive - Aqua Adventures


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2022/11/20 Mara and Mike ゆうぽん

Knowledgeable and fun crew. Lots of positive energy and the food was tasty.

They are Good, professional and witty to spend time with!

2022/09/24 Vishal Sahu ゆうぽん

Overall the onboarding was smooth, there were clear instructions sent over email, there were enough (paid but cheap) parking spots at harbor. The boat was quipped and left on time. We all were free to roam on boat + take pick where needed as long as 3 point of contacts were maintained all the times.

They have plenty of noodles, snorkel mask cleaning gel. If you want life vests, carry yours. They even had prescription mask(mine was -5) and it made overall experience much better. The day we did tour, there weren't many variety of fishes, may be because it was cloudy. Food was good and served in buffet style.

After spending ~1hr at Molokini, the boat went to Turtle Town, where there were fishes and beautiful reef. They even let us jump from boat :)

Great Molikini snorkel

2022/07/01 Kendall ゆうぽん

This was a great experience. The crew of the boat was very attentive. The equipment was in excellent shape. Very nice breakfast and lunch. Unfortunately, we did not see any turtles, but this, of course, is not the fault of the tour operators. If you are looking to go to Molokini, I recommend this tour.

Fun and great guides

2022/04/14 Ruby ゆうぽん

We really enjoyed the snorkeling tour. The staff were locals which we appreciated. They were charming, funny and accommodating. The ride was smooth and snorkeling equipment worked great. Highly recommend if you haven't been before and a great beginning snorkeling spot

Pleasant, relaxing

2022/04/08 Oscareen ゆうぽん

The crew was awesome! The snorkeling was a great experience. Yes, it’s VERY EARLY in the morning, but with the air temperature being cooler, the water feels warmer, which is a plus.
Saw many different kinds of fishes, and a turtle and an octopus.
It was relaxing just floating there and watching the ocean life.

I would, hands down, do this again!

2022/03/30 Ashley ゆうぽん

I would, hands down, do this again. The crew was amazing, friendly and great with the 2 kids my group had with (ages 1 and 3). My son did snuba, said it was awesome and the instructor was great and friendly, easy to chat with. The Captain stopped to let us see whales (baby, mom and escort), it was absolutely great. There was a very knowledgeable crew member who gave tid bits of facts throughout the tour and another crew member who helped point out turtles a well as gave pointers for going under the water. Food was good too. Nothing fancy, but it did not disappoint. Not to mention mai tais were delicious. Can't wait to book again!

Best Ever

2021/12/21 Cindy ゆうぽん

It couldn't have been any better. The crew was fantastic. We visited two sites to snorkel and snuba. The extra cost to snuba is worth every penny. They accommodated my son's disability and made his trip fantastic. The captain's sense of humor kept you smiling. Everything we did felt safe so it was easy to just relax and enjoy the experience. The Aqua Adventure is the crew to go with.

Aqua Adventures Was Amazing!!!

2021/12/17 Aaron Roberts ゆうぽん

The crew for Aqua Adventures was spectacular. I'm disabled, I can walk with a brace but mainly use a wheelchair. They helped me on to the boat and carried my chair on to the boat. They made sure I was included in every activity, including the bonus whale sightings we have seen. One crew member helped me get fin on and off each time and made sure that I was able to find the turtles during the coral city visit. The captain was upbeat and had wonderfully bad jokes but made sure everyone knew exactly was going on and safe in their Adventures. The food was great too!

Must do activity with these guys..!!

2021/09/09 Nitin Lakhotia ゆうぽん

A first-time snorkeler with basic swimming experience, they taught us really well how to do it right from basics & also kept an eye to guide us in the ocean. Only regret is they should allow to hold the rope anchored for people who panic in the vast ocean, coz it takes 5-10 minutes for people with no swimming background to get familiar with the unpredictable ocean. My wife was not allowed to touch the rope & she couldn't enjoy snorkeling with us for the rest of the trip. Good lunch & breakfast. Overall they do good if you know a bit. Great locations..unfortunately no turtles.

Sea turtles!

2021/08/02 Jess ゆうぽん

I got to see multiple sea turtles and it was amazing. Staff were very kind, funny, and helpful throughout the activity. We couldn't go to Molokini because of wind which was shame, but I still loved it and enjoyed a lot! Seating at the front deck of the boat was also a pretty cool experience. They also had a photographer! We paid to get the photos and was super worth it. Thank you!

Snorkeling is so much fun!

2021/07/04 Tessie L ゆうぽん

I am not a good swimmer and had never done snorkeling before. The crew was so great and was watching the poor swimmers and was always next to us giving instructions and reassurance. I felt so safe and before I realize it, I was able to swim and snorkel with confidence by myself. I had so much fun snorkeling and enjoying the fishes and nature under sea. It was definitely an amazing experience!

Must do when visiting Maui!

2017/05/17 Margarita ゆうぽん

Hawaii is perfect for snorkeling! I have done it many times before, but I have never had a chance to get so close to sea creatures. Molokini Island is a moon shaped underwater volcano crater and it is one of the most famous snorkeling destinations in Hawaii. Hawaiians take good care of their ocean and have many rules to obey in it and one of them in not to touch anything in the water, which I just loved, you can get as close as possible but still have to respect animals. It is very nice to see that animals are totally relaxed here and would really come close to you if you dont attempt to jump on them. We had an amazing team, we had 2 stops for snorkling and the experience was just magical. Maybe you should consider to take a heli tour around there as well, as the views from above are just amazing and give you a real chance to enjoy the moon shape of the island! I twas a fantastic tour and I totally recommend everyone to get on it!

Absolutely amazing! A must do activity while in Maui!

2014/05/05 Spencer ゆうぽん

Beautiful, magnificent, spectacular, and extraordinary. Just a few words that come to mind when talking about my experience with this activity. I knew that while I was on Maui, that I wanted to go scuba diving. Unfortunately, you have to be certified to go scuba diving. So, I did the next best thing. I went on a snorkel/snuba diving adventure. Not only was the experience breathe taking, but the instructors, captain, film crew, and the rest of the staff was so courteous and knowledgeable. Any questions, comments, or concerns you have they are more than willing to go above and beyond your expectations to make you feel comfortable. Well worth every penny I spent on this activity. Anyone who is thinking about going snorkeling, should check out this company. They have amazing customer service which is hard to find. The snuba adventure is unlike anything I've ever tried. You get the opportunity to swim up close and personal with all kinds of sea life. Highly recommend spending the extra money to go snuba diving.

Snuba with Aqua Adventure

2014/01/18 N. Kay Stauber ゆうぽん

Excellent trip with the crew on Aqua Adventure! This was our 2nd time with Aqua and WE plan on doing it again in January of 2016!

The Staubers'
George and Kay
The Wheelers'
Andrew & Maegen

Superb Crew Hospitality & Premium snorkeling spots in Maui

2013/05/05 O&Y ゆうぽん

The Crew aboard the Aqua Adventure are 2nd to NONE. Each and every member was awake and energetic at 6:30a and very hospitable from the moment we were in line reading the waivers. They were very respectful and helpful in every manner; they safely stored our shoes then firmly held our hands and arms to help us securely board the boat and engaged in getting to know us as they picked out the perfect snorkeling gear sizes for us. The Boat as well as Snorkeling instructions from the Captain were very informative yet personable with some light humor. At both snorkeling spots 1-2 of the crew members voluntarily guided us to the best snorkeling spots if we wanted to follow and showed us the largest sea turtles we have ever seen as well as an octopus and a starfish! The boat speaks for itself with the 2 350hp Cummings Diesel engines that made powering thru the fast wind from the North a piece of cake. Other tours had to take a much longer detour to get back due to the lack of horsepower

Great Time!

2012/11/17 tbusby ゆうぽん

I had a great time!!!! It was excellent. The crew was patient, hospitable, informative and comical! I will definitely come back if I go to Hawaii again!!

Loved this!

2012/08/16 Maria ゆうぽん

This was by far our favorite activity on our Hawaiian vacation. We would do it again in a heartbeat.

a very good time

2008/11/20 alsbrat ゆうぽん

My husband and I went snuba diving on the Aqua Adventure and loved it. The boat was smaller then some and held less people, which gave the passangers more individual attention from the crew. We had both a breakfast and lunch buffet aboard ship.The instructors were friendly and knowledgeable. Well worth the money. Reccomended for all.

Maui Molokini & Turtle Arches Snorkeling Tour & Snuba Dive - Aqua Adventures
Join Aqua Adventures on a snorkeling tour to Molokini, Maui’s most popular snorkeling destination. Visit Molokini Crater and the Turtle arches on this 5.5 hour cruise. Upgrade to SNUBA diving package for the most unforgettable underwater adventure.