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Na Pali Coast Sunset Cruise with Dinner & Cocktails by Holo Holo Charters

Amazing - Look no further, just book it.

Reviewed by: Dillon, 2015/05/14

My wife and I knew we wanted to do a boat tour of the Napali Coast but with all the options available we were nervous about picking the right one. Let me save anyone else looking into this the trouble and say just book the Sunset Cruise with Holo Holo Charters. You won't regret it, unless you get sea sick, which I would say probably 3-5 people out of 25-30 or so did on our trip, which was in early/mid May. But the crew took great care of them. My wife and I popped a dramamine each about an hour before we boarded and another right when we got on and felt great.

More about the trip. The crew and Captain Glenn were fantastic. They opened up the bar immediately upon leaving port and made sure we had drinks in our hand for the duration of the trip. The boat was spacious and there was plenty of room to move around. We were able to see the entire coast and even made it up to the northern most tip where the last beach accessible by car starts. I don't think many of the other boats are able to do that because they are not fast enough. The crew was probably the best part of the trip, they were super attentive, even offering to take pictures of us with the coast as a back drop. They were also very interesting to talk to and gave us lots of information about what we were seeing as well as info on local spots to check out when we got off the boat. My wife and I had hiked the Awawapuhi trail earlier that morning, which overlooks the coast, and the crew were nice enough to point out where we were to us as we cruised by. Awesome trail by the way if you like hiking. The crew also made sure you didn't wipe out while you were walking around the boat, it can get a bit choppy. At one point I was exiting the bathroom as we hit a dip and a member of the crew was able to grab me and steady me before I took a tumble.

In a nutshell, book the trip and don't have second thoughts about it. Worth every bit of the money. Holo Holo Charters does an amazing job.

Comments from activity operators

Aloha Dillon,
Thank you for taking the time to post this awesome review! We will pass this great info onto Capt. Glenn and Crew.

We hope you had a great time here on Kauai and hope to see you and your wife out on the water again!

Mahaloa Nui Loa,

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2015/05/13
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Waikiki Magic of Polynesia Dinner Show - Hawaii's Best Magic Show!

I loved the Magic of Polynesia show!

Reviewed by: Jane, 2015/05/11

I would say that the Magic of Polynesia show is one of the best in the area!

We loved that the magician was able to incorporate the crowd into the show. He asked questions of the crowd, and even showed how international the crowd was by eliciting applause from each different country in attendance. That was impressive! Also, he interacted by allowing multiple members of the audience to come onto the stage and participate in the show. Definitely one of the highlights for myself and my family! The magician made the show not only amazing with his tricks but he also made it interactive. He interacted with audience and made it so funny to watch! We also loved that it was mixed with a polynesian show to fill in some time slots. The dancers were amazing! The length of show was perfect and did not feel like it went on forever. There were plenty of servers to handle the drink orders. The show is popular so it does get packed which is a good sign. The magician calls an audience members to participate during the show. Some were hesitant while others eagerly waited to participate. That made the show much more fu. Than normal. The ending to the show was very touching and it showed a soft side to the magician. We would definitely want to refer people to watch this show over & over again! You can't go wrong with this activity. If being entertained is what your looking for than look no further! This is the activity for you!

This show is a great way to spend an evening with the family! The magician did lots of really cool levitating tricks but I wouldn't have minded seeing a little less levitation and a little more variety. The audience participation portion was really funny and he did a good job communicating to all different cultures. The Hawaiian dancers were great considering it wasn't a luau. The fire dancer was a nice touch. My brother's margarita on the rocks was much better. Definitely a good value for the price! You must attend!

Attended as: Friends
Activity Date: 2015/04/14
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Deluxe Volcano Tour & Stargazing Experience with Gourmet Dinner (from Kona)

Thoughtful and insightful tour -- well worth it!

Reviewed by: James Sturm, 2017/11/27

We had a fantastic time with our Kailani tour of the Big Island that we booked through Veltra. I’ll go through each category of the trip one by one and leave my detailed thoughts:

Our guide, Kevin, was a former U.S. Navy electrical engineer and was quite knowledgeable about the island. He spoke on the microphone throughout the trip, always providing new and interesting information, but never repeating himself or sounding boring. I got the sense that he wasn’t just trying to fill space, but rather that he genuinely had lots of things to share about the island. I also appreciated how he had studied some Hawaiian and was able to translate a number of names and titles to us in English and explain the cultural and linguistic origins.

I was stoked to get to see Volcanoes National Park because it was on my bucket list and it was beautiful. The guide provided night-time binoculars so we could see the magma spitting out of the volcano crater at night—truly spectacular. Plus, the itinerary was designed so that you avoid the large crowds at the volcano, making stops before and after it erupts. Hilo was nice but quick, so I’d say if you really want to explore the town of Hilo you should go on your own. This one makes a brief stop in Hilo but really just uses it as a jumping off point to explore the volcano.

The lunch was pretty simple but fresh – sandwiches with turkey, hummus, and avocado in various varieties. The dinner is quite special though as the lodge is quite intimate, very cozy and offers great food.

The transport is a Mercedes 12 seater van with a co-pilot seat, then three rows of three and one row of four. Even if you get a middle seat it’s not bad, because the windows are essentially panoramic on the bus and they are extremely clean. The black leather interior was very comfortable and not one on our ride got carsick.

Overall I highly recommend this tour!

Attended as: Families with Young Children
Activity Date: 2017/11/24
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Kailua & Lanikai Beach Segway Sightseeing Tour (with Waikiki Pick-up)

Best time ever on Segway tour!

Reviewed by: Annemieke van Heezik, 2014/10/05

I was at the wrong pick-up spot for transport, but the tour organisation and Veltra have called and directed me to the right place so I could still make the activity (just twenty minutes late... sorry fellow travellers). Thank you Veltra and Segway tours for the great service.
The busdriver/tourguide spoke Japanese which was great for the rest of the company; all Japanese, but for me not so much. Arriving after a beautifull ride to Kailua we split up and since I was the only one that booked a 1 hour tour I had a private tourguide: Rick.
I really had a blast. He made me relax by joking around and made sure I felt secure on the Segway before we got on our way. After a while you really get the hang of it and it feels amazing. It's a comfortable way of exploring the land and it is SO MUCH FUN!! The way it handles and how fast it can go if you want it to. I can't point out enough how much fun it is and how easy. I wasn't sure before what I should wear and ladies listen to this: wear a skirt or a dress. Anything that looks a bit flattering, because if you opt for the DVD (which you totally should)you already have the disadvantage of wearing a helmet, you don't want to add that look with baggy pants. trust me.
The surroundings are beautiful and I recomment to go for the two hour tour. Youll get the same instruction if needed and you get to spent more time on the Segway adn also see much more of the Island. Lanikai beach is not included in the 1 hour tour and you really don't want to miss out on that. i also recomment to bring swimsuits and if you can try to stay the whole day at Kailua, because it really is a piece of Paradise. It's a very small village with the most amazing beaches of Lanikai and Kailua. Enjoy the Crystal clear waters and bask in the Aloha spirit.
Thank you Rick for one of the best tours I had all holiday! I will definitely join again if and when I return to Hawaii, I'll just go for 2 hours than.

  • Kailua beach

  • Kailua beach

  • Mokulua islands view

  • Lankikai Beach

  • Lanikai Beach

  • Kailua Beach

  • Tour guide Rick

  • Mokulua islands view at Lanikai Beach

Attended as: Solo Travelers
Activity Date: 2014/09/16
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Oahu Dolphin Cruise & Paradise Cove Luau Combo

Good fun, amazing experience, good show

Reviewed by: Annemieke van Heezik, 2014/10/05

When travelling solo it's easier to book guided tours and especially combo's. The Dolphin tour was so much fun! Mark and "Dammit"-Travis, had us laughing to whole time. They make sure the Dolphins and all ocean wild live is left undesturbed and care about preservation. Unfortunately the Dolphins were out in deep waters and it was decided to not go in the water. Bummer for me as an experienced diver, but there were too many beginners in our group, so I got it.
We did see the Dolphins up close and that was amazing, as was snorkling.
Lunch was tasty and after that I had 3 hours to kill before Paradise Cove.
Paradise Cove is very nice. The show was great (as expected): hula dancing, singing, fire- act and even the audience joining in hula dancing. The food was good and there was more than enough of it. Drinks had to be bought (besided coffee and water) You receive enough value on your card at entrance for 2 cocktails and you can also spent the value in the gift shop. The first hours you can walk around the beautifull scenery and watch the sunset. There are some old-school hawaiian activities to try yourself. Canoeing, speer throwing, making leis, getting a (fake) tattoo. It is a good way to spent your time and I really enjoyed it. Only downside is that it is very touristy and sometimes the Aloha feels a bit fake. After the Luau the busride back was a bit confusing because you have to get into a number bus they gave at entrance and it is not done by name, so I was worried to be in the wrong bus, but that worry went straight out the window with our tour guide. He gave us a full stand-up comedy show. I was laughing so much it had me in tears the whole hour it took to get back to the hotel. We were litterally lining up to give the man a tip, that's how much fun we had with him on our bus. Good tour, a lot of laughs, a good show, good food and an amazing day at the ocean. Definite thumbs up, I recomment to go for it!

  • sunset at Paradise Cove

  • show at Paradise Cove before dinner

  • show at Paradise Cove during dinner

  • Dolphins swimming all around us

  • Dolphins in groups all around us

  • People getting on and of the boat for snorkling

  • Hawaiian activities at Paradise Cove

  • Amazing snorkling

  • Blue Hawaiian at sunset Paradise Cove

Attended as: Solo Travelers
Activity Date: 2014/09/11
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Trilogy Excursions Kaanapali Deluxe Snorkeling Cruise with Lunch

Best experience ever!

Reviewed by: Jen S., 2018/02/05

We just got back from a Maui vacation and our snorkel trip was the highlight of an amazing vacation.

We checked in with Snuba Willie by the beach. Willie gave us an outline of the day, company background, and basic safety instructions. He also mentioned an additional activity called Snuba. He said there was no pressure but if anyone was interested, to flag him down once we were on board and he’d tell us more. He then gave us instructions on how we were going to get on the catamaran.

We went down to the water and made our way on board. Our catamaran was Triology 111 and it is beautiful! It is spotless, in perfect condition, comfortable, and spacious. Once everyone was on board, we gathered below deck for an introduction and safety briefing. Captain Mike introduced our crew- Captain Carrie, Snuba Willie, Jamie, Gabriel, and David. He went over emergency information and all the details of our boat and what to expect. Then we got on our way.

The crew turned on music and we were allowed the run of the boat. Breakfast was served and the entire crew was incredibly attentive and thorough. While on our way to the site, we saw multiple whales- more than on the whale tour we took the day before. Captain Mike stopped the boat so we were able to watch them.

At the reef, we were given our gear. My family talked to Snuba Willie about the snuba option and decided to try it. We are so glad we did! It was spectacular!

The crew grilled our lunch while we enjoyed the water. We returned to the boat for lunch. After a fantastic lunch, we returned to the water.

The entire experience was beyond our expectations. We felt safe, informed, and very well taken care of. The entire crew was professional, warm, and engaging. If we are fortunate enough to return to Maui, we will absolutely take this trip again and if we can, we’ll do a full day snuba experience. It was well worth it!

Attended as: Families
Activity Date: 2018/01/29
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Sea Life Park Hawaii Dolphin Experiences & Day Pass

Royal Package - Great Day!

Reviewed by: Kristen, 2014/09/08

We had a great time at Sea Life Park. We did the Royal Package and all were amazing, except the sting ray swim/interactive program.

We did the sea lions first, and it was awesome! We have done other dolphin and ray swims in the past, but never were able to find something for sea lions, and this was very cool and fun. We were the only two in the group, so we had a ton of one-on-one time, and got to do lots of fun training techniques and commands. Also got to swim with the sea lion...really fun, and very worth it.

Next, were the rays. This was really boring and not well done, except the fact that they gave us lettuce and let us feed the fish in the pool. The rays were not interested in interacting with us or the trainers, and all you got to do was touch their bellies. We have had MUCH better ray encounters and swims before...with pictures. Not worth it (even with only two of us in the group again).

Third, we did the shark trek. Again, just the two of us. You put on dive helmets and go down in the shark pool. This was really cool. Just the experience of going down, with the helmets, and being with the fish was awesome. They have a HUGE ray in the tank as well as several sharks and lots of fish. We again got to feed the fish, and saw them feed the huge ray. It was very cool, and we got some good pictures courtesy of Sea Life Park (for a price of course). Also, they are very informative.

Last, was dolphins. AWESOME dolphin swim. The foot push and fin swim were great. It was very interactive, and they keep the groups very small. One of the best dolphins swims I have ever done.

NEGATIVES: they were 20-25 minutes late getting us for each activity-very aggravating. They want you on time, but keep you waiting a LONG time. The cost for pictures is outrageous-more than any other swim or excursion I have ever done (we got them could you not?). Food at the park is terrible.

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2014/08/31
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Hawaii 5-0 Tour with Lunch at McGarrett's House (from Waikiki)

Outstanding Tour in Oahu!! A must do if you are a fan!

Reviewed by: Sherry Femia, 2014/12/08

This tour is a must if you are a true Hawaii Five-O fan! Our tour guide Amy was amazing to say the least. She had 1st hand information on the production and actors and actresses along with film locations. I think that's what made the tour so special that we had a guide who knew so much about the show...not just a person who researched the show online or watched it on tv and can drive you around to various locations but someone who can tell you about the show as someone who interacts with the people on the show and the producers. She was just so sweet with my niece who is 8 years old, my sister who is 22, and my husband. Before taking the tour I did some research to see where we might go and #1 on my list was Steve McGarrett's house. Who doesn't love seeing it come up in the show with the beach in front and who doesn't want to sit in those Adirondack type chairs and just sip a glass of wine after a hard day at work. Well...we went to McGarrett's house and met the real home owners who were just the sweetest people in the world. They welcomed us in and treated us just like we were family. In fact they even said "a hui hou" as we left..until we meet again. At each site we watched a film clip of a scene at that location to remind us of what happened there if we didn't immediately realize it. We also saw Chin Ho Kelly's house and Kono's house. Along with that was a drive by of Dano's ex-wife and daughters house...which is currently up for rent. Any takers? We visited McGarrett's father's cemetery site where he met Ellie recently. Of course I had to mention how much I love Michelle Borth and want her and McGarrett to end up together. She's just so kick butt but loving at the same time. We are already planning another trip out in September and can't wait to do the Sunset on the Beach!! Definitely take this tour as a fan. It will not disappoint. PS next time I want McGarrett to drive our Jeep! :)

Attended as: Families with Young Children
Activity Date: 2014/12/04
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Rock-A-Hula Dinner & Cocktail Show with Fire Knife Dance

An Awesome experience

Reviewed by: Kendrick Sallis, 2015/02/15

The VIP Green Room Dinner and Show was the ultimate Legends in concert experience. Before the dinner my wife and I had the opportunity to relax in the VIP section where the complimentary drink and snacks set the right tone for the evening. The Elvis impersonator was available to take pictures minutes prior to being seated a few feet from the stage. The main course was delicious. Wife said the Steak was excellent but didn't care for the Salmon. I enjoyed them both. The drink tickets were an added benefit to compliment an already wonderful dinner. The desert was a delicious and beautifully arrange. The show began at about 815PM and the ELVIS impersonator was an awesome entertainer. He did about 4 songs to open the show and really had us comfortable and enjoying the show. He came off the stage and greeted the guest in the VIP section and planted a kiss and lei on a few unsuspecting women, my wife being one of them. Then the Lady Gaga impersonator had an outstanding performance. She WOWed the crowd with a descending entrance from above the stage. She was very fitting for show and a joy to watch. The The Michael Jackson impersonator was to the letter dancing like Mike. Although he wasn't as vocal as the other performers, those classic Michael Jackson dance move had us clapping and snapping. There were several other performances between impersonators that were very well performed as well. The host, ELVIS, did a final stage appearance and the grand finale was epic. After the show we had the opportunity to take photos with the entertainers and consume more beverages. Just as we thought the night was complete, a young lady validated our parking and we only paid 8 dollars in the Royal Hawaiian Parking Garage. My wife enjoyed it so much she said she's coming back. It was actually the best stage performance I'd ever been to. From check-in to check-out the whole experience was over the top classic.

  • A Great Time

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2015/02/14
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Complete Circle Island Tour - Volcano National Park, Waipio Valley & Waterfalls

Wonderful Tour and Tour Guide, Exceeded Expectations!

Reviewed by: Justine Z, 2015/05/03

It was my first vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii and I booked a full day circle tour with Wasabi Tours with my boyfriend, in order to get acquainted with the island's landscape and popular destinations. Our tour guide, Kala, was absolutely phenomenal! Not only did he show us all of the beautiful sights and landscapes that the island has to offer but he was also an encyclopedia of information! You could ask Kala almost anything about the island and he would almost certainly have the answer. Kala was a historian, a geographer, a geologist, a horticulturalist and even a sociologist all in one! He was a great story teller! Kala was also extremely hospitable, professional, warm, and inviting--right from the start to the end of the tour!Somehow he managed to keep enthusiastic for the 10+ hour long day. Kala mentioned he used to work in the high end resorts in the North Shore and you can really tell that he did, as he provides extremely professional service. He really went out of his way to make sure the guests were all getting the most out of the experience. When we learned the lava was really high in the Volcanoes National Park, Kala made a few separate attempts to return to the site, as the grounds were extremely steamy that particular day. He REALLY wanted us to see the lava, but it is so sad to say the weather did not cooperate that particular day despite Kala's greatest efforts. Despite this bad luck, we were fortunate enough to see all the other beautiful sites that Wasabi tours promises to take you! Finally, to top the day off, Kala knew how much I wanted to see some of the Hawaiian Honu (sea turtles), and he found me some of those as well! Overall, Wasabi Tours does a really great job preparing a fun and informative day for guests. Ultimately, a big thank you to Kala for keeping us entertained and showing us around the tropical paradise of Hawaii!


Justine & Sam.

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2015/04/26
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Deluxe Volcano Tour & Stargazing Experience with Gourmet Dinner (from Kona)

Amazing tour! A cultural, historical and geological journey from sea to sky and back!

Reviewed by: Barry Zeve, 2016/03/15

Our tour started at 11:00 AM and ended at 11:00 PM. Our guide, Jim, gathered us together into what felt like a family outing, not a tour with strangers. He sang to us, played the ukulele, chanted and prayed in Hawaiian. He told stories he learned directly from “kahunas,” the gurus of the Hawaiian culture. And his stories had messages beneath the messages that elucidated the world the ancient Hawaiians inhabited when they reached the Hawaiian Islands in 1200 AD that mysteriously still affected me this day. When we arrived at Rainbow Falls, which is more than 75 feet high, I didn’t expect to react that way I did. The falls and turquoise pools beneath them were so majestic that they didn’t seem quite real. I kept looking for the frame around the picture.
“Pele,” the goddess of the volcano, has shimmering black hair that sometimes looks like smooth volcanic rock that oozes out of the craters. Her fiery eyes smoke by day, but they become visible at night. When we returned to the craters to meet her on her terms, at night, suddenly, modern science merged with ancient magic and mysticism, and Jim’s stories took on a haunting inference I hadn’t heard in the light. After several short excursions to the perimeter of Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park that even included a walk through a lava tube, Nahuku, we stopped for a scrumptious dinner in an inn reminiscent of a European, mountain lodge. As the sun set on a day filled with new information that caressed my mind and opened my imagination, I was ready to return to the smoking, lava flows to see Pele’s fiery eyes shooting glances back at me at night, asking me to question the beauty and truth of this world we live in – asking me to quietly contemplate the meaning of my life and whether paradise could actually be something real – whether promises do get fulfilled for those who learn to make a difference.

  • Rainbow Falls

  • Steam Vents near Kiluea

  • Kiluea Crater

  • Dinner at Kiluea Lodge

  • Kiluea at Night

Comments from activity operators

Aloha! Mahalo for joining us on our Deluxe Volcano Experience. We are so happy to hear that you had such an amazing day with Jim. He is such a wonderfully knowledgeable guide who truly exudes the Aloha spirit and helps our guests connect with our beautiful island home! His Hawaiiana stories have quickly become a guest favorite and it is so humbling to hear how deeply it all resonated with you. That's exactly why we LOVE what we are able to do! Mahalo for the incredible recommendation and we truly hope to see you on your next visit to the Big Island!

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2016/03/14
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Swim with Wild Dolphins Cruise - Snorkel, Kayak, SUP, 20-Foot Water Slide

Fantastic Morning Dolphins and You Ocean Fun Cruise!

Reviewed by: Cathy, Pittsburgh, 2018/07/03

We had a great morning cruise with Dolphins and You. The local crew (certified life guards and professional entertainers!) were very friendly and full of energy. They explained everything in both English and Japanese since there were quite a large number of Japanese tourists on our 40 person tour. There was music and dancing on the way to the spinner dolphin site. We sat at the back of the boat and enjoyed the sun and sea air; thank goodness we had lots of sunscreen! I wear glasses and there were prescription masks on the boat so I could see everything clearly.

The crew-led Hawaiian chant and orchid offering when we entered the dolphin site brought us good luck. The crew went in the water with us and pointed out several pods of dolphins swimming right by. I wanted to stay with the dolphins longer, but we had another scheduled stop. At the snorkeling site, a sea turtle swam right under our group and there were lots of fish all around. The inflatable water slide, “surfboard” and kayak added to the fun. For lunch we had cheeseburgers on taro buns with bags of chips — very tasty. The crew sang and danced a couple of hulas on the way back; a perfect ending to a great morning!

We drove from our hotel, arrived at the Waianae Boat Harbor early, and were a little concerned when we didn’t see any signs for Dolphins and You. However, a bus with Dolphins and You on the side pulled into the parking lot right where they said to meet at the specified meeting time. Be sure to take Dramamine if you think you might get motion sickness. Several people on the cruise got sick, even though I didn’t think it was very rough. I took a Dramamine before we left on the Dolphins and You cruise and was fine (I had gotten sick on a previous snorkel trip to Molokini off of Maui). Definitely APPLY SUNSCREEN early and often...the sun is very strong on the water.

  • Spinner Dolphins

  • Yellow Tang and Partial Trigger Fish

  • Underwater at the snorkel site

Comments from activity operators

Aloha Cathy, and mahalo for your 5-star review! We appreciate you taking the time to share your detailed and thoughtful review of our tour! And we're so glad that you appreciated the extra dose of Aloha that is unique to Dolphins and You :).
We could not agree more with your suggestions of Dramamine and sunscreen use. That's the best way to stay comfortable on the water. We also recommend reef-safe sunscreen (which we offer in our office in Waikiki) to protect both your skin AND Hawaii's fragile coral reefs! Thank you again for your review. Please come again some day!

Attended as: Families
Activity Date: 2018/06/27
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Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Natural Wonders of Oahu Flights (from Honolulu)

Hawaiian Paradise...I was so blown away! Glad we did it!

Reviewed by: Ms. Ems, 2015/03/02

In celebration of our 11th Year Anniversary, my husband and I agreed getting on a helicopter tour. At first, I was worried about motion sickness, and all these negative thoughts we had in our minds especially that we have young children but as we were heading to the helicopter site, the fear that we've had before is turning to an excitement, even more so after we were checked-in by Vincent, who was very helpful, funny, and was able to answer some of the questions and concerns I had before the flight. The weather was cooperating with us too as it was sunny, bright blue skies, with no high winds considering that there was a storm and strong winds the day before. We were asked to check-in 45 minutes before the flight and I thought that was too early but once we got there, the time actually went by too fast as we watched videos of these great sceneries taken on the flights that got us even more fired up!

Adam was our pilot that day and he was very professional, friendly, and informative. He even had us take our time to see the whales as we spotted them swimming in the ocean (we saw 4), and also tons of turtles floating above the water. I like how he communicates with everyone as well and made sure that we are all doing okay.

We are local residents by the way, we've been living in Oahu for 19 years and I have never seen the island so remarkably beautiful until we took this flight! It was amazing and I never stopped talking about it! The sceneries were breathtaking, especially the views of Kaneohe Sandbar! Just incredibly stunning, and what a stress reliever! I don't know how else to express myself but our experience was beyond our expectation! I never appreciated Mother Nature as much as I do now so thank you Blue Hawaiian Helicopters for showing us these and the wonderful experience that will truly last a lifetime! Lucky to live Hawaii..INDEED!

  • Ala Moana Beach / Magic Island

  • Waikiki

  • Diamond Head

  • Diamond Head

  • Hanauma Bay

  • Sea Life Park Hawaii

  • Kaneohe Sandbar

  • Kaneohe Sandbar

  • Famous North Shore (Banzai Pipepline)

Comments from activity operators

Aloha! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. We are so happy you had a wonderful time. Please come back and see us again. Mahalo, The Blue Crew

Attended as: Couples
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Deluxe Pearl Harbor Tour - Arizona Memorial & Battleship Missouri

Great day at Pearl Harbour

Reviewed by: J. Martinez , 2016/09/26

The experience was excellent from beginning to end. The online booking through Veltra was straight forward and an email confirmation was promtly received. The staff was very helpful over the telephone in advance of the tour. The pick up was right on time and our driver was charismatic, professional and knowledgeable about the history of Hawaii. The city tour was great and would recommend it as a combination package with the Arizona Memorial entrance. The Arizona Memorial is a must see when visiting the island, the experience was both informative and emotional. We proceeded to visit the Missouri which is an absolute must see. We were driven to the Missouri in a very comfortable bus. Upon arrival we were greeted and welcomed aboard the ship. It was a real walk through time. Make sure you carve out enough time to walk through the ship, you can spend hours if so inclined. We participated in a 30 minute guided tour which was packed with information and then walked around the ship. The Missouri is a magnificent ship filled with stories of people who were present and lived moments of historical significance. Our driver gave us a pick up time for the return and he was on site promptly on schedule. Our driver was curteous, funny and provided us with additional information on our way back to our hotel. We were dropped off at our hotel entrance. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We had considered making our own arrangements to visit Pearl Harbour but we decided to book our tickets and tour through Veltra/Hawaiian tours after speaking to a group that had booked through them. We had rented a car for two days and toured other parts of the island. The booking of the Arizona Memorial and the Missouri through Veltra was definitely worth while and would recommend it to anyone visiting the island. No line up for tickets, excellent service and informative city tour.

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2016/09/23
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Star of Honolulu - Waikiki Sunset Dinner Cruise with Live Entertainment

Star of Honolulu Dinner Cruise - Amazing and delightful

Reviewed by: くまみ, 2017/12/26

We attended this cruise on 2017/12/24 Christmas eve and it was a wonderful evening from start to finish.The star of Honolulu is an amazing evening from the coach "Royal Star" transferring us from the hotel to the ship and back with great care. Upon arrival, the 5 star guests were ushered to the boat and boarding was separate from others. A photo, drink and canapes were offered on the top deck. We were then shown our seats - private 2 person table along the window - and drinks were served. The menu was a 7 course meal with the Beef with Foie Gras being the highlight of the dinner! Tender and melts in your mouth. Overall the dinner is a 9/10. Wait service was amazing, very helpful, explained all courses and never stopped smiling. Drinks were well made and presented nicely.
The cruise it self takes you along Waikiki beach with some great views of Diamond Head and all of Waikiki. The ambiance the sunset creates is great for all couples and a very romantic backdrop to take photos and video.
Live entertainment was a nice touch, with a Jazz show. The singer had an amazing voice along with the pianist and sax player.
This is truly an amazing dinner evening with your spouse or partner.

My only disappointment with this cruise is the actual time to spend on the deck enjoying the ocean breeze. Dinner is served shortly after leaving the dock which having a course dinner is hard to get up and leave between each course. We did manage after the salad to leave for a few minutes. The waiter kindly waited to serve us the 4th course when we got back.

Overall this cruise is an amazing romantic and wonderful cruise for couples celebrating. Make sure to pay attention during dinner to get great photos of Waikiki, Diamond Head and sunsets.
Thank you to all the staff of #The Star of Honolulu for your professionalism making our experience a wonderful night.

  • Waikiki and Diamond head view

  • Sweet potato Mulligatawny soup - 2nd course

  • Pineapple pinot grigio sorbet - 5th course

  • Roasted Apple Vol-Au-Vent dessert - 7th course

  • Waikiki view

  • Butter poached lobster with bean and corn ragout. 4th course

  • Arugula beet and goat's cheese salad - 3rd course

  • Beef tenderloin with Foie Gras 6th course

  • Beautiful table setting

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2017/12/24
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Voyage to Niihau & Na Pali Coast - Premier Snorkel Cruise by Holo Holo Charters

Kauai Adventures!

Reviewed by: jqgossard, 2017/08/09

5 Star Yelp Review:
Amazing tour with Captain & crew out to the Na Pali Coast and Niihau island! We had an amazing time! Drew and Kamaile were awesome hosts making us feel comfortable and welcoming us all onboard. The other crew members made sure we were aware of safety and security while onboard and allowing us to experience the underwater world during our snorkeling adventures.

Lunch was light and filling at the same time, beers were always cold! Wine and beer was readily available anytime we wanted one. Fruit and humus was awesome! Homemade ranch dip and homemade humus was so delicious!

We watched the staff engage in great conversations with everyone onboard including the kids! Captain took us out to the sea caves and waterfalls up close and personal! It was such an enchanting tour and we look forward to going on another tour some time!

Bare feet on the boat is a requirement unless you have a medical condition. Dry cubbies available for personal belongings you wanted to keep dry.
I highly recommend you bring a waterproof bag to keep your personal items with you or close by you so you don't have to keep going back and forth into the cabin for the things you need. I had a large Calvin Kline bag that was waterproof and I was able to tuck it right under my seat without worrying about my personal belongings getting wet. You can bring your own snorkel gear otherwise you can use the boats gear anytime. If you haven't been on a boat or it's been quite sometime since you've been on a boat, I recommend you take dremamime or other motion sickness meds before boarding because the ride will and can be rough on the belly. Bring your own towels and don't forget your go pros and or other water proof cameras because you will be seeing lots of amazing things out there!

Holo Holo Charters, thank you for a fascinating experience!!!!

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2017/08/05
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Majestic by Atlantis - Honolulu Sunset Dinner Cruise & Waikiki Friday Fireworks

Had an amazing time!

Reviewed by: Ms. Ems, 2015/03/13

I had an amazing time! Cruise was fun! I've been to many dinner cruises on the island and the Navatek boat is indeed by far the smoothest ride I've ever been. We went during the Nagaoka Festival in Waikiki and the fireworks display was so outstanding, which made it more enjoyable and memorable for us!

The staff at the Ticket Desk were also very friendly. We got there 45-minutes early and Josh was very kind enough to answer the many questions I had while we were waiting. It wasn't their normal schedule that night and Josh was able to share their regular schedule with me, the transportation and check-in procedures, and wait times from boarding to departure.

As for the servers on the boat, they were okay but they could have been better! I would have preferred them to be more energetic and quicker. Our server that night seemed a little too tired and it also took us a while to get the drinks we ordered. Very good food though! The teriyaki garlic chicken was my favorite..yummmm!!!!

The Polynesian entertainment was good but I wish it was longer. They only performed three (3) different dances and that was it. The host and singer was also good, I like that she interact with the audience while singing but I wish she could have sang songs that are more familiar to the audience. I thought the songs were too old to be sung these days.

Something that I never expected though is the dancing at the end of the cruise! We danced the night away and that was so much fun! I loved it! I'm glad I took this trip as I didn't know this is also available at Navatek. I've always thought this to be more intimate, for couples celebrating their anniversaries or honeymooners who want a quiet and romantic moment but this can be for families or group of friends as well.

Thank you Navatek for allowing me and my family to enjoy your cruise!

Attended as: Families with Young Children
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Lanai Snorkel and Dolphin Watch Cruise with Lunch (from Lahaina Harbor)

The crew was awesome.

Reviewed by: Telma Chicas , 2015/03/30

As we walked up to the harbor the staff was friendly and guided us in the right direction (since there's several different boats departing near each other) Right from the start the captain was very friendly. She introduced herself as well as her staff. As you get on the boat the captain explains to you what stops we will be making and exactly where we will be snorkeling. Unfortunately for us the first stop (right in front of lanai) was too windy so we had to go straight to our second stop. On our way there we saw a baby humpback whale with her mama whale. We stayed at our snorkeling spot for about half an hour to 45 minutes. We saw plenty of fish but unfortunately there were no turtles. Either way the view was very beautiful. On our way back to maui (from lanai) we drove right next to a pod of dolphins and that was probably the highlight of the trip for me. It was amazing seeing all the Dolphins jump out of water and they were very close to us!!! . As we saw the Dolphins and the whales, the captain would give us some info about them and she was very informative. The crew was helpful with making sure everybody was comfortable. They cook hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch and it was pretty yummy. It's a little bit hard to walk on the boat so the crew helped us take our food to the table, they walk around to pick up the trash, they hand out snorkel gear for those who need it, and the captain instructs us on how to dive in and where to snorkel. They also passed out some cookies after everyone ate and those cookies were delicious. They also offered complimentary beer or cocktails for those of age. Overall it was an awesome experience with awesome people. I would definitely recommend it. Some of the people got a little sea sick so I definitely recommend taking something before getting on the boat for those who have sensitive tummies.

  • Our view of maui

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2015/03/27
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Lanai Snorkel and Dolphin Watch Cruise with Lunch (from Lahaina Harbor)

Maui to Lanai - Dolphin Watch & Snorkel BBQ Lunch Cruise (from Lahaina Harbor) / 2-for-1 Review Rebate Special

Reviewed by: Gloria of SFO,CA, 2015/05/22

What an awesome experience!!! Was the best because my fear of water had lessened. When me and my friends were talking about this cruise I was speculating because of my fear. But for the sake of friendship we did it. No turning back. Booking was easy. We booked Thursday and luckily there were available slots the next day which was our last day of fun moments in Maui.
At the Lahaina harbor, we were met by a nice and jolly gentleman who helped us at the entrance. Before we got into the ferry, Lily the captain welcomed us and gave us some information and instructions. As soon as we entered the ferry, breakfast was ready. No worries of getting hungry. Then Lily gave us more instructions and reassured everyone that they will help and guide us all the way. The words of assurance from Lily, Robin and Cody made me even more comfortable.
Finally we reached our first stop at Lanai. Everyone was already jumping into the water while me and my friends were just standing at the stairs because this was our first time. And the water was kind of rough and my fear was kicking me. Then came Robin who helped and guided us with the board. Robin did a good job teaching and guiding people in the water. The same thing with Cody. The first time I dipped my head into the water, all I was saying was WOW!!! Underwater is really amazing. I was so full of joy because finally I got to see live corals and fish swimming in their own world. I was so proud of myself. At that time, I told myself I need to get over this fear and need to learn how to swim so I will be able to explore and enjoy the habitat of fish.
This is an experience that will remain in me forever. I surely will do it again and hopefully I will be a good swimmer by then. It's worth doing it.
Thank you Lily, Robin, and Cody for doing a good job. You are all wonderful people.
M A H A L O!!!

Attended as: Friends
Activity Date: 2015/05/08
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Captain Bob's Kaneohe Bay Sandbar Snorkel Adventure & BBQ Lunch Boat Tour

What a great day,!!

Reviewed by: Dan B, 2017/11/05

The pick up was right on time and was greeted by a very knowledable and talented host who gave us information about the island and the adventure ahead of us. He also sang us songs and got to know each of us. The first part of the adventure was to board 2 katamarans and sail to the sandbar. The crew was also very knowledgeable and made sure we all knew what to do. They spoke many languages so everyone was cut in. The sandbar is amazing where you wade in waste deep water and enjoy the company of other travelers or play water volleyball. After that we boarded the boat and went to see the green sea turtles which we all over the area while the crew prepared lunch. The lunch was a grilled burger which was vert flavorful and juicy. All the fixings were available along with baked beans, potato salad etc. soft drinks, ice tea, hot tea and coffee were free and beer and wine was available for purchase. After lunch we sailed to the reef where we readied for snorkeling. All equipment was available from masks, snorkels, fins and life jackets. The crew kept an eagle eye on all of us to ensure our safety. The snorkeling was wonderful with a nice display of fish and some turtles who didn’t mind us being there. My wife came face to face with a turtle and went above water for air the went back under with the turtle. This was one of the best adventures we’ve had and can be enjoyed by all ages. We had young people and I am 66 years so all ages can enjoy. The crew saw to our every need from helping us to put equipment on to helping the first times who seemed to enjoy it the most. After that we headed back to shore, the bus and our ride home. I can’t say anything but good about this adventure and will do it again next year when we return. The driver, the host and the crew made this a very perfect day for us❤️❤️❤️

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2017/11/04
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Small Group Snorkel Tour with Personal Guide at Hanauma Bay

AWESOME, especially for a beginner

Reviewed by: Penny, 2019/02/19

Dan was a fabulous professional instructor and guide for us!! It was our first snorkel, my husband and I, age 58. We can swim but no one would say we're strong swimmers hence we decided upon an instructor/guide, and Dan's the very best.

We didn't plan to do the wet suits but thank goodness Dan had them available. It was low tide and the protection over the coral in shallow water was invaluable, besides the warmth and buoyancy it offered. (the water was a little cooler than we expected) Dan literally held my hand while snorkeling so i could simply relax and float and watch for fish. He guided us over coral I'd have never have done otherwise, and those were the best places to see the fish. He was so very patient and helpful as I suited up, he fitted my mask and fins, and he was very thorough explaining the snorkel, breathing etc. I'd have never had the same snorkel experience without Dan. He made us feel comfortable and safe, what more could you want?

We had plenty of nice surprises-the tram down and back for example. He provided water and snacks afterward, beach mats, lock box for stuff while in the water, transportation, etc. It feels luxurious when someone's taken care of everything, Dan made that happen and I'm confident he would for you too.

I can't recall the name of Dan's helper but she too was top notch. When snorkeling it's sometimes hard to know which direction you're headed, let alone the tide steering you. I don't really know how Dan and her managed to keep track of us, both above and below water simultaneously but they did, keeping us together, seeing and pointing out the best things possible during the snorkel.

Dan wants you to have a great experience. You will, like we did, I'm sure. If we can do it (with Dan's help) you can too!

PS Dan takes pictures of you for you. Can't wait to see ours!

Attended as: Couples
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Beginner Snorkel Tour with Expert Guide at Hanauma Bay

Snorkling at Honolulu

Reviewed by: Edvin, 2014/08/26

We have snorkeled at the circular-shaped shore of Hanauma Bay on the southeast tip of East Honolulu, you can imagine how this beautiful cove was once a volcanic crater. Today, this crater, likely flooded by wave erosion, is home to an important nature preserve and the island's most popular snorkeling destination.

Our snorkeling trip was arranged by and they were quite professional people with prompt responses and is very customer oriented. They arranged Mr. Dan to train us snorkeling. Mr. Dan is best instructor you can have in Honolulu as he explained every steps in a legible and understandable way. He has snorkled with us for many hours.

Whether you’re snorkeling a natural or artificial reef, at the beach or along the mangroves, you’ll discover amazing underwater creatures. Look at (but don’t touch) the vibrant yellow and red coral canyons and purple sea fans swaying in the ocean’s current. Coral is actually alive and it’s extremely delicate. Touching coral is detrimental to its health and can also be dangerous. It’s actually related to the jellyfish and can provide a sharp sting, burn, or cut when touched. A good rule of thumb is to stay in water that’s at least six feet deep while snorkeling over coral.

Look for tropical fish including yellowtail snapper, parrotfish, angelfish, blue tang, grouper, and hogfish. We have come across with Turtle who is is not afraid to swim with us. With such a thriving and diverse ecosystem, there’s nearly as much to discover underwater in Hawaii as there is on land!

Dan took pictures with his under water camera. It was lots of fun. Dan brought snacks, drinks, etc. too. On the way back Dan shared lot of information on best shows and tours in Hawaii. We had a great time and will definitely go again if I'm ever in Hawaii.

Attended as: Families with Young Children
Activity Date: 2014/08/20
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Ko Olina Island-Style Sunset Dinner Cruise & Snorkel Tour by Ocean Joy

trust me to try this experience

Reviewed by: han lee, 2014/10/31

first of all, people working on the boat was awesome, they were very very friendly, especially guy name mason was funny and very active and he was there every moment when we needed him
the boat was not too big and luckily we only had less than twenty people so a lot of room normally around forty people on the board. I suggest to take a pill before you go on because it really help you not to through up.
snorkeling was fun experience and they teach you everything you need to know and fun part was when you go into the water they feed the fish so the fish can come to you I'm talking about a lot of fish and it was so amazing and beautiful when can I get to see that many of fish.
after snorkeling it's cold right but this boat has warm water so you can take salt water out in warm water, that was pretty good idea for help from cold and windy weather.
the boat had every drink you could think of like from hot coffee to cold soda to alcohol beverage and people working on the boat took turn to be a bartender and they actually make good tasty drinks but just let you know that alcohol is only served after snorkeling.
I gotta talk and tell you about the food. it's most delicious Hawaiian pork bbq burger and charcoal grilled chicken was so so good and fresh Hawaiian fruits was one of my favorite
during the diner time captain called out to come out and we went out and guess what?!! dolphins were swimming by, not just one couple of Dolphins
it was my first time watching Dolphins swimming around and that was amazing time.
captain was very generous he didn't want us to miss every moment so he was keep looking out and around the ocean if anything it might be interesting for us.
overall this was the best experience for us and I truly and definitely recommend to try, love to go on the board and meet them again.

Attended as: Families
Activity Date: 2014/10/30
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Surf Bus North Shore Activities - Snorkel, Waterfall Swim, Bike, Kayak & More

The best way to see the North Shore

Reviewed by: Gerry, 2014/02/18

We were looking for a tour to see the North Shore but have the freedom to do what we want to do....we couldn't have picked a better tour. This is the perfect tour for people looking for freedom to do/go where they want. We had Sam as our tour guide, a native from Hawaii. He was informative and very the perfect style of guide for this tour. Knew what he was talking about, laid back but still detail oriented enough to handle everyone's activities and where they were. We went there the day of the Volcom Pipe Pro at the Pipeline. We rented bikes at the North Shore Surf Shop (an included activity with the tour - no extra charge) and that allowed us to go freely around. We rode up to the surf competition to watch live. The nice part was with the bikes, you were stuck in one spot the whole time. Watched the competition, then rode down the coast to Sharks Cove and Waimea Bay. It was great to have no schedule or "planned activities" when we got there. We had 3 hours to do what we want. Some wanted nothing to do with the surf competition and they could do what they want. Everyone had their own agenda and this tour worked great with it. (For a quick bite to eat, hit up Pupukea Grill. Its a food truck in Sharks Cove with a heavenly flatbread.) Met back next to Sharks Cove for the bus and rode to Haleiwa for the afternoon. Again, free time through the town to experience the city itself or do water activities at Surf N Sea. We wanted to experience the town, so we went into the surf shops, stores and walked around the town itself. (For a great sandwich, hit up Waialua Bakery and Juice Bar next to the grocery store...phenomenal.) For being a smaller town, Haleiwa is a very cool town to experience. After the town, we were to a beach to view the sea turtles that come on shore. It was amazing to see the turtles that close.

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2014/02/03
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Deluxe Volcano Tour & Stargazing Experience with Gourmet Dinner (from Kona)

Must do volcano tour

Reviewed by: Pete, 2018/03/27

On Friday March 16th, 2018 my family and I attended the Deluxe Volcano Night Lava Viewing with Dinner at Kilauea Lodge & Stargazing Tour that also included the coffee trip to the Kona Joe Coffee Farm, Punaluu Bakery and the Black sand beach. To start, I have to say our guide Uncle Jim made the trip well worth the time and money we invested. He was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and most of all both engaging and entertaining. From the history, folklore and ancient stories to the general knowledge of Hawaiian culture there was rarely a moment where we were not enjoying the tour. We started out from our resort and Jim began to answer our questions and tell us stories of the landscape (lava, terraforming and the effects of adding green spaces to the resorts on the climate) and a Captain Cook story. As we moved on and picked up the other guests the stories continued as he pointed out various points of interest and beaches we may want to visit on our own. Some great aspect to the tour were the mythical stories of the gods and goddesses and how they actually mirror what it believed to be the realities of the Hawaiian Islands today. Each of the stops we made were better than promised, lunch and dinner were both great and Uncle Jim having a telescope for the night time volcano viewing was great. Some of the highlights from our perspective were walking down a lava tube, walking through the steam vents, picturesque picnic lunch and the gathering of stones to gift to the volcano later in the day with a chant led by Uncle Jim. And I can’t forget the smell of the Huli Huli chicken BBQ that he teased us with that I never did actually get back to try, maybe on our next visit. I would recommend this as a must do tour on your trip to the big island and ask for Uncle Jim, he will make the tour that much better.

Attended as: Families with Young Children
Activity Date: 2018/03/16
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Trilogy Excursions Maui to Lanai Day Trip - Cruise, Snorkel & Guided City Tour

Great sail to Lanai!

Reviewed by: Debbie, 2018/01/28

For our last full day in Maui, my husband and I decided to book the 10:30 a.m. Discover Lanai Sail; what a good choice! From the moment we boarded the boat until the end of the day, the Trilogy crew did everything possible to make sure we had an exceptional experience. There were 5 crew for 50 passengers, so one of them was always nearby.

Once we were underway to Lanai, they served beverages, delicious cinnamon rolls and fresh fruit. The humpback whales were very active so the captain did his best to get closer when there was a sighting. As we got close to Lanai, we were surrounded by a school? of spinner dolphins. What fun!

After docking, they took us to the beach — quiet and sandy with restrooms and plenty of shade. Chairs, mats and snorkeling gear were efficiently distributed to get us into the water quickly. There was gentle surf but it was fairly easy to walk in. We’ve snorkeled many places, and this was nice, though not extraordinary. There were many fish, but the variety was limited. Still fun, and crew were very vigilant about keeping everyone safe.

For those who didn’t want to get in the water, (or didn’t stay in very long, like us), there was an island van tour that took about an hour an a quarter. There was no microphone used so I couldn’t hear quite everything, but it was interesting to see Lanai City.

At 3:00 we had a late lunch in Trilogy’s covered pavilion overlooking the dock area. Very pretty there. They served healthy and tasty food — tossed salad, noodle salad, corn on the cob, and BBQ chicken.

On our trip back to Lahaina (4-ish), the crew opened the bar as soon as the boat cleared the harbor for our trip back to Lahaina. Woo-hoo! Whale watching was even better than it had been in the morning. We also saw two baby whale breeches; what a thrill!

  • Lanai sunset and whale fin

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2018/01/26
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Lanai Snorkel and Dolphin Watch Cruise with Lunch (from Lahaina Harbor)

Great experience, my parents' highlight of the trip

Reviewed by: Stacie, 2017/07/13

We had a great time on this cruise. Everything about it went basically as planned. We went to two different snorkeling spots where we had an hour or a little more to swim around checking out the coral reef and the marine life. In the beginning, they had a little breakfast that included muffins, fruits and different types of juice. After the first snorkeling spot, they made chicken breasts, hot dogs and burgers patties for lunch which were also very good. They didn't have KETCHUP!!! Which was a pretty big bummer, but the food was good and there was plenty of it. They also handed out bags of chips and pretty much everyone was able to get a second bag. The best part about the cruise was the dolphins that we saw. We spent about 20-30 minutes watching a pack of dolphins swim around and with out boat. They got up so close, it was amazing. My nephew and I sat at the front of the boat and actually got yelled at by the captain, but it was definitely worth it because my feet were about 10 feet away from touching the dolphins they were so close. Then at the last snorkeling spot, we got to swim with sea turtles (only noticed one when I was swimming but it did get pretty close), and a 6 foot long shark that was laying underneath the wreckage we were snorkeling above. It was pretty awesome and scary all at the same time. The shark was sleeping (or dead) because it didn't move and there was no danger, but I still didn't want to take my eyes off him! The boat provided the snorkel equipment including the liquid to keep your goggles clear. There is also a slide that goes off the side of the boat which was really fun to go off of! The crew ended the cruise with a free alcoholic beverage for each adult over 21 years old, and it was very tasty and had a lot of alcohol in it! I believe this was well worth the money.

Attended as: Families with Young Children
Activity Date: 2017/07/07
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Kualoa Ranch Zipline Tours - Jurassic Valley Zipline in Hawaii


Reviewed by: Frank and Seanna, 2016/05/07

The wife and I had never been to Hawaii or on a Zip Line before, but being from southern Arizona, we love horseback riding and the ranch lifestyle. The ranch is a beautiful place and is adorned with beautiful flowers, green trees, awesome views and a lot of history. Our horseback ride was awesome. I wish we had done the 2 hour ride. Bravo is a great looking buckskin who was relatively new to the herd. I really enjoyed riding him. He was just a tiny bit ornery at first, which made him more fun to ride, but nothing an experienced rider couldn't handle. He settled in nicely and we got to see some spectacular views. Lunch was good and filling. Then it was out to the zip lines. Our bus driver/guide was great. She was funny and very informative and knowledgeable. A real pleasure. Now I know what pipi is. LOL... You will see some pipi as this is an active pipi ranch. The zip lines were awesome. The guides were informative and knowledgeable and always make you feel safe and secure. There are cameras on some of the zip lines and a bridge. The pics didn't come out very good and were expensive to purchase. We found three that were sort of ok. If you bring a camera on the zip lines, you will probably get some pretty good shots but tether it to your body. If you drop your camera or phone or anything else, it's gone for good. They do have lockers at base camp to lock your stuff in while you are on the zip lines. There are a couple of uphill hikes between zip lines, (maybe 100 feet or so), that can be strenuous for someone out of shape and those paths have some loose gravel. Wear shoes that will be comfortable and work well with some loose uphill terrain. Tennis shoes work fine or hiking boots. There are also a couple of water stops along the tour. We had a blast and would do it again any day. Enjoy.

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2016/04/28
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Manu Kai Catamaran Waikiki Boat Tour - Waikiki Snorkel Cruise & Cocktails

Amazing trip! Excellent value and an experience we will remember for ever

Reviewed by: Will C, 2019/02/17

Wow! We had such a good time on the boat this morning. Was convenient to get the boat at 10.30 just after breakfast from right on the beach. Crew were friendly and just a short journey out to Turtle Canyon! The crew were fun and helpful, and when we got to Turtle Canyon we were lucky enough to see 6+ turtles, many fish and the crew/ lifeguard/ guide pointed out a few extra interesting things. We had plenty of time to be in the water looking at the turtles, most people returned to the boy long before they had to and enjoyed a few drinks in a beautiful setting.
We looked out for whales or dolphins on the way back but didn’t get lucky, Aparently they are there though and can sometimes be seen.
They provided life jackets which were good to snorkel with as don’t have to take too much effort to stay floating and can easily deflate if you want to dive down.
Not was not too crowded, we had only about 15 people but they did say they can do up to 49 people and I imagine that would be very crowded!
At turtle canyon there were quite a few other boats but if you were patient it wasn’t that bad in the water snorkeling around, just watch out for any collisions with other swimmers!
The crew were good and kept an eye on us in the water at all times too, letting people know if they were going too far or anything and also pointing out where the turtles are!
In summary, something we would love to do again and would certainly recommend to any other people visiting Hawaii!
There isn’t much shade on the bot was one thing with nothing - so take a hat if it’s a sunny day!
Crew were very generous providing drinks on board too! I’d be surprised if anyone managed to have all three free drinks though after the snorkel (no alcohol before swimming) it’s only 20 mins back to the beach.

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2019/02/16
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Deluxe Volcano Tour & Stargazing Experience with Gourmet Dinner (from Kona)

Extraordinary Trip!

Reviewed by: Philip Shou, 2017/12/01

First of all, this is a fantastic trip. When we first booked the trip, we saw the 4.9 out of five rating and doubted. When we came back from the trip, all doubts were erased!

Our guide Kevin is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. We were picked up at our hotel at 12:05 noon. The lunch was served in the Mauna Lao Rest Area at 1pm. The quality of the lunch is totally out of expectations. Kevin told us they were picked up from a famous deli at 11:30 AM. No wonder it’s so good and fresh!

The Rainbow Fall in Hilo is the first highlight. We saw the rainbow as soon as we got there. It’s exactly the same as shown in the advertisement picture. Absolutely beautiful! Kevin specifically warned us not to climb on the rocks in the upper river because many people died falling into the pond under the waterfalls. We saw about 10 people on the rock that day. Two days later I saw a news that a young couple were seeing struggling in the upper River and disappeared. The lady was later found dead at the bottom of the waterfall and the guy was still missing. Very good advice from Kevin!

The highlight of all highlights is of course the view of the live volcano. The tour company’s arrangement it’s very smart. They let us view the volcano crater at sunset for about 30 minutes. Then, we were transported to a very nice restaurant nearby to enjoy a five course formal dinner. Again it is so good that it is totally out of expectation.

We were back to the volcano after dinner when it is dark and very few people there. We can see the lava glow very clearly. When Kevin set up his high quality binoculars on a stand, we can even see the lava splashed out of the crater like fireworks!

Overall, it worths all 5 stars. I would recommend this trip to anyone!

  • Rainbow Falls

  • Great Dinner Restaurant

  • Big Candy Store!

Attended as: Families with Young Children
Activity Date: 2017/11/24
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