Experience the thrill of getting up close and personal with one of nature’s most intriguing predators in their natural habitat with Haleiwa Shark Tours. This tour has consistently drawn rave reviews from our customers, and there are five big reasons why. In this article, we’ll unravel the unique elements that keep our customers coming back for more unforgettable underwater adventures.

Above & Beyond Expectations

Haleiwa Shark Tours

This tour exceeded our expectations! We thought we might see 1-2 sharks, but there were dozens! It was amazing! The captain and his mate were both helpful and friendly.

Reviewed by: D. Beckman , 2021/07/21

Knowledgeable Captain & Crew

Sharks underwater

The entire experience was first class. The captain and his assistant provided a wealth of knowledge and made the entire experience enjoyable and everyone felt comfortable during the boat ride out and being in the cage. As advertised there were plenty of sharks and we were able to spend a ton of time in the water. I highly recommend using Haleiwa Shark Tours for this type of adventure. Thanks!

Reviewed by: Tee Player, 2021/07/07

Excellent Communication

Passengers on the boat during the shark cage diving

This company and crew were outstanding! Great communication and updates about our trip. They treated everyone on board with respect and made it very enjoyable. Erin and the captain were awesome and so much fun. We definitely will refer them to everyone we know and other hotel guests and be back again next year!

Reviewed by: William and Cameron, 2021/05/22

Considered the Best Shark Tour in Hawaii

Shark sighting during shark cage adventure

I have to admit, even though I knew I would be swimming safely in a cage, I was still a little nervous. But the crew did a good job of putting my mind at ease. These guys really know their stuff! They’ve been swimming with sharks and surfing in Hawaii their whole lives. They are like walking encyclopedias!

The tour was fun from start to finish. We got to see whales on the way to and from the dive site (and we could hear them when we were in the water!), we saw the Lost beach where the TV show was filmed, and the view of the North Shore coastline was breathtaking.

Last but not least, the sharks. There were at least five in sight when I got in the cage. It was a dream come true getting to be so close to them and watch them swim around us. And the best part is that this tour only takes out a maximum of 6 people so we got to stay in the cage the whole time!

Reviewed by: MsTravelGal, 2020/02/05

It’s an Adventure of a Lifetime at an Unbeatable Price

Divers ready for their shark adventure

This shark cage tour was awesome. Started off the morning with a nice north shore cruise to the cage drop spot. The crew is very laid back and give you all the information you need along the way. Very friendly and knowledgeable and answered all and any questions we had. Spent a good chunk of time in the cage and saw a few different sharks able to collect some pretty sweet GoPro footage. Even saw some whales along the way and you are able to hear them singing underwater which is pretty cool. The boat is spacious and comfortable and they provide bottled water. They also have a fresh water hose so you can rinse off when you are done in the cage. This tour was 100% safe and professionally ran. I would recommend it for anyone looking to have a good time for a few hours on the island.

Reviewed by: Michael, 2020/02/11

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The remarkable encounters you’ll experience on the tours create memories that will last a lifetime. The company pride itself on providing not just a tour, but an educational journey. You’ll come away with a greater understanding of these misunderstood creatures. It’s an experience that our customers often describe as a highlight of their trip.