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All Reviews for All Hawaii Tours & Activities in Hawaii

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Deluxe Volcano Tour & Stargazing Experience with Gourmet Dinner (from Kona)

The BEST tour in Hawaii

Reviewed by: Tony and Emily, 2017/12/01

Kailani tours on the big Island of Hawaii was wonderful! Our tour guide Kevin, was an excellent tour guide. He was very knowledgeable and understanding and he took us to so many beautiful destinations on the island. The timing of the tour was perfect we had a beautiful lunch with an amazing view and the weather was great then he took us to see a beautiful waterfall at rainbow Falls and I actually saw a rainbow! We saw so many wonderful things on this tour. They took us out to a wonderful delicious dinner and after dinner we got to see the amazing volcano the red glow was magnificent. One of my favorite parts of the tour was when our tour guide Kevin offered to take an amazing photo that he captured in the dark from my cell phone. He was able to capture us and the red glow from the volcano behind us. True photographer status and that was just a bonus!! From what I recognized throughout the day on the tour is that there were a lot of other tour buses out there as well but I noticed that those tour guides were rushing their customers in and out of the van not giving them very much time to actually explore and learn about Hawaii. This is one thing that made Kailani tours and our tour guide Kevin stand out to me! Our tour guides patience with the group was excellent and he allowed us to really explore the land. The whole day I learned so many amazing things about Hawaii. Kailani tours made our Hawaii trip perfect. And I will cherish these memories forever. I highly recommend taking a Kailani tours if you’re ever on the big Island. I give them 5++ stars!! Thank you Kailani Tours of Hawaii.

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2017/11/24
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Makani Catamaran Waikiki Sunset Dinner Sail & City Lights Cruise

Catamaran sunset cruise with fireworks

Reviewed by: Jordon dann, 2015/06/19

I booked this cruise as a surprise for my girlfriend and she absolutely loved it! Every friday the Hilton hotel has a free fireworks show and this is a great way to view them and to make the evening that much more special. I would recommend this activity to couples but it is set up so anyone can enjoy.

Our catamaran cruise started off with their driver coming to pick us up. He was on time and very friendly. We arrived at the dock early and had our first look at the Makani. It was very clean and was smaller than all the other catamarans in the area which was exactly what I was looking for. The boat held roughly 30-40 people. The only complaint we had while waiting to board was nobody came to talk to us about what was going on. Our group stood there for half an hour and as other groups showed up, we then found out we had to redeem our tickets. By this time there was a large line but thankfully they got everyone through quickly. Before we left the dock, the captain went over the features of the boat, introduced the crew and went over everything we needed to know to keep us safe. Once out out on the water, the crew invited us to take part in helping run the ship with their supervision. I thought that was great to make the experience that much more personal. We sailed for an hour then they stopped the boat so we could have our dinner. It was a buffet style with plenty of food to go around. We then found our spot in the water over looking the Hilton. The fireworks started at 7:45 and lasted five minutes. It was a great show and they used quality fireworks that were exciting to watch.

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2015/06/12
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Piiholo Ranch Zipline Tours in Makawao

A good time was had by all

Reviewed by: Smith party, 2014/06/19

This is our second visit in 2 years to Piiholo Ranch Zip. We really like the people and the lines at this zip. They are very safety conscious and the experience was great again. We really like that you don't have to hike alot carrying that trolley with you. The zip lines are close together; you finish one and the next one is close by. The view is spectacular of the Baldwin working ranch and the forest preserve and they tell you about the indigenous plants and trees and about the island in general along the way. Our guide; Lana was very knowledgeable. A noticeable thing; The lady guides seemed to be doing all the work. One of the male guides was providing humor but no significant help and the other male guide was barely noticeable on the tour. Comment: the ladies could use some help! One thing I did not like was that nothing was said about pictures after the tour finished (where to view and purchase). Since we were here last year we knew that they were at the General Store, but then they weren't and the store was closed. When we called back to Piholo Ranch we were told the pictures were available at the check-in point, but we had already left. We would have liked to have purchased pics and also additional t-shirts, but since the store was closed at 4:15pm and the pics were back at check-in point; they lost revenue in those respects. That was the most disappointing part as both my husband and daughter planned to buy new t-shirts (to promote your tour). All in all it was still a good experience again!! We have zipped Kapalua 3 times and now Piiholo Ranch twice and prefer this one.

Attended as: Families
Activity Date: 2014/06/17
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Gunstock Ranch Oahu Horseback Riding Tours - Sunset & Daytime Rides

Quiet ride through the backwoods

Reviewed by: cwy, 2017/11/27

I went on this activity with a friend and we took the 55 bus from Waikiki to North Shore. It was a long ride (about 2.5 hours) but the bus literally runs along the shoreline so it the scenery was very nice. You can tell the bus operator that you want to get off at Gunstock Ranch and they'll holler to let you know when they've reached the appropriate stop. A note for those who are not taking a car to the ranch: It's a bit of a walk from the road! It probably took about 5-7 minutes for us to arrive at the ranch.

Because the bus was a bit late, my friend and I were late to our 10:30AM check-in time. We called ahead to let them know and they were very accommodating. The activity was scheduled for 11AM and they told us to just let them know if we were going to arrive later than 11 since our ride might have to be shortened in that case. Luckily we arrived right at 11. It took just a couple minutes to get us checked in and after a short introduction on how to make the horse go and stop, etc, we were on the horse and ready to go.

Our guide was Hannah and she was very nice and attentive. She made some conversation along the way and was quick to help us out if the horse wasn't cooperating. The rest of our group took a horseback ride along the shoreline but my friend and I chose Gunstock Ranch because my friend is allergic to UV rays. The backwood trail of Gunstock Ranch was perfect for her. It was very quiet and tranquil and you could still see the ocean from afar. For our purposes this ride was absolutely perfect.

My only gripe is that two days later, my bum still hurts! Haha.

Comments from activity operators

Aloha! Thank you for your review! We are so happy that you both had a great time. Hopefully we will see you on your next trip here!
Mahalo nui loa,
Emily Hernandez
Gunstock Ranch

Attended as: Friends
Activity Date: 2017/11/24
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Movie Site Tour - Film & TV Sets at Hanalei Bay, Opaeka'a Falls & More

Alii Movie Tour in Kauai

Reviewed by: Nancy Ray, 2015/10/30

The Movie Tour with Johna, our Tour Guide was very informative and enjoyable because she was actually a native from Kauai. She brought in alot of details concerning the movie areas that we saw. I have been a movie buff for over 60 years and to see and hear about how the movie director used these areas was very exciting. The movie DVDs were very important for the touring people to identify the movies and with Johna explaining the how and wheres of each movie site , it made everything fit so perfectly. Each of the movies I have seen at least twice, even Lilo and Stitch and seeing the filming sites of "Jurassic Park", "Raiders of the Lost Arc" and "Dragonfly "were my favorites. Of course, "Elvis Presly", in my day, was the King and to see some of the filming sites of his movies and where he stayed was exciting. The Movie "Descendents" really showed the beauty and vastness of Kauai and the were got to eat at the same place the actors in the movie ate, Tahiti Nui. How fun was that!!!!!! The Hanalei Peir was very unique and I remember seeing it in several movies. The bridge that was in "Soul Surfer" was amazing and I really never thoght about it being only a one car at a time bridge. I hadn't seen one of those in forever.
The weather was awesome, at times it was sunny and then in the after noon we got some afternoon showers which made it even more fun and interesting.
This was the best tour ever. I could go on for days, but I won't. I have and will recommend this to to any and everyone I meet. Thank You for Your Tour Service and for our wonderful Tour Guide, "Johna".

Attended as: Friends
Activity Date: 2015/10/26
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Wailua River Jungle Stream Kayak, Hike & Sacred Falls Swim Adventure

Adam was our guide

Reviewed by: Very Happy!, 2015/10/06

I normally do not write reviews, but this was needed. Please read this through to the end for the grand finale. The trip to the falls with Adam from Outfitters was about as good as it gets. He was very knowledgeable and engaging. My wife and I took a relaxed approach when preparing for this trip and wore flip-flops (not recommended due to the muddy trail you need to hike). When we arrived at the trail, Adam actually took the time to identify a local plant, strip the bark, and retrofitted our flip-flops into sandals. Someone in our group actually thought it was a set-up, but it wasn’t. Beyond just that, he kept the group together throughout while keeping the trip new and fresh with information. I would imagine being in his shoes, being a guide day-in and day-out; it would be natural tendency to become a little dull or burned out, but maybe not, and not Adam. To top it all off, on our way back kayaking along the river, he helped to salvage a sinking kayak and rescue two panicked people, who were with another kayak company. These two people were stranded and abandoned by their guide, with their Kayak filling with water and sinking. Adam and another local guide came to the rescue, initiated help from a couple other kayakers nearby (including us), and managed to drain the water filled kayak, pluck the two people from the river, and get them back safely to the dock, including the damaged kayak. At the same time he ran into the guide for those people and being very classy said to him “You got my back next time right?”. (I don’t think I would have been as nice.)

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2015/09/07
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Makani Catamaran Waikiki Sunset Dinner Sail & City Lights Cruise

Lost in Paradise

Reviewed by: In awe!, 2014/11/16

Our Makani Sunset Dinner Cruise was simply amazing!Everything about this trip was memorable-from checking in, boarding, cruising, and (sadly),returning to port.The wonderful and hospitable staff, delicious dinner, refreshing drinks, and the stunning sunset made this experience the best bang for your buck on the island. The evening started with us boarding the catamaran and choosing a seat next to the captains. We took photos and then assembled for a friendly,but thorough welcome by the small but mighty crew of three. We then fired up the bar and the engines and headed out on the ocean listening to a variety of island vibes. It was so picturesque- Heads bobbing, couples hugging, boat sailing, and the sun slowly going down.And did I mention a bridal shower group on the boat.!We chatted with others (local and first timers) and shared one common theme.....we were on the fun boat. We ate a delicious buffet of rice, colorful pasta salad, islandy tofu rolls, sweet glazed teriyaki chicken, beef and crunchy broccoli, mini egg rolls, and macadamia nut cookies (there was even food left over). The coolest part of the trip came with the sunset. We hung out on the catamaran (trampoline bed) chatting and feeling the breeze. We also took turns passing around our cameras for photo opps. As the sun disappeared into the horizon, we began to feel the 180 of the boat.While the cityscape was absolutely beautiful as it lit up the shoreline, we didn't want it to end. What an excellent adventure! Many thanks to that awesome crew for a lifetime reflection of what paradise really feels like! Mahalo!

Comments from activity operators


We are very happy that you guys had a wonderful experience on our Sunset Dinner Cruise.
Makani wants our customers have the best time on all of our Sails.
Hope to see you guys again on another Sail:)


Makani Crew

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2014/11/12
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Te Moana Nui - Waikiki Polynesian Luau Dinner Show at Sheraton Princess Kaiulani

Excellent Hawaiian Experience!

Reviewed by: Yvonne, 2015/10/12

This show was better than any outdoor luau I have ever attended! The cast and crew did an excellent job portraying the culture and history of Polynesia and did so with true passion!

The indoor atmosphere was perfect and the props really played a big role in conveying the story telling by both the musicians and the actors. This show is conveniently located in Waikiki at the Sheraton princess Kaiulani Hotel . Unlike the traditional luaus of Hawaii, there is no need to board a bus only to be driven for over an hour to a remote, deserted location only to be served horrible food with 20 minute wait times just to get something to drink. You are comfortably seated in an air conditioned ballroom and the atmosphere is very exciting!

I highly recommend this show to all tourists who are looking to experiencela luau without the hassle of your typical tourist luau that is too crowded , has terrible food, serves up a pre cooked pig that has been pulled out of the back of a van and where you will most likely get suckered into purchasing a $20 8x10 photo that was taken of you and your family in a parking lot! All the comforts you will need are right there in the vicinity of the show. Excellent buffet with top quality food choices , Clean toilets, indoor air conditioning, speedy courteous waitresses that dont mess your cocktail order up and an overall excellent adventure! Kudos to everyone who made this show possible! The hula dancers and the male dancers put their heart and soul into the show and you can clearly see their passion while they are performing the dances of Polynesia!

Attended as: Couples
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Waikiki Scenic Sunset Running Tour & Yoga Class at Magic Island

Run, Walk, Jog, or Wog!!

Reviewed by: MeSoHappy, 2016/06/25

The Running Tour is a good way to get a minimum of 4 miles of running in the morning. We started from the Starbucks on Ward Ave. Our first stop was at the Honolulu Fire Station. The fire station was the first in the entire country to be sponsored by a monarchy (it was originally built under the auspices of the Hawaiian Kingdom and commissioned by King Kamehameha III in 1850). Apparently, it's also haunted with the souls of the residents at the graveyard across the street.

The second stop was the State Building where we got a backstory behind the architecture of the building. It has an underground escape route and most of Hawaii's politicians including Gov. Ige work there. It was interesting to see the memorial for Hawaii's soldiers starting after the plantation era.

The most fun stop was to see Santa and Mrs. Claus at Honolulu Hale. The building was actually open on a Sunday! All the trees were lit and decorated, it includes themes like the minions and Star Wars. Very cool!

Our last stop was at Aloha Tower, where we could view the entire city from all sides. We even got a picture by Paul Allen's fancy boat with a helicopter on it.

It was all told about 4.5 miles and the route was pretty nice. I think that this is definitely a unique way to see Honolulu and the various routes that City Running Tours offers will allow a lot of tourists to see the area while getting some exercise.

I would give it honestly a 5 out of 5 stars. The tour was nice and our guide Yovo was accommodating with my wogging (a speed mix of running, walking, and jogging) abilities.

  • Hula Statue

  • Mr. and Mrs. Claus at Honolulu Hale!

Attended as: Solo Travelers
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Rock-A-Hula Dinner & Cocktail Show with Fire Knife Dance

Fun and delicious

Reviewed by: Haehyun Kim, 2015/02/08

I went to the show with my parents and my husband. It was our first time in Hawaii, so we had little clue what to do, what to see and where to go. My parents found out about the show from some Korean TV show(they came from Korea) and told me about it, so I got the VIP tickets. We stayed in Waikiki so we could Walk to the theater.
The producer showed us the behind scene such as dressing rooms and even let us walk on the stage. There was a Hawaiian Flame show(I don't know the official name). It was actually my favorite part of the whole show. I was thrilled. I wanted to take a pictures with him but only the singers were out waiting for the photo time. That was disappointing.
There were a lot of Hawaiian dances. I thought the this Hawaiian dance part is something that I wouldn't be able to see in any other cities.
And "Michael Jackson" had the same nose job as the real Michael Jackson. Haha. His moon walk was great.
The dinner was served right before the show for about an hour and the food was very delicious. I was in the VIP seat so I was served the full course dinner. The dessert, molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream was heavenly.
The only downside I thought about the show was the fewer numbers of the legend singers than I would like to see. I was expecting about five singers but it was 1 hour and 20 minutes show with three singers.
I was just glad that my mom loved the show. She doesn't speak English but music doesn't require languages. It is all about the showman ship and atmosphere.
Overall it was a good show and I recommend this show to everyone!

Attended as: Families
Activity Date: 2015/02/04
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Waikiki Dive Center Two-Tank Certified Scuba Diving Boat Tour (from Waikiki)

We could not have had a better morning diving!

Reviewed by: Mike, 2018/10/01

This was my dads first dive in Hawaii while visiting and we could not have had a better morning diving with Divemaster Red! The first spot we dove for our deep dive was the Sea Tiger ship wreck which sits in about 115' of water yet is only about a half mile out. The wreck was full of life. We saw a big sea turtle, eels, a white tip reef shark and many different fish species including a frog fish. Our divemaster Red is insanely good at finding all kinds of difficult to spot marine life. There was also a few spots on the wreck that are opened up and safe to swim through if you are comfortable. The second spot we dove was the old Kewalo drain pipe. The visibility at this spot was absolutely perfect. There were so many different fish swimming around the reef. Red did not disappoint on this dive either! He found a tako (octopus) that we were able to take pictures of. He also found a few other rare, very difficult to find reef fish that I had never seen before! We couldn't have possibly enjoyed our time underwater more! The captain of the boat was hilarious keeping everyone entertained while top side. Due to the proximity of these awesome dive sites to the boat harbor it seemed like the longest amount of time spent on the boat was for our surface interval, which would be nice for those who get sea sick easily. Lucky for us, conditions were calm and perfect and we couldn't have had a better morning of diving. My best advice is to stay close to the Divemaster and pay close attention because they are looking for awesome things to show you that you would otherwise miss.

  • My dad on the deck of the Seatiger. Big turtle below him!

  • Dad following Red through a swim through

  • Frog fish. Would have never seen him without Red

  • The Seatiger

  • Heading back up from the Seatiger

  • Dad in his happy place

  • Tako!

  • Divemaster Red

  • Another hard to spot fish

Attended as: Families
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North Shore Shark Adventures - Famous Shark Cage Diving Tour on Oahu

Don't be scared - This is a MUST!!

Reviewed by: David, 2016/01/14

OK, so the idea of going to 'find' sharks as opposed to avoiding them at all costs can take a little getting used to. However once I'd gotten over that, I have to say this is one of the most exhilarating experiences I've had (and enjoyed) on the island.
There's two basic times that you can go out, Super early or Early, Yes that's right, Don't plan on a late night in the bar the night before trying to drum up Dutch courage because this boat leaves early and you want to get your sleep in.

After a leisurely 20-25 mins boat ride out (i think they said about 2 miles) to the dive site you arrive in an open water area, engines are cut and you pull up next to the cage. A quick chat from the crew, and two groups are selected A & B, This ensures you have maximum space in the cage and is a really cool idea.

We climbed in first, GoPro's on and ready to start shooting...

The cage is actually rather large and you definitely want to be up close to the bars hold on, and go down to get your first glimpse... I'm not going to say much more on what you'll see but I will say, This is a guaranteed sharks (plural, many lol) shark tank dive. They big, upclose and personal and you are totally safe in your secure housing...

You get ample time to take selfies, group shots, dive down again, hold the bottom of the cage etc as these amazing creatures swim all around you.

I'd forgot my wrist strap for my cam, No problem, The crew guy noticed as I was getting ready ad gave me a cool wrist-strap for it (thick rubber band!) Awesome Service.

Highly Recommended. 5*

  • Our crazy group...

Attended as: Friends
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Oahu Dolphin Cruise & Paradise Cove Luau Combo

Ko Olina and Paradise Cove, A-!

Reviewed by: Mike, 2019/03/14

Overall, the dolphin cruise and Paradise Cove luau was well worth it!

The instructions were clear on where we'd get picked up, and it was at our hotel. The driver was 10 minutes early and called our names at the station so we didn't have to hunt for the bus! We therefore arrived at the pickup point for the cruise early, allowed us plenty of time to check in and get ready for the boat. The lady that checked us in gave us clear instructions (and wrote them down) on how to catch the shuttle to the luau after the cruise. Once on the boat, the crew was clear and concise about what to expect while sailing and snorkeling. We got 3 free drink tickets, and all we could drink after that! The boat was Catamaran style, so it was mostly a smooth ride despite a small craft advisory.

We arrived at the luau about an hour before the gates opened (I guess a good thing, but made for some hurry up and wait style standing around). The luau was fantastic... there was about an hour and a half between when gates opened and the events started. There were activities like crafting and games to kill time, plus the advertised demonstrations. The food was delicious and plentiful and the entertainment included all kinds of Pacific island traditions, and involved the audience.

The only hiccup was the bus back to Waikiki. We handed our bus ticket to someone who I think put us on the wrong bus because it dropped us off next door to our hotel, but when we signed up it said we'd go back to ours. Just a small inconvenience.

Overall excellent experience, 5 stars!!

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2019/03/08
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Waikiki Fun in the Sun Sailing Cruise by Makani Catamaran

Simple and Enjoyable

Reviewed by: Ruth, 2014/10/22

I had a great time on this trip. We were running a bit late due to a road being closed,but that didn't seem to be an issue. I liked that they called to confirm that we were still coming. The crew was great and pretty much left us to just enjoy the ride after they went through safety and other useful instructions.

We went out a decent ways but not too far out to hit the really rough waters (granted I like big waves so I would have been fine with the rougher waters). If there was any interesting wild life, they pointed it out so everyone could see.There's a drink bar. I didn't really use this for anything beyond soda. I did buy one of their cups and still think it was worth it. It's a useful cup. As for space on the boat, there was never an issue with not having enough room to look out over the railing.

Things my husband and I enjoyed about the trip:
> The view - it was quite beautiful
> The fact that it was simple - we really didn't want to do a dinner cruise or be out on a giant boat. All we wanted was to get out on the water and enjoy the view and this was absolutely perfect for that.
> Meeting new people - we had several good conversations with the people on the boat. I rather enjoyed this and it made the trip that much better.
> Sitting on the netting - it was really neat to watch the water through the netting (also comfortable to sit on)

Over all it was a very excellent experience and was exactly what we wanted. I would have been happy spending all day out on the boat. If I ever end back up in the area, I would use them again.

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2014/10/16
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BOB's Underwater Scooter Adventure

My First Hawaiian Adventure Underwater

Reviewed by: Will, 2014/05/11

I usually don't do reviews because there wasn't enough "wow" or it's special, but not worth my time to "write" about it: This activity is exceptionally the case for shouting about. Think about how in the world could you go underwater, be AMONG fish, not learn the intricacies of diving, not wear heavy equipment on your back (even if weight is not an issue underwater), or hold your breath for an extended period of time, and still be able to wear your personal prescription glasses. This is a great activity to partake in especially for those curious about underwater activities.
When you get underwater on these vehicles, a personal diver will be assigned to you to make certain that you're doing OK and to mitigate any problems that may arise---even if you decide to cancel the activity. The hosts were all professional and serious about instructing the group on what to expect while in the water, and I felt comfortable and appreciatead their attention to safety. We rode out to the edge of this bay in the south eastern part of Oahu and proceeded with the adventure in the BOBs plus snorkeling around the boat that brought us out there. One of the divers had a camera to take pictures while we were underwater so there will be pictorial memories to look back at and thoughts about what to do in the future to optimize my excursions beneath the ocean. This activity is great!I was underwater for the very first time in my life, and I'm back to write about how great a time I had! If diving is not for you, try this for your shorter "bucket" list!

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2014/05/05
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Luxury Volcano Circle of Fire & Waterfalls Helicopter Tour (from Hilo) [45 mins]

Great way to experience the Volcanoes National Park!

Reviewed by: mcavalheiro, 2017/09/27

Let me start saying one thing - Kilauea Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes on Earth and it's definitely a MUST SEE & DO if you are visiting Hawaii. I think everyone should explore the Volcanoes National Park as much as they can, and since I've hiked hiked the most popular sights before, this time I decided to get the bird's eye view from Kilauea.

From start to finish Blue Hawaiian Helicopters was very professional and delivered a great service. After the check-in we watched a video about safety and what to expect on the tour. Due to the weather conditions my original flight was cancelled, however I was able to reschedule to a later time. It was worthy the wait! The aircraft was modern, very comfortable, large windows and the pilot was excelled and very experienced. He not only made us feel safe, but also shared a lot of interest facts about Hawaiian geology and history.

We flew over dozens of waterfalls and over the most recent lava flows and it was crazy to see how close the lava got to some houses couple of years ago. The most incredible part thou was for sure seeing the lava flowing into the ocean and watching the bubbling lava lake inside the Pu'u 'O'o Crater (which you can only see if you are doing an air tour).

I will never stop sharing these incredible memories with everyone around me.
Thank you VELTRA & Blue Hawaiian Helicopters for the amazing experience. I highly recommend this tour, whether you are visiting the island just for a day or more, make sure to include a helicopter flight on your wish list.

  • Kilauea, the smiling volcano!

  • Lava flowing to the ocean

  • Where lave meets the see

  • Great helicopters!

Attended as: Solo Travelers
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Mauna Kea Summit Stargazing & Sunset Adventure with Picnic Dinner

What an amazing experience!!

Reviewed by: Karen from MO, 2017/09/24

This trip was the highlight of our trip to the Big Island. We had a great time and enjoyed the experience immensely. I was a little disappointed when they called me that morning and told us the road to the summit was closed and we might not be able to go to the top. Since we were on a limited time schedule we decided to go anyway. Nate was our guide and picked us up in Kona. On the ride to Mauna Kea, he explained about the different kinds of lava flows and some of the myths about Pele. When we got to the sheep station, Nate set up our meal for us and explained about life as a sheep rancher on the island. He promised that if we didn't get to go to the summit, he would make sure we at least saw the sunset from another spot. Supper was very good and it was fun getting to know the other tourists with us. After we ate, we got the good news that the road had opened and we were able to go to the top. What a gorgeous sight!! We saw the sun set on one side and turned around and saw the full moon coming up on the other. After watching the sunset, we went back down to visitor center and did some stargazing. Nate was very knowledgeable about the constellations. We were able to see the rings around Saturn and other constellations that night. The hot chocolate and warm brownies tasted good after being up on the summit where it was pretty chilly! I would definitely recommend this adventure for anyone visiting the Big Island, If we are fortunate enough to return, we will be doing this again!! Thank you Nate for a great evening.

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2017/09/05
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Sea Life Park Hawaii Dolphin Experiences & Day Pass

Spending the day with marine life

Reviewed by: anonymous, 2014/03/03

This was my favorite activity that we did the whole time we were in Hawaii. We went with the ultimate package, royal dolphin swim, sea lions, ray swim and shark tank, definitely worth the extra money.
With the royal dolphin swim the big activities you get to do are kiss the dolphin, and she kisses you, cradle her, ride on the dorsal fin and get pushed out of the water by your feet. Smaller activities are rub their belly and back and dance. They are amazing animals and you really get to feel how strong they are. You also get to meet the worlds only wolphine.
The sea lions were great too, you get to feed them, hug, pet, get kissed and swim with them. And since there was only two of us we got to ride them also.
With the rays you get right in with them and other tropical fish. They bring the rays around and you get to pet the under side of them. You also get lettuce to feed the fish while you snorkeling with the rays.
The shark tank was the last thing we did. You put on a helmet and descend the stairs to the cage were you get to see hammer heads and white tipped reef sharks. They also have the largest ray in there and other tropical life. With you are your guide and safety diver at all times.
During every activity, except shark tank, you must were a life jacket at all times. I do recommend bringing snacks and water. We did have time in between activities to eat and tour the park through the day. But do watch out for the price of pictures. We paid 260.00 dollars for 12 pictures and a dvd of the dolphin swim.

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2014/02/23
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Arizona Memorial & USS Missouri Tour at Pearl Harbor

Very Humbling Day

Reviewed by: Dan B, 2017/12/03

We were picked up on time by a very professional and knowledgeable driver who explained everything we needed to know before entering Pearl Harbor. We had time to visit the museum buildings which included many relics from the era and the gift shop before entering the building where a short film is seen. We then boarded a boat piloted by military personnel who brought us to the memorial. Once we entered the memorial we we asked to keep conversations to a whisper to respect the souls below. It was a very humbling moment for us all. We were then taken back to shore and boarded our bus to head to the Missouri. We were told NOT to take any pictures while driving they the military base until we got to the Missouri, There are lots of places to have a quick meal before and after boarding the Ship. Once you're on the ship you can go out on your own or take a free guided tour which I would suggest. because all of the important areas like where the surrender took place. After the tour you will still have time to walk about the ship and to go beneath to view crew quarters and other areas of interest. After leaving the ship we boarded our bus, picked up our bags and purses at the locker area (not allowed at Pearl Harbor) and headed to the Punch Bowl for a short drive thru to pay our respects then to our hotels. This was a very informative tour done by a great drive who also acted as the tour guide. He didn't miss a thing and made us feel that we were back un the day with his presentation. His company would be very proud of him!!

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2017/11/06
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Kahului Airport Honeymoon Special Flower Lei Greetings for Couples

Beautiful Leis!!

Reviewed by: Ms. Ems, 2014/07/16

We live in Oahu and since it’s summer, my husband and I decided to take our children ages 9, 7, & 2 to Maui. It's their first time on the island so I thought of giving them a little surprise upon arrival there. I also ordered my husband and I a lei just for us to experience it as well but my husband was not aware of this.

My husband and I got the Deluxe Honeymoon Special while the kids received the Standard Orchid Leis.

On our way down the escalator, we saw our Lei Greeter right away! We were behind our kids and it was so funny when the girls approached the greeter immediately upon seeing the sign with our family name! They were so excited and couldn't stop asking questions, like how do they know your name Mom? How do they know we are here? I thought that was awesome! The Leis were lovely, so fresh and beautiful, much more with the Deluxe Leis we got for me and my husband! Again, my husband wasn't expecting this but he loved it!

Kainoa, our greeter was also very nice and friendly, he made sure we know where we were going, directed us to the baggage claim and gave us directions to pick-up our car rental. Overall, the experience was great! We arrived at 6:40am and being greeted with fresh flowers early in the morning was just very gives you that "good vibe" feeling that the rest of your journey will be fun and memorable and it was!

I would love, love, love to have my family and friends experience this as well when visiting the islands.. this is a nice surprise! Thank you Maui Lei Greetings!

Attended as: Families with Young Children
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Makani Catamaran Waikiki Sunset Dinner Sail & City Lights Cruise

Excellent experience for my first time in Hawaii.

Reviewed by: Ray and Tanya, 2019/05/09

This was a great evening out. I had never been to Hawaii before, and my wife who had been previous with her family, had never experienced a dinner cruise. It was a great first experience for both of us.
The location was easy to find and the checking in process simple and fast.
When we were asked to board, the crew were friendly, approachable, and very professional.
The bar which was opened almost immediately when we were in open water was excellent, and the buffet dinner was also excellent. While not a sit still and eat in a cozy posh restaurant experience, this dinner cruise was more adventure styled and casual party atmosphere.
The number of guests on board was perfect (no more than 50?), not too many and not too few, for an excellent social mix. We met several wonderful people from around the world, and enjoyed the conversation and camaraderie.
The sunset as expected did not disappoint and the early evening sky line of Honolulu, Waikiki and Diamond Head, plus all the other sights was breath taking.
My wife and I would definitely recommend this cruise for those who desire to enjoy the outdoors while enjoying the sunset. The catamaran certainly gave us the feeling of being closer to the ocean, elements and each other.
We were very pleased that we selected this sail experience over others.
Smaller boat (catamaran).
Smaller guest number. We heard the some cruises have over 100 guests.
Perfect length. It was just over 2 hours on the ocean.
No dinner show to distract from the experience.
And perfect crew.

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2019/05/08
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Deluxe Volcano Tour & Stargazing Experience with Gourmet Dinner (from Kona)

So much Fun!! An Absolute must of first time visitors as well as returning visitors. Jim Carrey is the best guide on Big Island!!

Reviewed by: Laura & Djani Drocic, 2016/05/30

I must start this review with big Mahalo to our tour guide Jim Carrey, you made this tour great and memorable for my wife Laura and myself. My suggestion would be for anyone interested in a great tour on the Big Island that is focused on cultural, geological, flora and fauna ecosystems of the island to book this tour for the beginning part of their stay, since it will open a number of the other visits and adventure that one can do on their own. Bring a camera and warm clothing, but if you forget your jacket don't worry your tour guide Jim is prepared with a number of coats to lend to those that had forgotten theirs. This whole day tour is packed with interesting place to visit, local folklore and legends. Jim is such a great narrator that makes the whole Hawaiian culture alive during the tour. You will be introduced to multiple Hawaiian chants, songs and legends during the entire day. Food is exquisite and plentiful, tastefully prepared to satisfied everyones need and desire. The crown jewl of this tour is night visit to Volcanic National Park for night lava viewing and star gazing. Jim is so knowledgeable in field of celestial observations and he comes prepared with a strong pair of binoculars that are powerful enough to give you glance of lava inside crater and to offer great view on planets and constellations visible from the craters edge.
Once again Mahalo to Jim Carrey and his company for offering us a unique view on Hawaiian culture and beautiful eco-system that is so different then anywhere on the planet.

Comments from activity operators

Aloha! Mahalo for joining us on our Deluxe Volcano Experience. We are delighted to hear that you had such a fun day with Jim! He is a wonderfully knowledgeable guide who loves sharing his songs and stories of Hawaii, helping our guests to connect with the Big Island while on tour. Looking into Halema'uma'u Crater is so mesmerizing and we are so excited to hear that you folks actually got to see some lava with those amazing binoculars! Mahalo for your recommendation and we truly hope to see you on your next visit to the Big Island for some more fun times!

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2016/05/26
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Kualoa Ranch ATV Deal Package + Jurassic Jungle Expedition Tour & Kaneohe Cruise

Half Day Adventure.

Reviewed by: Yvette, 2012/10/14

I booked myself the half-day adventure with travel arrangements.


Everything was very easy and very organized. They picked me up at the Sheraton Bus Depot in Waikiki. All the staff from beginning to end ( including the bus drivers ) was super nice and helpful.

I chose the ATV ride and had a blast. They give you a little trial run in order to get used to the ATV and then we were off! The guide was great. He kept a eye on me and then we stopped and I got to take some pictures. He chatted with me for a little while. I could have rod around for like 3 or 4 hours. My only complaint was it was too short!!!!

I also did the Jungle Excursion,

Lots of fun....but you will get the crap bounced out of you! I was smart and asked to sit in the front with the guide. If you sit in the back.................hang on for your life!!!

It was fun and the guide gave us guavas to try and talked to us. We rode through creeks and lots of bumps. It was a lot of fun.......but hang on !!!

There was a buffet dinner which I had low expectations of. I was surprised. It was actually good. Not high end dining, but solid fair. I was amazed. Also there was a LOT of food. Really yummy after a long day pf running around the ranch.

Dinner was followed by a show which was a lot of fun and very well done.

I tipped my ATV guide and the jungle guide. They were both very happy about it. I wish I could have tipped all the staff, because everyone was amazing.
Worth every dime and the highlight of my trip!!!!!!

Comments from activity operators

Aloha, Yvette

Thank you very much for visiting Kualoa Ranch. We are so glad to hear that you had good experience with us. Guest's smile is the best encouragement to us.

I will pass your comment to our staff, I am pretty sure all of them (including me)love to hear it!

Hope to have you again here, in beautiful Kualoa Ranch.

Attended as: Friends
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Beginner Snorkel Tour with Expert Guide at Hanauma Bay

Absolutely Fabulous Experience

Reviewed by: LATOYAYE, 2017/03/11

This was our first experience with snorkeling...but I was convinced that we could not go to Oahu and not see the ocean life for ourselves. Dan and Cheiko were great.

We paid for a group of 5 (3 adult, 2 children). We had to pay the full price to have my grandmother brought along, even though she was not participating. With that said it was suppose to be just our small group to the two guides. This was especially important to me as the two children could swim and the adults in our group could NOT swim well. It turned out two others joined us, so Chieko was mostly their guide and Dan was with the four of us. It was raining that day, so my grandmother was not able to come observe (so paid and not used). Although I was not expecting a refund for her experience necessarily, I was a little put off that we were then charged extra for the optional wet suits to keep us warm (given the weather that day). That really is the only thing I would improve, but given the nature of the business, that may be challenging.

Otherwise, it was FANTASTIC! Dan was amazingly patient and made the experience great. The children, although swimmers, panicked with the snorkel equipment and sea animals. The adult limited swimmers had a blast! Even on a dreary, rainy day. LOL! they took awesome pictures that we were easily able to download from their social media page, so one less thing to worry about doing especially given first time out. I would definitely recommend this experience no matter what skill level, it will not disappoint.

Comments from activity operators

Hi guys, hope we see you again on a nice sunny day. Dan and Chieko.

Attended as: Families
Activity Date: 2017/03/01
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Alii Nui Maui - Romantic Royal Sunset Dinner Cruise with Premium Open Bar

Perfect Evening on the Water

Reviewed by: Gordon Bird, 2015/11/29

My wife and I have just returned from a dinner cruise beyond compare.
It all started with a warm greeting at dockside. Appetizers and non alcoholic beverages followed- the alcoholic drinks included in the price were available after we had cruised out of the harbour,
We had the perfect evening for this cruise. There was some mauka showers early on, which led to a double ended brilliant rainbow. And the crew dried all of the outside seats for later use. Drinks and more appetizers followed as we cleared the harbour under power. Fortunately, the wind was up, but not to strong to sail. ASK TO SAIL! I did, and after the sails were raised, I was given the helm and the compass course. Although I have sailed many times before, it had been several years since the last time. When we reached our anchoring location for dinner, the crew expertly took over and settled all of the sailing rigging.
After watching and photographing an amazing sunset, dinner was served. What a meal! Top quality, lots of choice, and abundant quantities of everything. And there was comfortable table seating for everyone, previous review notwithstanding. Drinks were served at table by the efficient and very friendly crew.
What I really liked about this cruise is that they take a maximum of 32 people, which allowed for easy interaction amongst all of the crew and guests.
The boat was spotless, and the 'heads'-washrooms - were clean and stocked with luxury products.
This is quite an expensive cruise, but worth every penny of the cost.

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2015/11/28
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Maui Aquaball Adventure & Zipline Tour at Lahaina Dragonfruit Farm

This was one of my highlights of my trip!

Reviewed by: Elisheva, 2015/08/28

The staff works quick and efficient. They provide water up there at the activity as well which was amazing! Ice cold water bottles in coolers. Super convenient and necessary on a hot summer day in Ausguts. The staff added to our enjoyment and fun as well! They took as many pictures as we wanted and answered all of our questions. They shared their experience living in Maui Hawaii and their experience of working on the field and their travels, so super friendly. Zip lining was amazing. We did it as the sun set. So we got to dry up from the Aqua ball and Zipline across the field. They told us how to turn over and let loose. It was different then all my experiences where I just went across the rope holding on traditionally. The staff moved fast and I felt safe and secure with them as I landed on the landing board. If you ever went zip lining before, you want someone strong and secure to catch you. We got to do this Zipline 4 times each! I had my friend stand in the field and get amazing pics from so close. After we were done we changed and saw the sun setting on their field. We wanted to see the sun from a higher vantage point so we asked them where to go. They told us to just drive up the road.

We had just enough time to drive right up the road after and continued watching one of the most beautiful and serene sunset.

All in all this was one of my highlights of my trip! I will never forget it!! I would definitely recommend this to all my friends or anyone reading this review.
Thanks again guys!!

Attended as: Friends
Activity Date: 2015/08/20
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Hike Maui Rainforest Trails & Waterfall Swim - Best Hana Hiking Tours

Super hiking into rainforest

Reviewed by: Venky, 2017/08/01

This is my first visit to a rainforest and I was amazed.

We were picked up at designated location at 930 AM. We then changed to rubber shoes at the office and proceeded to hike. We were given breakfast and started the trail. Looks like it rained heavily the previous day and so we had to cross few streams on our way. The current in the streams were below our knee level but very strong. It was scary. The guide was very friendly, funny, knowledgeable and professional. So we did not have any difficulty. But it was awesome to see the falls full of water and strong currents in the streams. While we were told about occurrence of flash floods, I wonder what life would be in these situations. It was really wild out there, but you are with a professional.

I particularly enjoyed sliding in the water through a tunnel (the guide was there at the other end of the tunnel to stop me from being carried away by the current). My son (29) jumped 20 feet into one of the water fall, the guide showed us twice how to do that. We visited several water falls and I managed to stand under one of those 10 feet tall falls. The guide showed us several varieties of flowers, plants and fruits. We tasted some fruits, and had a good lunch break in one of the falls. The hike was not very difficult but also was not very easy. We returned to our car by 2 30 PM.

Many of the falls are not accessible to public and visiting with a professional is the best way to do it. I strongly recommend the hike to anyone.

Attended as: Families
Activity Date: 2017/07/29
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Hawaiian Parasail - Top Oahu Parasailing Tour on Waikiki Beach

Great family time!

Reviewed by: Tatiana Johnson, 2016/12/01

Thanks to Hawaiian Parasail our entire family of four had a fantastic bonding experience on a breezy September Saturday afternoon. What a unique way to spend quality time together--up in the air overseeing the entire city of Honolulu while watching fish passing right under us in the crystal clear Hawaiian waters.

We had celebrated our younger son’s fifth birthday the weekend before, and taking him parasailing was definitely the best gift he received. In fact, he was waiting for this day since he was two! We moved to Hawaii almost three years ago, and ever since then, my little Daniel was dreaming of parasailing. Due to the age restrictions, however, we had to wait till he turned five. So, just a few days after his fifth birthday, this boy’s dream came true.

I would definitely recommend this experience to others. The captain and the crew were very professional and friendly. They took pictures of us that I will frame and put up on the wall in our living room. What unique shots!

We received detailed instructions on what to do, and by the way, for the Japanese travellers, there is a Japanese safety briefing in their own language. The feet dip is a must! The captain is very sensitive and if a guest asks not to be dipped, he will follow the instructions 100 percent. My boys were not scared of being dipped at all, and as soon as we came back to shore, both of them asked when we would be able to repeat the adventure! Thank you, Hawaiian Parasail for giving us these unforgettable memories.

Attended as: Families with Young Children
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Surf Bus North Shore Activities - Snorkel, Waterfall Swim, Bike, Kayak & More

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Reviewed by: Lani S., 2016/02/17

I wanted to head out to the North Shore, but did not want to sit on a stodgy bus all day and listen to someone drone on and on. The Surf Bus was the PERFECT choice since I not only got to experience the highlights of the area, but got to do some fun activities as well.

I decided to do Snorkeling, the Waimea Falls nature walk and SUP. Harry was very accommodating about squeezing in two activities for the morning section, and I am so happy that he did. The snorkeling was AMAZING! It was literally like swimming in an aquarium. I got to be in the water for a little over an hour and then I was picked up to go to Waimea Falls Park. The walk was quite easy, and if you have a hard time walking, shuttles are available for $10 round-trip at the park. I didn't go into the water since I just wanted to sit and relax, but the walk to and from the waterfall was about 45 minutes total. REALLY beautiful.

For my afternoon, I chose SUP and even though I had never done it before, I figured it out pretty quickly after the briefing from the guys at the surf store. I never quite made it to the "stand up" part of "stand up paddling", but my "sit up" paddle was just as fun and I made it all the way down the river.

With about an hour left before I had to meet the bus, I had a delicious burger and fries at Teddy's Bigger Burger and washed that all down with some shave ice from Matsumotos (lychee and strawberry YUM!). All in all, a great experience and wonderful way to see the best of the North Shore in a day :)

Attended as: Solo Travelers
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Puako Bay Coral Gardens Snorkel & Guided Ocean Kayak Tour

Best Kayak & Snorkel Tour on Big Island!! Definitely must if you interested in seeing great underwater biodiversity of Big Island

Reviewed by: Laura & Djani Drocic, 2016/05/30

At the time we made this reservation my wife and I did not realized that this would be a best thing we did on our vacation. From the moment we met our Guides, husband and wife Kevin and Noni O'Conner we were treated with such care and attentiveness to our requests and needs during the whole trip. I would highly recommend that anyone interested into snorkeling on Big Island to look for King Kayak Tours. To start with they specialized in small groups tours, that day it was only us!! We enjoyed this trip a lot more that any other snorkeling tours that we were on previously. Location where we did go was close by to our launching point, we had seen a lot more tropical fish and turtles that anywhere else. Equipment was a top notch, snacks provided during the tour ware excellent and plentiful. We absolutely love it, and this would be one of the tours that we would do it again just to be in such a great and knowledgable company such is Noni and Kevin. Added bonus is that they bout are fluent in Japanese, and are offering tours for Japanese speaking tours as well as for English speaking groups. For Laura and I this was such a special treat since it was our wedding anniversary that day end memories that were built during this tour will stay with us forever. Another note, don't worry about photos during the tour they have great camera and they will be taking photos of you so you could focus on enjoying your self.
Once again thanks so muck Noni and Kevin for making our Special day even more Special!!

Comments from activity operators

Thank you so much for your kind words. We are very happy that you both had a good and memorable time. We hope to see you again! Aloha!

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2016/05/25
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