Mana Kai’s Turtle Snorkel Cruise offers a thrilling and unforgettable experience that keeps customers coming back for more. From up-close encounters with majestic sea turtles to exploring vibrant coral reefs, the cruise provides an immersive adventure like no other. Here are five reasons why our customers love this cruise and why you should consider booking it for your next holiday.

Family-friendly Cruise

Family bonding at Mana Kai Catamaran

Our family enjoyed the boat ride. It was about 15 min away. The staff was wonderful. I was able to see only two turtles and some fish. That was very cool. The current was a bit strong at times. Glad the staff helped me with their surf boards.

My three kids ages: 4,5,8, had a hard time swimming because the current was a bit strong so they were only in the water for about 5 minutes. The goggles & snorkel equipment were too big for the toddlers. Next time we will pack ours. We did pack the vests for the kids but they do have some available.

They did see some turtles over the surface. Great weather. We did the 2 pm tour. Make sure to pack some nausea medicine, some folks felt very sick.

We liked being able to bring our own food & drinks.

Reviewed by: Liz , 2021/08/26

Great Way to Have a Break from the Crowds at Waikiki

Good time to relax at Mana Kai Catamaran

Captain Woody and Jacob were very knowledgeable, engaging and personal. We wanted to snorkel for 1 -2 hours and did not need drinks and food, just a couple of relaxing hours in the water and sitting. This was very affordable and low key. The turtles did not disappoint us as we followed and observed several along with a multitude of fish.

The trip does not include flippers so we rented 2 pairs for 10.00 total from the Waikiki Dive Shop on Nahua St., a short walk away.

Reviewed by: Ohio Couple, 2020/12/10

Smooth Check-in Process

Mana Kai Catamaran

We had the best adventure. After seeing so many other cruises going out looking crowded and rushed we were a bit concerned.

Turned up at 8.30, check in process easy and efficient =)

Great weather, even better staff.
And best of all plenty of space for all on the catamaran. We were blessed with a small group.

Short cruise out and we were already spotting turtles.

All our equipment checked, help given if needed and off we went. 2 hours of watching dozens of green sea turtles in their natural environment. AMAZING!!

having Zac in the water with his trusty surf board gave everyone a great sense of ease.
On our tour was a gentleman who didn’t feel to sure in the water but the boys went out of their way to get him an extra floatation buoy and stayed close til he felt more comfortable.

I would recommend Ruski (?) and Zac and the Mana Kai tour to anyone who asked.

Reviewed by: Jane, 2019/03/01

Great Value

A sight of group of spinner dolphins

For a quick tour where you will more than likely run into several honu, the Mana Kai Catamaran morning snorkel is a great value. We not only ran into 5-6 large honu at the shell cleaning station, we also found a pod of spinner dolphins. The captain careful followed the dolphins at a safe distance, so we managed to snap some great pics.

Will definitely do again upon my next return!

Reviewed by: Mike, 2019/02/24

Great Turtle Snorkeling Experience

Turtle sighting

This was perfect for when we had family visit. Two hours of fun, and we saw so many turtles. Definitely a memorable experience.

Reviewed by: Elizabeth Brindley, 2021/08/14

Make Mana Kai Part of Your Next Adventure

Mana Kai’s Turtle Snorkel Cruise is an experience that encompasses the spirit of adventure, discovery, and relaxation. With its unrivaled marine encounters and the promise of unforgettable memories, this cruise is an invitation to embark on a remarkable journey. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to dive into the enchanting world beneath the waves and discover the true beauty of Hawaii’s marine ecosystem. Book your incredible Turtle Snorkel Cruise with Mana Kai today.