If you’re looking for an adventure that will take you off the beaten path and into a world of fun, Kualoa Ranch’s ATV tour is for you. Located on Oahu’s North Shore, this thrilling experience takes visitors through lush tropical rainforests, along rugged mountainsides, and over stunning beaches. Our customers love it because they get to explore Hawaii in a totally unique way! Here are five reasons why our customers can’t get enough of Kualoa Ranch’s ATV Tour:

The Tour Guides are Friendly

Visitors enjoying the Jurassic Park film spot at Kualoa Ranch

“This was such an awesome experience, everything was so beautiful, and the ride was super fun. I wish I could remember their names, because the two ladies that led our tour were the best. They were really knowledgeable telling us all sorts of cool stuff about the area in a way that was engaging and fun. They made personal connections with each family which was really appreciated by everyone. They were bouncing from family to family helping take pictures, answering questions, and chatting with us all. I asked one of them a question about this weird looking “rock” I found and she took me off to the side to show me it was actually a nut shell. She took me to see the tree it came from, told me what it was used for, how it tasted, and she even dug around in the brush to find one on the ground so I could see what they looked like before it was cracked open. It sounds silly, but it was really nice that she took the extra time with just me to show me something I was interest in. 10/10 experience, we would totally go back. One of them even had a little dinosaur puppet that she pulled out to use to take pictures for people so it looked like the dinosaur was real and trying to attack us. It was so much fun. This really is a must do event if you’re visiting this island.”

Reviewed by: Brandlyn & Patrick , 2023/04/13

The Views are Fantastic

The lush mountains and the vast ocean views at Kualoa Ranch

“We truly enjoyed this 2 hour UTV tour with our witty guide. Fantastic nature, enough time for some history and photos. Would definitely recommend this tour.”

Reviewed by: Patricia , 2023/05/13

Worth the Price

ATV car on Kualoa Ranch road

“I let my child drive it to double the fun. Whether it’s shaky driving or shaky roads (probably both), we’re all covered in sand when we’re done. The two people sitting in front of me were covered in muddy water because I purposely sped up at a river. White clothes should be avoided. The whole body is covered with sand, but it is better than white. Even if you are wearing a helmet and goggles, it can get in through the gaps and make your hair look messy. It was fun to laugh it off too! Check-in from pickup, explanation etc. were all in English. There was someone who could speak English, so there was no problem, but if it was just me, I’d be a little nervous. I thought it would be a shorter time, but it’s an hour and a half to two hours. Worth the price.”

Reviewed by: Mirurun , 2022/12/31

Ample Time to Explore

The view on a Kualoa Ranch ATV Tour

“I participated because I wanted to feel the great nature of Hawaii. From past reviews, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t have enough time to see the location, but I wasn’t driving, so I had a lot of fun while riding! Recommended for those who want to see many locations! Also, the hospitality of the staff who was the driver was amazing, and it was amazing to drive the bumpy road like an attraction! It was 2 hours that I kept thinking. There was no delay in the shuttle bus, so it takes half a day, but I think the cost performance of time is the best!”

Reviewed by: Horihisa , 2022/12/13

Fun Even when Stormy

Jurassic Valley at Kualoa Ranch

“I rode the UTV for 2 hours in the stormy weather from the morning. There was a poncho with a roof, but after all it was soaking wet, so it was the correct answer to bring windproof and cold weather gear and a change of clothes. The atmosphere of Jurassic Park is just as it is, and the feeling rises. I was able to enjoy a powerful drive with the UTV running well. The two hours went by in a blink of an eye, with good scenery and comedy production props.”

Reviewed by: kulolo , 02/11/2020