Kaneohe Bay Sandbar has been a popular destination for adventurers in the Hawaiian Islands for years. Whether you are looking to explore the marine life below or just take in the views from above, Kaneohe Bay Kayak & Snorkel Self-Guided Tour is sure to provide an unforgettable experience. Here are five reasons why our customers love this kayaking and snorkeling adventure.

It’s a Fun Group Activity

Group of visitors enjoying the Kayak Tour
© Holokai Kayak & Snorkel Adventure

“This activity is something I would recommend to all my friends as a must do! The sand bar was recommended to me by a friend and when looking at photos it looked amazing and it lived up to that expectation if not more! This is a fun group activity that can accommodate a large group and super easy to change the reservation if needed. Half of the group have never kayaked before and half have. The conditions the day of was cloudy and we had passerby showers with some choppy waves as we kayaked to the sandbar. It took about an hour there and another hour back, but if you have experience kayaking and the conditions are good, you may get there quicker. Something I would recommend is everyone getting single kayaks instead of doubles because it was easier to navigate with a single versus a double. Definitely a must do if you are in Oahu!”

Reviewed by: Grace, 2022/10/04

Mesmerizing Views

Majestic View of Kaneohe Bay
© Holokai Kayak & Snorkel Adventure

“This experience really shows off Oahu’s beauty! My boyfriend and I reserved a 4 hour time slot and kayaked out the sandbar. We had as much fun getting to the sandbar as we did at the actual sandbar. Snorkeled around a nearby coral reef and saw a huge sea turtle. Kayaked around the sandbar a little more before heading back and saw 5 other sea turtles. I hear that’s pretty rare though. Don’t bring towels because they’ll get soaked anyway on the kayak and bring lots of sunscreen and hats!”

Reviewed by: Natalia F. , 2022/09/28

Easy Kayaking by Navigation Maps

Paddle over Kaneohe Bay's beautiful coral beds
© Holokai Kayak & Snorkel

“My friends and I had a blast. It was super easy. The staff was very helpful. They explained everything to the detail. Also helps to have google maps pin the locations on the map.”

Reviewed by: Wil, 2022/07/02

Tandem Kayak is Fun

Tandem kayaking adventure at Kaneohe Bay

“This was such a blast! My daughter and I rented a tandem canoe and spent a glorious day around the reef fields. We would come up on a drop off, drop anchor in a shallow area and then just turn on the GoPro and swim down the reef wall with the schools of fish as our guides. Many different species of fish, a few octopus, and sea snakes. We could also hear the “crackling” of the coral (which sounds like Rice Krispies in milk), which was something you can’t appreciate when you’re in large groups of people because of the noise. Amazing experience— would do it again, but be sure and bring your “reef safe” sunscreen.”

Reviewed by: Shellley, 2022/08/07

Opportunities to Witness Diverse Marine Life

Witness diverse marine life as you journey through the bay
© Holokai Kayak & Snorkel Adventures

“First off, the employees there are very helpful and elaborate when explaining how the tour works. The views all around were absolutely beautiful, one of my favorite experiences during my Hawaii trip. The kayaking was definitely tiring, even though we only went around the closest nearby reefs and it wasn’t a windy day. However, it was really cool to be able to anchor the kayak yourself and decide where you want to go. We were able to see lots of coral (even some new, colorful ones!), schools of fish, and 2 sea turtles! Overall, would definitely recommend this tour to others, and would like to come back one day.”

Reviewed by: Theresa, 2022/10/14