Why have I been on the Majestic Dinner Cruise numerous times? To put it simply, I love the boat. The food is good (really good actually, but I’ll get to that later), the service is excellent, and the entertainment is enjoyable. But the boat itself is what makes this dinner cruise the best.

The Majestic dinner cruise is the best on Oahu

The Majestic Vessel

Every time I walk into the Majestic’s elegant dining room I feel like royalty. The decor is an aesthetically pleasing blend of modern and classic designs. While the tables and chairs are simple and sleek, the large windows are bordered by wood and marble paneling.

In addition to the dining level there are two other decks. So there’s plenty of room for everyone to take in the breathtaking views without feeling crowded.

The lounge is not only home to the bar but it’s also where you’ll find comfortable sofas, lounge chairs, and high top tables. The lounge is perfect for sitting back with a good drink and enjoying the panoramic view.

Large windows make for panoramic views
Enjoy a cocktail and the view in the Majestic lounge

As much as I love the Majestic’s luxurious dining room and lounge, I’d have to say that the outside decks are my favorite. You really get the full cruising experience when you’re outside. If you enjoy boating and sailing, you know that there’s nothing quite like breathing in the salty sea air and hearing the waves.

360 views from the Majestic
Perfect views from the Majestic dinner cruise

The top deck provides the best view on the boat. This upper level is open air and spans the width of the boat, providing an unobstructed view of the ocean and coastline. It does get windy up there, but I like that it’s covered so I can still feel the ocean breeze without worrying about rain.

Majestic Dinner Entertainment

No matter where on the boat you decide to relax and take in the views, you can enjoy the live entertainment from anywhere. The Majestic Dinner Cruise usually has one to three musicians and singers performing in the lounge. However, they broadcast the audio over the boat’s PA system. I’m so glad they do this!

I love the ocean and being outside, but also I also enjoy and appreciate a good live performance. So I don’t want to have to choose between the two. The setup on the Majestic is perfect. I can sit on the top deck with all the perks of being outside, but still enjoy the serenade of local artists.

The open air deck is perfect spot to enjoy the dinner cruise

The music entertainment is a blend of island music and easy listening with an island flare. You’ve probably heard the Isreal Kamakawiwo`ole version of Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World. That’s a good example of what you’ll hear during your dinner cruise on the Majestic Dinner Cruise.

The only part of the Majestic where you can’t hear the music is the bow, or forward deck. It does provide a good view and you can do the famous Titanic pose if that’s what you’re into. One of the perks of the bow deck is that you have easy access to the bar and dining room…close proximity to the food is always worth taking into consideration.

Food on the Majestic Dinner Cruise

Speaking of the food, what’s a dinner cruise without a good dinner? I can’t speak for the whole menu because I have a strict diet. However, I can say that the vegetarian and vegan options are superior to any other dinner cruise I’ve experienced.

Fresh salad on the Majestic dinner buffet

There are several good vegetarian options on the buffet: fresh garden salad, steamed vegetables, white rice, mashed potatoes, Hawaiian sweet rolls, and fresh fruit. With advance notice you can also order a special vegan or vegetarian option from the substitution menu.

I did this my last time on the Majestic and was with a cousin who’s also vegan. So we shared and each got to try two different entrees. We ordered the grilled vegetable kebobs and the veggie stir fry with white rice. The kebobs are served with a savory dipping sauce (so good I could drink it) and the stir fry comes with teriyaki. Okay, now I’m hungry.

Side dishes include creamy mashed potatoes and white rice
The mashed potatoes are vegetarian but not vegan

If you’re vegetarian, the substitution menu also has eggplant lasagna, and sauteed mushrooms and peppers over mashed potatoes.

You’d think that a vegan going to an island style buffet would leave hungry, you know with all the meat. Thankfully that’s not the case when dining on the Majestic. Their vegetarian and vegan options are more than just a salad.

Delicious steamed vegetables

You’re probably wondering about the dessert. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but my friends were raving about the cake. Fresh cut pineapple and strawberries were just what I needed after a hearty meal. For me the real dessert is the sunset.

A Majestic Sunset

Whether you’re sipping cocktails in the lounge or feasting on seconds in the dining room, there’s not a bad sunset view from anywhere on the Majestic Dinner Cruise. However, my favorite spot for sunset viewing is from the upper deck.

I like to take lots of pictures and I don’t like to have anything between me and my subject. Not even a clear window. So the upper deck is the perfect place to capture clear, unobstructed pictures of the tropical sunset.

Tropical sunsets are the best
One of the best sunsets I saw in Hawaii

Of all the times I’ve cruised on the Majestic, there was only one time the sunset was not colorful. Given weather and seasonal factors, there’s no way to predict what the sunset will look like. That’s just the nature of life. I’ve gotten lucky and have seen some spectacular sunsets from the Majestic.

The great thing about the unpredictability of life and nature is that sometimes you get surprises. It just so happened that my last time on the Majestic was the night the sunset was on the bland side. But nature gave us an unexpected treat.

Even a bland sunset in Hawaii is still better than a sunset anywhere else
My last sunset on the Majestic dinner cruise…until next time

A Majestic Surprise

As the sun went down the sky filled with shades of yellow and cast a golden hue on the water. It wasn’t the worst sunset, but it wasn’t as colorful as one would hope. Just when I was about to turn away, thinking “there’s nothing to see here,” a humpback whale breached through the glittering, sunlit water.

In the winter, it’s possible to see whales even from a dinner cruise

Everyone gasped in childlike amazement, like watching the firework show at Disneyland. No one was expecting it. We weren’t even on a whale watching cruise! The whale breached a couple more times before giving us the shaka sign and diving below the surface. (When whales dive, their tales pop up out of the water and it looks like the shaka sign.)

A hui hou! – Until next time…

This unexpected appearance was easily the highlight of the evening on the Majestic Dinner Cruise. Everyone on the boat was talking about it for the rest of the night, “Did you see the whale? This isn’t even a whale watching cruise!” That night ended up being my last cruise in Hawaii before moving, and the last whale I’ll see until I return to Hawaii. Unless of course I happen to see one in another part of the world.

What a magical send-off. Or should I say, majestic?

If you’d like too experience an evening on the Majestic Sunset Cruise for dinner or cocktails, book now on the HawaiiActivities.com website.