Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden is a true embodiment of paradise that spreads over 400 lush, tropical acres on the windward side of Oahu, Hawaii. This Eden, whose name fittingly translates to “peaceful refuge”, is not just a sanctuary of tranquility but a vibrant canvas of botanical diversity. This carefully curated collection of plants from tropical regions all over the globe gives visitors a unique opportunity to explore and appreciate the delicate interplay of flora and fauna. Step in and get ready to embark on a serene journey through nature’s finest offering.


  • Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden is a 400-acre paradise on the windward side of Oahu, Hawaii, translating to “peaceful refuge” in Hawaiian.
  • The garden boasts a diverse collection of plants from tropical regions worldwide and is home to various species of birds, insects, and small mammals.
  • Activities at the garden include hiking, catch-and-release fishing, camping, art workshops, exhibits, and concerts.
  • Nearby attractions include Kaneohe Bay, Byodo-In Temple, Kualoa Ranch, and the Polynesian Cultural Center.


Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden
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The Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden, translating to “a peaceful refuge” in Hawaiian, was designed and built by the United States Army Corps of Engineers in 1982. The creation of this stunning 400-acre garden served a dual purpose: to provide an enchanting getaway brimming with tropical flora and to champion a critical flood control project for Kaneohe town. The garden’s design mirrors the geographical layout of the major tropics of the world, divided into sections representing Malaysian, African, Sri Lankan, Indian, Polynesian, Melanesian, Philippine, and Hawaiian flora. Avid nature lovers are invited to wander the cultivated, lush landscape, soak in the scenic views of the Koolau Mountains, and relax by the 32-acre lake, all while immersed in the diverse botanical collection.

Unique Flora and Fauna at Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden

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Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden is a verdant paradise, home to an impressive variety of unique flora and fauna. The gardens boast a rich array of plant species from tropical regions around the world. Towering palm trees, vibrant hibiscus flowers, and exotic orchids create a breathtaking landscape that beckons botanical enthusiasts. The garden is also a sanctuary for numerous species of birds, insects, and small mammals, making it a vibrant ecosystem. Visitors might spot the vibrant Hawaiian Honeycreeper or hear the delicate call of the endangered Oahu Elepaio as they wander through this lush haven.

Things to Do

Panoramic view of lake and mountains in Hoomaluhia botanical garden, Oahu island, Hawaii
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Hiking at Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden

A hike through Hoomaluhia allows you to immerse yourself in a world of botanical wonders, with a diverse collection of plant species from around the globe, beautifully arranged in dedicated geographical sections. The winding trails lead you past shimmering lake views, tropical rainforest landscapes, and the towering Koolau mountains, making for a visually stunning journey filled with abundant opportunities for photography. While the hike is relaxing and mostly gentle, keep in mind to wear suitable footwear and bring along some water and snacks. The garden’s tranquility, combined with the physical challenge, makes hiking at Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden a must-experience for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts alike.

Enjoy a Day of Fishing

Enjoy a calming afternoon of catch-and-release fishing at the lake every weekend. The garden provides bamboo poles for catch-and-release fishing in the lake, which is home to a variety of fish species. The lake is home to various species including tilapia and grass carp. Fishing equipment is provided by the gardens, but visitors are welcome to bring their own. The tranquil setting amidst lush greenery and stunning mountain views make fishing at Hoomaluhia a unique and soothing experience. Please remember that fishing is only allowed during weekends, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. It’s a delightful activity that is perfect for families, offering an opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy some quiet time.


Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden provides campsites for those who wish to immerse themselves in nature overnight. The garden offers a serene and picturesque environment that is perfect for pitching a tent and spending a night under the stars. The campsite provides basic facilities, making it ideal for families and first-time campers. Remember to pack your essentials, respect the flora and fauna, and leave no trace to preserve the beauty of this gem in Hawaii. The campsites are open from Friday through Monday and a permit must be obtained from the Visitor Center in advance.

Participate in Workshops, Exhibits, and Concerts

Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden is not just a nature retreat, it also serves as a hub for local art and culture. The garden regularly hosts workshops that invite visitors to engage hands-on with the cultural heritage of the area. Traditional arts such as lei-making, hula dancing, and Hawaiian printmaking are often the focus, offering a unique and enriching experience.

In addition to the workshops, the garden is home to a rotating series of exhibits that showcase the work of local artists. These exhibitions celebrate the natural beauty of Hawaii and the talent of its residents, creating a vibrant intersection of nature and creativity inside the garden’s Visitor Center Gallery. There are also concerts designed to promote environmental awareness and appreciation for the natural world.

Discover the Art of Drawing and Painting at Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden

The Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden not only provides a serene camping experience but also serves as a haven for art enthusiasts. Under the ‘Art and Culture’ section, one could participate in or appreciate the drawing and painting workshops held frequently in the garden. These workshops allow individuals to capture the garden’s breathtaking landscapes and vibrant flora on canvas. The tranquility of the garden sparks creativity, making it an ideal setting for both novice and experienced artists to refine their skills. The added beauty of this experience is that each artist’s depiction of the garden is unique, adding to the diverse collection of art inspired by the Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden.

Conservation Efforts at Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden

Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden undertakes significant conservation efforts to protect and enhance the local ecosystem. The garden is home to a diverse range of native Hawaiian flora, which the staff works tirelessly to maintain and cultivate. Invasive species are closely monitored and controlled to prevent them from disrupting the delicate balance of the garden’s ecosystem. The garden also engages in education and outreach programs to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation and the unique biodiversity of the Hawaiian Islands.

Tips for Visitors

Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden is open daily from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, and admission is entirely free. For those interested in camping, the campsite is available from Friday through Wednesday, and a permit is required – which is also free but should be obtained a week in advance.

Here are a few tips for your visit:

  • Start early in the day to fully immerse yourself in all the activities and sights.
  • Wear comfortable footwear as there are numerous trails to explore.
  • Apply insect repellant and bring your rain gear.
  • Remember that casting is strictly prohibited during fishing activities.
  • Bring a picnic lunch. There are several spots throughout the garden that are perfect for a peaceful meal amidst nature.
  • Don’t forget your camera! The garden provides ample opportunities for photography.
  • Lastly, remember the maxim, “Leave no trace.” Please ensure to clean up after yourself to help maintain the garden’s pristine condition.

Nearby Attractions

Views out on Kaneohe Bay from Kualoa Ranch
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While the Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden itself is a treasure trove of natural beauty, the areas surrounding it are equally enchanting and worth exploring. The nearby Kaneohe Bay offers tranquil waters perfect for kayaking or paddleboarding while letting you experience the stunning oceanic panorama. The Byodo-In Temple, a non-practicing Buddhist temple set amidst the lush greenery, is a serene spot that offers peace and solace to its visitors. The Kualoa Ranch, not too far from the garden, is famed for its significant role in numerous Hollywood flicks and offers exciting ATV and horseback riding tours across its vast landscapes. Lastly, don’t miss out on the unique opportunity to experience a Hawaiian Luau at the popular Polynesian Cultural Center, celebrating the island’s rich heritage and traditions. The surroundings of the Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden truly offer a diverse set of experiences that cater to every preference and interest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden, visitors can enjoy hiking, botanical tours, fishing, camping, and even art classes. The garden also provides picnic spots and a gallery of local art.

Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden is located in Kaneohe, on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The address is 45-680 Luluku Rd, Kaneohe, HI 96744, USA.

Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden houses a variety of tropical flora from various geographical regions around the world, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Tropical America, India and Sri Lanka, Melanesia, and Polynesia.

Admission to Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden is free. The garden is open to the public throughout the year except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Campsites at Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden can be booked through the Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation website. Camping is allowed from Friday through Monday nights.

Yes, Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden is kid-friendly. It offers a variety of activities that kids can enjoy, such as feeding the ducks at the lake and participating in kid-friendly botanical tours.

How to Get There

By Car

To reach Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden by car, start from Honolulu. Head west on S King St toward Alakea St. Then, take the I-H-1 West ramp on the left to Pearl City. Merge onto I-H-1 W and keep left at the Y junction to continue on I-H-3 W, following signs for Interstate H3 W/Kaneohe. Take exit 9 toward Kamehameha Hwy (HI-83 W). Continue onto Kamehameha Hwy (HI-83 W) and take a slight right onto Kahekili Hwy. Then, turn right onto Luluku Rd. After that, turn left onto Nahilu St and turn right at the first cross street onto Anoi Rd. Continue onto Luluku Rd and you will see the botanical garden on your right. The estimated travel time is around 30 minutes by car, depending on traffic.

By Bus

For bus travel, take bus number 13 from South King Street towards Alapai Transit Center. Transfer to bus number 56 at Alapai Transit Center towards Temple Valley. Get off at Kahekili Hwy + Opp Luluku Rd. Walk for about a mile along Luluku Rd and you will reach the garden. Please note that the travel time by bus is around 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Experience the Beauty of Oahu Island's Breathtaking Paradise!

Immerse yourself in the ornate gardens, each carefully crafted to showcase diverse plant species from around the world. Take in the tranquil beauty and marvel at the rich biodiversity that awaits nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore this stunning haven; the Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden is waiting to be discovered by you.