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Reviews by Tamara L.
Last review on 2022/06/14
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Unique. Tour Host was the Best Part.

Posted on: 2022/06/14

We took our three boys (ages 8, 6, and 3) on this during our first visit to Maui and overall, really enjoyed ourselves. The host was witty and funny, even if he's likely reusing the same jokes over and over. Understandably, it doesn't appear as colorful as you'd expect because of how the lighting changes things through the windows, but it was a really unique experience. I would say happy we did it once, but wouldn't do it again.

To be honest, the only thing that really disappointed me was knowing that the sunken ship was completely staged for the submarine tours. It didn't feel authentic.

Pros - we got to see a lot of marine life! Sharks included. And the boatride to/from the submarine was really nice and the kids were pretty blown away when the submarine first popped up.

Great job to the tour guides and staff!

Rating: star
Attended as:Families with Young Children
Activity Date: 2022/04/25
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Fun evening, but logistics could be improved!

Posted on: 2022/05/05

I would like to give this event 4 stars or more, but I held back because we had to wait in line for a full HOUR before being seated. We arrived 10 minutes prior to the event check in, little did they warn us, the check in process would be excruciatingly long, and in a parking lot. We have 3 small children who were increasingly restless, and it was SO windy that evening (so much for dressing up right?). It was a very large crowd, unlike almost all the other Maui activities we participated in. Even if they would have offered a welcome drink while we waited, I would probably give it at least 4 stars, but they didn't and charged us $10 for parking. And finally, once we were finally seated, we were immediately ushered to go eat and had no choice in where we were seated. The chairs and tables were quite tightly packed together, except that the chairs could not slide back and forth on the fake turf making it near impossible for my kids to get in and out of their chairs. So like I said, logistics need some serious improvements.

That said, the SHOW itself was wonderful!! Good MC and performers. The lighting was tasteful and the band completely made the event. The food was what you would expect like at a wedding. No issues, but no Michelin stars either :) My favourite part was actually the guests themselves - the people brought the "aloha spirit" and it made for a fun, family-friendly evening. I was thankful there was plenty of kids who were all dressed adorably. I imagine they packed this venue as full as possible after struggling through Covid. Not a mask in sight as of April 2022. So, while my kids and I had a wonderful time, I wish they would've thought about some of the smaller details.

Finally, it was supposed to be a "knife fire show"... and all three of my kids were disappointed they didn't actually use any knives. The guy who performed the fire show at the end was still pretty amazing though! Major credit to the performers!!

Rating: star
Attended as:Families with Young Children
Activity Date: 2022/04/30
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