Destination weddings in Hawaii are one of the most popular trends to hit the islands. Ideal wedding venues can be found everywhere you turn in Hawaii. You’ll find plenty of romantic Oahu wedding venues and picture-perfect places to get married among white sand beaches, lush mountains, and tropical gardens.

But while these are all popular places to have a wedding in Hawaii, the best Oahu wedding venues are on boats. Surrounded by calm ocean and a helpful crew, what better place to get married?

If you’re in Hawaii, you’re going to be on a boat at some point: it’s inevitable when you’re on a tropical island getaway. So why not put your boat cruise and wedding party together into one awesome event?

If you’re not totally sold on the idea, here’s an entire list of reasons why you should book a boat cruise as your Oahu wedding venue. It’ll also make a great venue for your vow renewal, bachelorette party, or any other romantic occasion!

Why Boats are the Perfect Oahu Wedding Venues

1. Boat wedding packages are all-inclusive, making planning a wedding in Oahu smooth sailing

Wedding planning can be really complicated, difficult to organize, and often stressful. Adding on the stress of travel can make things even worse for you, which is why all-in-one wedding packages are really attractive. If you’re in an unfamiliar place, it can be comforting to have someone else handle all the fine details.

Thankfully, most boat wedding packages are all-inclusive. You’ll get an Oahu wedding venue, wedding coordinator, wedding ceremony, live music, wedding cake, and officiant all for one price! What’s more, your boat can be the venue for your wedding as well as your wedding reception. This will make your special day simpler for both you and your guests.

2. You have a ton of boat charters in Oahu to choose from

With Honolulu being one of the major port cities in the Pacific, it’s no wonder that there are so many boats around. Vessels of every shape and size make their home here, letting you pick the perfect boat for your special occasion. Have anything from an extravagant wedding on a cruise ship to a small, intimate ceremony on a sailing catamaran.

Whatever the shape or size of your dream wedding vessel, you’ll be sure to find it in one of Honolulu’s many piers and docks.

3. Pick from a boatload of add-ons and extra features

After selecting a specific venue for your wedding ceremony, why not make it more personalized with a variety of add-ons and extra features? Get your own wedding cake, a private photographer, or a bottle of Champagne for your special day.

If that isn’t enough, you can always contact the boat in question (or their wedding coordinator). Custom requests are available, just like with any other Oahu wedding venue.

4. Everything on a boat can be pre-arranged

Boats that allow for wedding cruises usually have their own wedding coordinator on board. Since they already work professionally with the boat, they’re better able to handle the details of arranging the wedding. Many of the complexities trying to book wedding venues for your ceremony can be easily resolved. You can choose and order almost every part of your ceremony ahead of time!

In fact, there are so many options that you can choose from, we’ve dedicated the entire following section to help you decide!

Picking Boat Charters as your Oahu Wedding Venues

Star of Honolulu Captain’s Wedding

The Star of Honolulu is Oahu’s premier cruise ship, with 4 spacious decks and a capacity of 1,500 passengers. This ship departs from the Aloha Tower pier every night, creating the perfect romantic evening for couples in paradise.

The Star of Honolulu’s Captain’s Wedding is a special wedding package available. This package includes a wedding ceremony officiated by the captain, alongside the famous Five-Star luxury dinner.

Exchange your vows at sunset, aboard a cruise ship surrounded by the beauty of Hawaii!

Star of Honolulu Five-Star Dinner

The Five Star dinner takes place exclusively on Star of Honolulu’s top deck, and provides a night of luxury in Oahu that no other boat can offer.

This exclusive fine-dining experience at sea includes seven delicious courses, including a main course of live-flown Maine lobster.

Start the night with hor d’ouerves and a bellini toast on the open-air deck while enjoying the ocean air from aboard the docked vessel. Then, head indoors for your next two courses, a soup and salad.

The next course is the main attraction: a live-flown Maine lobster, served and topped with seasonal flavors. After a palate cleanser, enjoy a prime cut of steak tenderloin as your next course.

The menu is seasonal, so your experience on one night won’t be the same the next time you board.

The top deck is set up in tables for two, and the Five Star dinner is restricted to ages 13 and up. To complete the ambiance is a live jazz band playing a smooth soundtrack throughout the night.

Star of Honolulu Vow Renewal

Similar to the above wedding package, this vow renewal cruise package includes a vow renewal ceremony performed by the captain. Following the ceremony is a Five Star dinner experience for the lucky couple and all invited guests.

To make the event extra special, upgrade to a private reception to have your own private area of the boat. Also included is entertainment in the form of your own private jazz show.

Waikiki Catamaran Punawelewelekai

This luxury sailing catamaran fits up to six passengers for an intimate wedding at sea.

The Punawelewelekai is a luxury vessel that features all the amenities you can ask for. It boasts three guest bedrooms, a full bathroom, kitchen, and large indoor seating area.

You can also customize this catamaran sail however you’d like, whether you want a wedding in the morning, the afternoon, or at sunset.

In addition, your private charter includes a private caterer that provides fresh appetizers. A professional chef prepares everything, and you can opt to bring them board with you.

This luxury sailing catamaran is the perfect intimate wedding venue in Oahu. You can also throw anniversary celebrations, private vow renewals, or even honeymoons on this vessel!

Royal Hawaiian Catamaran

Another private sailing charter, the Royal Hawaiian Catamaran is a larger boat that can fit up to 30 passengers. With lots of deck space and ample seating, this comfortable vessel is the perfect choice among Oahu wedding venues.

All private charters on this sailing catamaran are customizable, making it a great choice for special events. They can host small weddings, wedding receptions, vow renewals, bachelorette parties, or anniversary celebrations.

Catering is available for an additional fee, with Mediterranean or Mexican prix fixe menus available. For an upscale option, hire a private sushi chef to enjoy fresh sushi right on board.

Wedding-Related Events to Plan at Oahu Wedding Venues

Vow Renewals

For those who are already married, a vow renewal in Oahu is the best way to reaffirm your love for your partner. Fall in love all over again in paradise with a vow renewal.

Much like a wedding, a vow renewal is a service where a married couple reaffirms their wedding vows. It’s the perfect way to celebrate a milestone anniversary.

Vow renewals are also a great opportunity for couples who have eloped to have the wedding they never could earlier in their lives.

Generally, vow renewal ceremonies are smaller, more intimate events than weddings. The smaller catamarans make the perfect venue for this occasion. However, any of the previously listed Oahu wedding venues can also host a vow renewal.


Anniversaries are a great time to celebrate one’s love in paradise. Much like vow renewals, you can celebrate an anniversary at any of the Oahu wedding venues.

You don’t need a traditional ceremony to celebrate an anniversary, though. Different cultures and families have different ways of celebrating major milestones in their marriages.

If you’re hitting a major milestone such as a 25- or 50- year anniversary, consider a vow renewal or other formal event. If you’d like, though, you can always throw a less formal party for your friends and family.

You could even enjoy a private dinner or getaway for you and your partner.

All the aforementioned Oahu wedding venues are open possibilities for you.

Bachelor Parties or Bachelorette Parties

If you’ve already planned out your wedding ceremony in Oahu, why not throw a bachelor or bachelorette party to celebrate? Wedding planning can be stressful, so it’s always a good idea to give yourself a short break before the main event.

Book a private catamaran with your wedding party and have a fun night at sea! Don’t forget to request catering and bottle service!

Wedding Receptions

A fun option for those getting married in Oahu is to have your wedding ceremony on the beach, then board a boat for the reception.

Most boats, especially private charters, are the perfect option for this, as they can host a large amount of people while also providing catering. And what better way to end your wedding day than with a romantic sunset sail in Oahu?

Thank-you Dinners

Much like wedding receptions, thank-you dinners are common ways of expressing gratitude to the loved ones in your life that have supported you. However, these dinners are generally smaller, more intimate events.

Private cruises and dinners are the perfect events to host a thank-you dinner. The private catamaran charters listed above, such as Waikiki Catamaran Charters and the Royal Hawaiian Catamaran, are suitable venues for this occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions about Oahu Wedding Venues and Wedding Cruises

What is the best month to get married in Hawaii?

Any time is a good time to get married in Hawaii!

Unlike most of the world, Hawaii largely has only two seasons: hot and cold, with temperatures ranging between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 30 degrees Celsius).

The main concern with having a wedding, especially an outdoor wedding, is having to cancel or reschedule due to rain. While most rains come in passing showers that would last shorter than your ceremony, it’s a good idea to avoid the rainy season at the beginning of Spring (March, April), as well as hurricane season at the end of summer (July, August).

In addition, planning a wedding in peak tourism seasons means you’ll have to deal with inflated prices and crowded venues. Avoid the height of summer (June – August) as well as near the holiday season (late December).

Is it easy to get married in Hawaii if I don’t live there?

Yes! Since Hawaii weddings are quite popular even for non-residents of the state, the State of Hawaii has created an online system to allow anyone to apply for a marriage license, even if they aren’t currently in Hawaii.

However, you must finalize your application in person in the State of Hawaii. Both applicants must be present with an official proof of age showing that they are at least 18 years old. The process costs a $65 licence fee. Learn more and apply at the Hawaii State Government website.

Do I need a witness to get married in Hawaii?

No. Marriages in Hawaii do not require a witness, provided both parties have their license application. You’ll need a legally recognized officiant to perform the ceremony, but you won’t need a witness in the State of Hawaii.

What do I wear to a wedding in Hawaii?

Hawaii can be much warmer than many other places, meaning that the traditional wedding dress isn’t always practical. Sure, you’ll look beautiful for a few minutes wearing a floor-length gown with a long train, but not if you start sweating off your makeup and if your train drags a pound of sand with you.

Shorter, more slim dresses are common in Hawaii, especially for outdoor weddings. Having less fabric makes them more comfortable, suited to the climate. In addition, wearing long skirts can be tricky on a beach or gently rocking boat.

For women, consider selecting a slimmer wedding dress that’s ankle-length, though calf-length is also fine.

For men, consider wearing a two-piece by ditching either the jacket or the vest. Dress chinos or slacks are common in Hawaii, but for a more casual look, consider a clean pair of dress shorts.

Hawaii has its own set of fashion rules that have developed over its history, so don’t be afraid to try outfits that you might consider unconventional.


Hawaii is an amazing place to get married, which is why it’s no wonder that we host so many weddings! Getting married on a boat is a simple, easy, and no less exciting way to get married in Oahu.