Exploring nature on an ATV is a thrilling experience that no one should miss. North Shore Eco Tours offers one of the best ATV tours in Oahu, and our customers love it! From the stunning scenery to the expert guides, here are five reasons why people can’t get enough of this ATV tour:

Warm & Friendly Guides

A passenger enjoying the ride with the friendly guide

“This ATV tour was none less than amazing! Our tour guide Keoki, was amazing. His level of interest and understanding of the land’s history was amazing. He was funny, informative, and very engaged in allowing us to have both a fun and educational experience. I highly recommend this tour. It rained and we were worried it was going to be canceled I am so glad that it was not! It was muddy and fun, and the views were breathtaking. We took a group of six and it was definitely a VIP experience. It is a must-do and Family oriented. He brought us a homemade snack and drinks as well. We laughed and laughed at his jokes and fun personality.”

Reviewed by: Kristin Jones, 2023/02/23

Great Experience for Couples

Couple enjoying the ATV Tour

“My wife and I went on this adventure while in Oahu on our honeymoon. We thought there would be multiple groups on our tour, and we were pleasantly surprised to find out it was only us and our guide. While the views, terrain, history, and overall experience was absolutely incredible, the game changer in this was our guide, Keoki. He was one of the most genuine, friendly, and passionate people that we have ever met. He went as to far as to welcome my wife and I into his Ohana and shared the meaning and importance of the “Aloha Spirit” with us, and truly made us feel welcome on not just the tour, but also on the island. I cannot recommend this tour, or Keoki as a guide, enough. We had such a wonderful experience and will be back to see them next time we are on Oahu!”

Reviewed by: Hunter, 2022/11/21

Majestic Views of Nature

Nature's view at North Shore Eco ATV Tour

“Kioki was by far the best guide we’ve dealt with and we have done a lot of tours. Very energetic and knowledgeable. The North Shore Eco-Tour was awesome. Highly recommend this to anyone. Breathtaking views and the true nature of Hawaii!”

Reviewed by: Stacey , 2022/08/14

Interactive Learning Experience

A couple ride an ATV at North Shore Eco Tours

“My boyfriend and I booked this ATV tour with the intention of just having fun and getting dirty, but it turned out to be so much more than that! Our tour guide, Kioke, was exceptional! He has such a welcoming demeanor and made our trip so much fun! He was very knowledgeable about Hawaii and how the lands came about. We truly think he’s a natural when it comes to his line of work! We really enjoyed every minute of our trip and were excited to hear of different types of tours that could be added in the future! If we come back to Oahu, we will make sure to come visit Kioke on the north shore again!”

Reviewed by: Sydney, 2022/05/03

Ideal for Group Tours

Group of friends enjoying North Shore Eco ATV Tour

“Kioki was great. Very informative and entertaining. The trip was exciting for all eleven of us. Wish we had time here to go again but no such luck. Totally recommend this experience. Probably the best tour of our trip!”

Reviewed by: Don C, 2022/08/07