Are you looking for a unique and fun experience in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii? Look no further than Captain Bob’s Kaneohe Bay Sandbar Snorkel & BBQ Lunch! Come join us and create unforgettable memories made that will last a lifetime. Here are five reasons why our customers keep coming back to Captain Bob’s.

Sandbar Volleyball is a Unique Experience

Visitos enjoying volleyball at Kaneohe Sandbar
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“This was an especially fun day with the crew we were assigned. They encouraged us to play volleyball at the sandbar which was super fun even though I was one of the weak links and a reluctant player. I am so glad they promoted this activity and included everyone who was willing to join in.

We saw so many turtles of all sizes from small to very large. They were up close and amazing. This was one of the highlights of our entire trip to Hawaii. We also snorkeled at one of the reefs. Although the snorkeling wasn’t the best, we found that was true at all our attempts at snorkeling on Oahu on this trip. We did see some schools of fish and it was fun getting into the water and searching.

The food was great and the people and crew made the whole day special and memorable. I will do this tour again if I ever return to Oahu! I highly recommend this tour.”

Reviewed by: Taylor, 2022/07/11

The Food is Delightful

Food servings at Captain bob's
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“So much fun! Would do it again! The crew was informative, easy going and made sure we were all good! Food was great! I had 2nd servings and my 6yo son had a blast! It was his first time to snorkel!”

Reviewed by: Jen, 2023/04/06

Hospitable Captain and Crew

Captain Bob cruising around Kaneohe Bay
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“This is one of our favorite things my wife and I were able to do in Hawaii. We made a mistake while making our order, but they were very accommodating and helped us out. The captain and crew were extremely nice and helped set the tone for a good expedition. Quite a few families with kids went along, as well. The captain took time to spend with a young boy, giving him a treat that you could tell made the boy’s day. The trip gives you a great view of the bay, only improved by very a hospitable captain and crew. And we saw lots of turtles! We really appreciated the experience.”

Reviewed by: Good Time., 2022/12/12

Great View from the Boat

Passenger enjoying the view of Kaneohe Bay by Captain Bob's
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“Highly recommend.. don’t hesitate and just book it.. Awesome experience! Beautiful views! Super awesome crew on board and learned  a lot tooo! And would do it again! Great place to take your family. I took my senior parents and they had a blast.”

Reviewed by: Ro Ro, 2023/02/15

The Experience is Worth Every Penny

Visitors enjoying water activities by Captain Bob's Kaneohe Bay Cruise
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“This is a nice day on the water with a nice boat ride. Crew is very nice. It is $160 per person including transportation, and for that you get a seat on the boat maybe if you can find one, a cheeseburger with baked beans and fruit for lunch, a trip to a sandbar where either you play volleyball or stand around, then a trip to a reef to see little fish and turtles.”

Reviewed by: Visitor, 2023/03/12