StripSteak, a high-end bar and restaurant that fashions itself as “a new genre of modern steakhouse,” recently celebrated one year of serving exquisite food and handmade cocktails at the Waikiki International Marketplace.

As part of their anniversary, the restaurant invited their partners and associates to attend a small event to try out some new cocktails and appetizers.

Being such a partner, I was excited to see our office at HawaiiActivities receive an invitation—Taylor and I agreed to attend faster than you could say “free cocktails.”

Besides that, it was also an opportunity for me to visit the International Marketplace since I haven’t been there since the renovation last year (I know, right?) and eat at the type of high-class establishment that I don’t usually patronize.

Needless to say, it was an experience.


StripSteak was experimenting with three new cocktails that they are planning to offer, giving us guests the distinction of being the first guinea pigs to try them out.

They were expertly made, of course, and you could easily tell that all the ingredients were fresh and selectively chosen.

The brightly colored cocktail pictured above was a bizarre mango-and-tequila concoction, featuring slices of jalapeno and Fresno chili.

Taylor couldn’t stomach it; I had three.

The other cocktails were more traditional: a delicious gin-lemonade drink and a bright-red rum-and-berry concoction.



Taylor and I walked in at around 4:15 p.m., at which point most of the guests hadn’t arrived yet.

After finding seats, Taylor walked up to the bar to get the what’s-what on the event and retrieve for us the above two cocktails.

The night was more of a social event than anything, but waiters and waitresses came by regularly offering more drinks and new appetizers.


Of the appetizers that made the rounds, we got to try a few California rolls and a sample of their steak tartare.


Other trays that came by were filled with mini tacos and french fries served with three different sauces, but we were more focused on the drinks than the food.

Taylor let me know that our office was also invited to the StripSteak opening celebration (which was before my time at HA, sadly), and by all reports the food was spectacular.

The opening event seemed to be more like a focus testing for their new dishes, whereas this one was more about the cocktails.

In any case, it’s immediately apparent that everything in the restaurant is crafted with care and skill.

They also served a selection of beers and wines—a change of pace that was greatly appreciated after trying their three cocktails.


The place filled up quite quickly right before sunset, at which point they opened the awnings to give the place much more of an exterior vibe.

The restaurant itself seemed to get quite busy around 6 p.m. as well, which isn’t all that surprising considering it was a Friday night.

I’m honored to be able to attend an event like this and highly recommend anyone to have dinner at StripSteak at least once.

The entire restaurant emanates an aura of superb quality, and dining there is an experience of more than just food and drink.