Discover the captivating essence of traditional Polynesian culture at the Polynesian Cultural Center – a premier tourist destination in Hawaii. Situated on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu, the center offers an extraordinary experience where visitors can explore recreated villages that embody the distinct cultural heritage of each island. Engage in interactive activities, relish in hands-on demonstrations, and immerse yourself in ancient customs and beliefs. Take a stroll through the stunning grounds and encounter something new around every corner. Don’t miss the chance to stroll through the stunning grounds and soak up the magic of Polynesia.


  • Explore the ancient cultural traditions of the Polynesian people by participating in interactive activities.
  • Take part in a thrilling luau, featuring authentic Hawaiian cuisine and an unforgettable show full of music, dance, and storytelling.
  • Observe traditional hula dancing or participate in a ukulele workshop to learn the fundamentals of this beloved instrument.
  • Enjoy a canoe ride through the aqua-filled lagoon where guests can spot tropical fish and other aquatic life native to Hawaii as they paddle along the shoreline.


Dancers performing at Polynesian Cultural Center
© Polynesian Cultural Center

Established in 1963, this North Shore attraction set on 42 lush acres offers a fascinating look into the diverse cultures of Polynesia. Founded by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which had missionaries in Polynesia as early as 1844, PCC has 6 island villages, each showcasing the captivating cultures of Hawaii, Fiji, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Samoa, Tahiti, and Tonga. It features a temple built in 1919 and a college that eventually became a branch campus of BYU Provo. The idea for the Center was developed by Matthew Cowley in the 1940s and authorized by President McKay in 1962. Since then, it has undergone multiple expansions and additions, including the addition of new attractions such as the Horizons night show, Treasures of Polynesia shopping plaza, and Ali’i Luau. The Center has continued to evolve in the 2000s, with improvements made to the front entrance and cultural presentations, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking entertainment and education.

Things to Do

Canoe Rides

Polynesian Cultural Center canoe ride
© Polynesian Cultural Center

Canoe rides are a popular activity at the PCC, where visitors can take a journey through time by paddling traditional Hawaiian outrigger canoes. Guests can paddle outrigger canoes around the coast, guided by expert staff who will provide detailed instructions on how to maneuver the canoe and navigate through the waters. Visitors are also able to explore native plants and wildlife that inhabit the surrounding areas, providing a truly immersive experience in Hawaiian culture.

During canoe trips, guests may even have the opportunity to observe authentic practices such as fishing with a hand line or mussel raking with a bamboo pole – activities that have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. Finally, guided tours offer an insight into ancient stories of gods and goddesses as well as legends of courageous seafarers navigating these islands during their travels across the Pacific Ocean – a journey made possible only through these traditional seafaring methods.

Watch Evening Luau Shows

Luau Show at Night
© Polynesian Cultural Center

The evening luau show at the Polynesian Cultural Center is an unforgettable experience. Every night, guests are treated to a dazzling display of traditional Polynesian music and dance, including the iconic fire-knife dance. The performance showcases the best talent from each village represented at the center and features hula dancers, Tahitian drummers, Samoan fire twirlers, and more.

Not only is it a mesmerizing show for visitors to watch, but also an opportunity to learn about various aspects of Polynesian culture. Through song and dance, guests can discover unique stories that have been passed down through generations as well as insight into ancient customs and traditions still practiced today. Spanning over two hours in length with plenty of audience interaction opportunities, this vibrant evening show is a must-see attraction for any visitor looking to gain a deeper understanding of Hawaiian culture. From its rich history to its enchanting rituals, there is something for everyone in this spectacular tribute to Polynesia’s vibrant past.

Participate in Interactive Activities

Inteactive Activities at Polynesian Cultural Center
Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) offers a variety of interactive activities that provide visitors with an immersive and hands-on experience of the unique customs and lifestyles of the native Polynesian cultures. Visitors

Spear throwing is an interactive activity that allows visitors to learn about traditional hunting techniques used by the early Polynesians. Participants will be given instructions on how to throw a spear before being able to practice their skills in targeting targets set up throughout the park. Lauhala weaving is an important part of Hawaiian culture and participants will learn about this ancient art form as they construct their lauhala mats. At the PCC, guests will be given instructions on how to weave strips of dried leaves from pandanus trees into intricate patterns that were once used for making baskets or hats.

There are coconut tree climbing activities, where participants can climb up a coconut tree and see what life is like from higher up in the air.  Coconut husking is yet another fun available at the PCC which teaches guests how to crack open coconuts to access its nutritious flesh and milk inside. Guests can watch cooking demonstrations and learn how to make traditional Polynesian dishes like umu – an earth oven that uses heated stones to cook meat and vegetables. They Will then be taught about other cooking techniques such as baking breadfruit or grilling fish over an open fire pit.

Partake in a Dinner Buffet

Dinner buffet at PCC
© Polynesian Cultural Center

At the Polynesian Cultural Center, visitors can enjoy a sumptuous dinner buffet that features an array of traditional island cuisine. Enjoy dishes like poi, laulau, Hawaiian-style sushi rolls, and kalua pork – all cooked to perfection with authentic island spices. In addition to the delicious island dishes, guests will be treated to live entertainment featuring traditional dances and music from across the South Pacific. There’s also a selection of specialty drinks to choose from such as the famous Mai Tai or a refreshing coconut water. For dessert, try out some delicious Kona Coffee ice cream or classic haupia (coconut pudding).

Tickets & Tours

Canoe Ride at Polynesian Cultural Center

Polynesian Cultural Center Tour Ticket - Full Day Admission, Dinner & Show

From USD 152.55

Polynesian Cultural Center Tour Tickets - Create Your Own Package & Experience

Polynesian Cultural Center Tour Tickets - Create Your Own Package & Experience

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Polynesian Cultural Center Tour Tickets - Create Your Own Package & Experience

Oahu Island Sightseeing Tour & Polynesian Cultural Center Tickets

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Tips For Visiting

  • Wear comfortable clothing for the day, as you will be engaging in a variety of physical activities.
  • Bring sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s strong rays.
  • Make sure to take plenty of pictures to capture your experience at the Polynesian Cultural Center!
  • Try out some authentic Hawaiian dishes or drinks while visiting – this is a great way to explore local culture and cuisine!
  • Check out one of the many interactive exhibits that allow visitors to learn more about Polynesian culture through hands-on experiences and demonstrations
  • Take time during your visit to relax and enjoy spectacular views of Oahu’s lush landscape

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Polynesian Cultural Center is a 42-acre living museum located on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii that celebrates the cultures of eight Pacific Island nations.

The Polynesian Cultural Center is located on Oahu near Turtle Bay Resort in Laie Hawaii.

Yes! Turtle Bay Resort offers luxurious beachfront villas with all the amenities one could need; Waikiki’s many hotels and resorts; Charming bed-and-breakfast options in Honolulu and surrounding areas; And car rentals or private shuttle services/tour companies.

Yes! Guided and self-guided tours are offered as part of special packages designed for travelers wanting an immersive tour of all 6 villages and experiences provided by knowledgeable guides along their journey throughout each village area park-wide!

The center is located on Oahu’s North Shore in Laie near Turtle Bay Resort at 55-370 Kamehameha Highway #731 Laie, HI 96762 USA (GPS coordinates 21°38′ N 157°55 W).

The ideal time to visit depends largely on weather conditions but generally speaking June through August tend to be drier months with less rain making them ideal times for enjoying outdoor activities without being too hot.

How to Get There

By Car

The Polynesian Cultural Center is located in the Laie neighborhood of Oahu, just a short drive from Honolulu. From the airport, visitors can take the H1 Freeway West, making their way to Highway 83 North until they reach Laie.

By Bus

For those taking public transportation, TheBus Route 55 makes regular trips to the area from downtown Waikiki and Ala Moana Shopping Center. Alternatively, several shuttle companies provide transportation services to and from the center. Once at the center, visitors will find plenty of parking available for cars and tour buses.

Ready for an Unforgettable Day-trip? 

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Polynesia at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Journey through authentic Hawaiian villages and enjoy interactive activities, native performances, and more. Secure your tickets now and get the best rates ahead of time by booking online.