On Saturday, October 21st, the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor is hosting a museum-wide event to provide youth and young adults information on how to enter the aviation and aerospace industries.

The event consists of various family-oriented activities, presentations, and panel-based discussions, including a session centered around women in aviation.

Keynote presentations will be given by Z. Nagin Cox, a NASA engineer and Tactical Mission Lead on the Curiosity Rover Team, Capt. Ronald McGee, whose aviation career includes military, commercial, and instructional experience, and Steve Justice, an engineer and innovator in the industry that has worked on legendary aircraft such as the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter.

Various other activities, workshops, and detailed information on various aspects of the aviation and aerospace industries will be available, geared specifically towards young people interested in pursuing those fields as a career.

The “Discover Your Future in Aviation” event will undoubtedly be an invaluable experience for any young adult pursuing a career in STEM-related fields, as well as an interesting, educational, and fun way to spend the day at Pearl Harbor.

The event costs $5 to attend—a significant discount from the regular $25 fee—and tickets can be purchased online at the Pacific Aviation Museum’s website.