It is often said, with tongue in cheek, that if you have to ask what a Kamaaina Discount is, you aren’t eligible for one.

So what is a Kama’aina? The word literally means “child of the land” in Hawaiian.

Colloquially, kamaaina is a term that refers to residents of the state of Hawaii. As kamaaina, you are lucky to have paradise as your backyard, and you have access to special discounts!

What is a kamaaina discount?

Kamaaina discounts
Enjoy savings and deals with kamaaina discounts

A kamaaina discount are specials and deals available to residents of Hawaii.

These savings are available from many different businesses like hotels, restaurants, and even for tours and activities!

With a kamaaina discount, you can easily save quite a bit, and experience fun and unique adventures across the state.

How do you find out about kamaaina discounts?

Searching for Kamaaina Discounts
Search online for kamaaina discounts

If you are a resident of Hawaii, it is quite simple to find places that offer kamaaina discounts.

For instance, companies will often advertise their kamaaina discount in local papers or websites.

You can also always ask to see if they offer a kamaaina rate or discount as well.

At, we offer kamaaina discount coupons that can be used for a variety of tours and activities, and you can also always email us or give us a call at (808) 690-9990 for more information!

Check out even more deals on the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau website. There are listings for hotel and restaurant savings that are a great option for your next “staycation”.

What do you have to do to get a kamaaina discount?

Hawaii ID
Show your Hawaii State ID for specials, deals, and discounts

Most companies will just ask that you show a government-issued Hawai’i state ID to receive a kama’aina rate.

If you have just moved to the island, or have not updated your driver’s license or state ID, some businesses will also accept a copy of a utility bill.

How much can you save with kamaaina discounts?

Kamaaina savings
Kamaaina discounts span a wide range of savings and specials.

There are no set savings with a kamaaina discount.

Depending on the tour, activity, or business, specials can be a discounted price, special gift, free upgrades, and more.

No matter the deal, you will be sure to enjoy the perks of being kamaaina.

Where can I get a Hawaii State ID or Hawaii Driver License?

Get your Hawaii State ID
There are many ways to get your Hawaii State ID

Information on how to obtain a Hawaii State ID can be found through each city and county website.

Which tours and activities have a kamaaina discount?

Eco Tourism has hundreds of activities all across Hawaii, and many offer a kamaaina discount!

Take a look at the many options available on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

Online and virtual options available too!