Diamond Head Luau is your gateway to a thrilling Hawaiian experience that will leave you yearning for more! It offers a magical mixture of traditional cuisine, captivating cultural performances, and immersive interactive activities, all against the breathtaking backdrop of Waikiki and the magnificent Diamond Head. Buckle up for a spectacular journey that promises to be more than just a luau — it’s your passport to the very soul of Hawaii!


Hawaii luau party with fire torches at sunset. Hawaiian icon, lights burning at dusk at Waikiki beach resort restaurant for outdoor lighting cozy atmosphere.
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Rooted in Polynesian customs, Diamond Head Luau is a symbolic gathering that honors the spirit of community. The event is a manifestation of the Aloha spirit, symbolizing love, peace, and harmony. Diamond Head Luau stands out for its commitment to preserving and showcasing authentic Hawaiian traditions. The event offers a blend of modern comfort and timeless cultural practices, featuring hula dances, fire knife demonstrations, and live music. The culinary journey includes traditional Hawaiian dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Attendees can expect a genuine encounter with the spirit of Hawaii, a cultural immersion that transcends the ordinary and leaves an indelible mark on their island experience.

Location and Ambiance

Diamond Head Luau is perfectly located at the foot of the iconic Diamond Head, a breathtaking volcanic tuff cone that casts a spectacular silhouette against the shimmering backdrop of Waikiki Beach. As you step into the venue, you’re greeted with a wave of vibrant tropical colors, with a traditional Hawaiian décor that instantly transports you to the era of ancient Polynesia. The scent of fresh flowers and the rustle of palm leaves set the tone, as the flicker of tiki torches illuminates the festive atmosphere. Wooden carvings, woven lauhala mats, and native Hawaiian plants lend an authentic touch, creating an ambiance that’s as inviting as it is intriguing.

Traditional Hawaiian Cuisine at Diamond Head Luau

Diamond Head Luau is a culinary event that aims to showcase traditional Hawaiian flavors and elevate the dining experience to a true “Food Festival.” Collaborating with top restaurants and emerging vendors, the luau presents a unique dinner concept that mirrors the diversity of Polynesian cultures. Each guest receives one ticket to each of the eight vendors’ stations, presenting a tantalizing array of signature dishes for an authentic “taste of Hawaiʻi.” For vegetarian and vegan preferences, an alternate menu is available. Vegan/Vegetarian requests cannot be accommodated for same-day Lūʻau bookings after 11:30 AM.  Check out the complete list of menu items here.

Cultural Performances and Interactive Experiences

Before the captivating show, engage in hula lessons and master the art of coconut leaf headband weaving, gaining insight into traditional island practices. Participate in the timeless crafts of lei-making and fire-making through captivating demonstrations. These pre-show activities offer a genuine connection to Hawaii’s rich heritage. As the sun sets, Diamond Head Luau takes center stage, showcasing authentic Hawaiian performances that narrate tales of the islands’ history and legends through hula and heart-pounding fire knife displays. Live music provides a soulful soundtrack, echoing traditional Hawaiian instruments and fostering a deep appreciation for the cultural mosaic that defines Hawaii—an immersive experience resonating with the enduring spirit of Aloha.

Booking Information and Packages

Diamond Head Luau offers two packages for guests to experience Hawaiian culture. The Standard Lūʻau Seating, priced at $225, includes a symbolic fresh flower lei greeting, a welcome mai tai, and a culinary exploration with 2 drink tickets and 1 food ticket per vendor. Guests can engage in cultural activities and visit the Waikiki Aquarium. The Premium Lūʻau Seating, priced at $249, offers the same included perks except for an elevated experience with prime seating and views of performances.

Accessibility and Logistics

For those seeking convenience ,Diamond Head Luau offers an optional add-on: Round-trip Transportation for $15/person! The venue is designed to accommodate various mobility needs, and the team is dedicated to assisting to ensure everyone can fully enjoy the festivities. At Diamond Head Luau, inclusivity is paramount, and they strive to make the cultural experience accessible to all, ensuring that every guest can embrace the spirit of Hawaii without worry.

Practical Information for Visitors

If you’re planning your visit to Diamond Head Luau, here’s what you need to know.

  • Make sure to dress comfortably, but feel free to don some tropical flair, because, after all, you’re in Hawaii! The luau typically lasts for approximately three hours, so plan your day accordingly.
  • The event is held rain or shine, so a little drizzle won’t dampen the festivities. Also, remember to arrive early as the best seats are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • For international visitors, language won’t be a barrier as the staff is well-versed in multiple languages and is ready to assist.
  • Don’t forget your camera to capture the memorable moments you’re sure to have at Diamond Head Luau.

Why Choose Diamond Head Luau?

Diamond Head Luau emerges as a premier choice for a diverse audience, offering an authentic and immersive Hawaiian experience through traditional performances, interactive activities, and a delightful culinary journey. From families to solo travelers, the luau provides a welcoming atmosphere that fosters a genuine connection with the spirit of Hawaii. With careful consideration for dietary preferences, Diamond Head Luau ensures that everyone can indulge in the culinary delights without compromise. The commitment to authenticity, variety, and inclusivity makes this luau stand out as a compelling option for those seeking a genuine and memorable Hawaiian celebration.

Get in on the Luau Fun!

The Diamond Head Luau beckons, promising to sweep you off your feet with its alluring mix of traditional Hawaiian cuisine, mesmerizing performances, diverse interactive experiences, and the majestic sunset ceremony. Perfect for everyone, it’s an opportunity to experience Hawaii’s cultural richness firsthand. So why hold back? Let your Hawaiian adventure begin with the Diamond Head Luau. Book your tickets now and let the magic of Hawaii unfold before you!