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Last review on 2022/02/07
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Poor service of Hilo Ocean Adventure!

Posted on: 2022/02/07

I signed up my 2 children (age 18 and 15) for Scuba Diving Beginner offered by Hilo Ocean Adv. through VELTRA. Prior to our arrival in HI, I called up this company and made sure my young adult and teenager met the requirement which they did. Based on the recommendation of the lady on the phone, I purchased a second oxygen tank so my kids could have extra fun time diving. If I remember it well, 1 tank is good for an hour use, so upgrade to a second oxygen tank means extra hour of fun. Being competitive swimmers, my children love snorkelling and did Snuba (snorkel and scuba) many times without any problem. But, on Jan 2nd, things didn't turn out so well for my 15 y o teenager. He wasn't able to "equalize" his ears. I'm not so sure what this means, but he basically wasn't able to go down under water at all and pitifully had to stay afloat all the time with one of the instructor, the whole time! Needless to say, my poor boy coulnd't enjoy this diving and of ocurse, had to give up the upgrade of extra time of the 2nd oxygen tank. My young adult girl also gave up the second tank so both kids could be done and picked up on the same time. My husband then talked to the instructors and was promised a refund for both kids' unused 2nd oxygen tank but it needed to be processed through VELTRA, where we bought this activity from. I thought it made sense but didn't feel comfortable since I wasn't issued any confirmation receipt and all was just a verbal talk from this person whose name I know of but unsure of his status within this company.Sure enough, 3-4 days later, VELTRA came back to me and said Hilo Ocean Adv. management did not authorize and/or approve of the refund. However, VELTRA -thumbs up and bravo to the outstanding service!- despite of all this, refunded me the cost of those unused second tanks. With this, I'm very happy with Veltra and will continue using their service for my upcoming trips! But Hilo Ocean Adv.? Never want to go back ever again!!

Rating: star
Attended as:Families
Activity Date: 2022/01/02
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