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Reviews by Nancy
Last review on 2019/02/14
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Amazing sea life and sail

Posted on: 2019/02/14

We took the 12 pm tour and boarded the catamaran from the beach. It only took 10 minutes to motor out to the snorkel site so it was not far from shore. There were 3-4 other boats with groups in the same area but there was plenty of space. We snorkeled until everyone had returned to the boat. Then the crew raised the sail and we had a great time coasting over the beautiful blue water, returning just inside of the 3 hour advertised time. Free snacks (chips, granola bars) were provided and you could buy drinks.

The crew were funny, friendly, and gave clear instructions. They kept watch over us during the snorkel. They regularly checked up on each guest after the snorkel to make sure everyone was comfortable. I wear glasses, and have a -5.25 prescription. They had prescription goggles on board that were -6.0 and I was able to see so clearly without my glasses! We saw a group of spinner dolphins on the way out, and I saw 5 different sea turtles below us during the snorkel. Several of them surfaced to breathe close by which was amazing! We saw a baby octopus, and lot of beautiful fish. The crew member in the water with us was good to caution people to give the turtles their space which was important.

Advice: you are barefoot to board the boat and on the boat, and you store your bag and shoes in cubby holes on board. It's good to bring a sun shirt so your back doesn't burn. You do get cold while snorkeling, but less so if you keep moving. Bring a towel and warm clothes to wear after if you tend to get cold. Hats will fly away easily so you need one with a draw string. They provide sunscreen if you forget your own. I took gravol before the trip, so I'm not sure if I needed it!

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Activity Date: 2019/02/08
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