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Hawaiian Islands

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Reviews by Belinda
Last review on 2023/07/18
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Memorable Experience

Posted on: 2023/07/18

Arriving shortly before 6:30 p.m., we were greeted with welcoming smiles and thank-yous for choosing them.

During the 30-minute boat ride to the manta ray sighting, the crew offered us snacks and beverages. Captain ?Louie? showed us a beautiful sunset while waiting to "anchor" until another boat saw a manta ray (we liked it that he wanted to give us the best chance of seeing manta rays). I was feeling a little seasick by then. Once the boat stopped, the crew gave us helpful instructions.

As we jumped into the water, the staff provided help to any who needed guidance to the lighted raft. Not being the best swimmer, I was one who Tamae kindly guided.

Minutes after setup, we saw our first of 6-7 manta rays for the evening. The manta rays were amazing, even though they chose to stay close to the bottom of the ocean that evening!

During the experience, the raft kept bumping my head and shifting my mask (another in my party had the same experience, so the crew should try to avoid giving the corner spot of the raft to anyone), so I had to hold onto the raft rope with one hand and prevent the raft from bumping my head with the other. The combination of the boat ride and the raft bumping caused my motion sickness to literally erupt. Diego and Tamae compassionately led me toward the boat. Diego comforted me, saying not to worry, at least one person each trip became ill. Because I started feeling better, I was able to return to the raft for the last 10 minutes.

Climbing up the ladder into the boat wasn't the easiest thing to do, but both the captain and crew were there to help.

The ride back was breezy but not too cold with a towel wrapped around our shoulders. I'm also glad there was a small bucket for me to use with my motion sickness.

The entire crew was fantastic, helping us all to experience watching the manta rays! Tamae also offered free actual video footage of our adventure.

Thanks for our memorable experience!

Rating: star
Attended as:Couples
Activity Date: 2023/06/22
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