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Last review on 2013/12/08
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The hike into hell

Posted on: 2013/12/08

This excursion should never have happened. The first part, the paddle upriver was fine, but that's where the fun stopped. Due to the recent rain activity, the normally treacherous, 2 foot wide path to the falls was turned into a muddy,ankle busting,obstacle course. Even when it is dry, this path is just barely navigable. Several people on our tour fell down and slipped into the mud,which pretty much covered the trail. We had to cross the river a couple of times, which normally would have been a fun experience, but it turned into a survival contest for many of us. Once we got to the falls, there was nowhere to sit comfortably to eat the lunch, which we had to backpack in from the kayaks. There are rocks all around the pool formed by the falls, but you have to pick your way through them, holding on to something all the way. While the falls is cute and right out of a Hollywood TV show, it is, in my estimation, not worth the trouble and cost to see it. I suggest that this trip be left to younger, childless couples in their 20,s or 30,s, if they really need to pick their way through tree roots and rocks for 2 miles. If you have youngsters, think again about this trip. If you're over 50, forgetaboutit!!
The guide was great and tried to help as much as possible, but I think he should have called off the trip due to the rains. Someone should have gone up the trail early enough to warn everyone of the conditions. Had there been another way down from the falls, I would have paid anything not to go back through the muddy hell that we endured on the way up. I guess that some tourist companies will do anything for money, especailly when it is ours. I cannot recommend this activity to anyone until the path is fixed. This activity should be labeled "moderate to hard". Lastly, should you think that this is the raving of a wimp, I am a former Special Forces, Vietnam vet who has slogged through the worst jungles in the world and survived. This one gave me a good test.

Rating: star
Attended as:Couples
Activity Date: 2013/12/05
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