Banzai Pipeline, is a reef and wave breaking point located at Ehukai Beach on Oahu’s North Shore. This is the site where professional surfers and surfing experts from around the world arrive in droves every winter to tackle its world-famous Pipeline waves. The monstrous tube-like waves of Pipeline make this beach one of the most dangerous and dynamic surf spots in the world.


  • Ehukai Beach, also known as Banzai Pipeline, has some of the best waves for surfing in the world. During the winter, catch one of the premier surfing competitions that are often there.
  • Grab your high-powered cameras and long lenses to snap amazing photos of monster 40 foot waves, and the daring surfers that ride them.
  • During the summer, the water often becomes calm enough to swim. On some days, it will become almost as still as a lake.
  • The long stretches of sandy beach make Ehukai a great option for a beach stroll.


Ehukai means “sea spray” in Hawaiian, and the nickname “Pipeline” was first used in Bruce Brown’s 1961 surf film “Surfing Hollow Days.” It was previously known as Banzai Beach and eventually the name Banzai Pipeline became common.

Tips when Visiting Ehukai Beach

Ehukai Beach - Banzai Pipeline
  • Arrive early to secure a parking spot as parking is extremely limited, especially on weekends, school holidays, and during surfing competitions.
  • The conditions become very hazardous during the winter months, and ocean waves can reach upwards for 40 foot or more.
  • Observe all warning signs and do not go into the water before speaking with the lifeguard.
  • Both public restrooms and showers are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Swimming at Ehukai Beach and the Banzai  Pipeline is dependent on the weather and ocean conditions. It is much calmer during the summer, and only experienced surfers should ever enter the water during the winter.

No, there are no vendors located at Ehukai Beach, and you will need to bring your own umbrellas and chairs.

No. there are no restaurants or food vendors at Ehukai Beach. There are many small local restaurants and food trucks around the Banzai Pipeline and North Shore for you to enjoy. Be sure to bring some food, snacks, and drinks with you!

No, you cannot drink alcohol at any beach on Oahu.

How to Get to Ehukai Beach

Although parking is very limited, the easiest way to get to Ehukai Beach is by car. Located on Kamehameha Highway, Ehukai Beach and the Banzai Pipeline is approximately an hour away from Waikiki and Ko Olina.

You can also go to Ehukai Beach on the Honolulu City Bus from Waikiki by taking the #60 Kaneohe – Haleiwa route to Kamehameha Hwy + Opp Sunset Beach Park. It will take approximately 3 hours by bus.