Dole Plantation is a popular tourist attraction located on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Situated in lush and tropical surroundings, Dole Plantation offers visitors both educational and recreational activities that provide an insight into the rich culture and history of Hawaii. Boasting more than 30 acres of gardens, with over 50 varieties of fruit trees, as well as fun train rides through pineapple fields, Dole Plantation provides a unique experience for tourists looking to explore the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. Visitors can also learn about how pineapples are grown at their interactive Pineapple Garden Maze or take part in one of their many guided tours around the plantation grounds. With its rich history and stunning scenery, Dole Plantation is sure to be a memorable experience for all who visit!


  • Explore the Pineapple Garden Maze, the world’s largest maze
  • Learn about Hawaii’s pineapple history at the Dole Plantation Visitor Center
  • Take a ride on the Pineapple Express Train Tour for an educational adventure around the plantation grounds
  • Get lost in tropical gardens and lush landscapes while taking a stroll through Dole Plantation’s botanical garden trails.


Pineapple Treats at Dole Plantation
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While it’s unknown exactly when the first pineapple, referred to as “hala kahiki” in Hawaiian, arrived in Hawaii, we do know that Spanish adventurer Francisco de Paula Marin successfully raised pineapples in the early 1800s. Later, sailor Captain John Kidwell played a significant role in founding Hawaii’s pineapple industry by importing and testing various varieties for commercial crop potential. However, it wasn’t until James Drummond Dole arrived in Hawaii that pineapples became a household staple in America. Dole Plantation was originally founded by James Drummond Dole, who emigrated from Massachusetts to Hawaii in 1899. After working in various agricultural jobs, Dole purchased a 60-acre piece of land and established his own pineapple and vegetable farm in 1900. Within six years, he had increased his holdings to 600 acres, making it the largest pineapple plantation in the world at the time.


In 1922, Dole opened a cannery on the plantation which he called Pineapple Cannery No. 1 – now known as Dole Cannery – and began exporting canned pineapples all over the world. By 1946, the company had become so successful that it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange as “The Hawaiian Pineapple Company” (later changed to “Dole Food Company”).  Dole’s fruit stand opened in 1950 and later transformed into Dole Plantation, which now offers the “Pineapple Experience” to over one million visitors annually. Today, Dole Plantation is home to many attractions such as a Pineapple Express Train Tour and a Garden Maze made from 14,000 tropical plants.

Things to Do

Family enjoying at Dole Plantation

Pineapple Express Train Tour

Embark on a 20-minute narrated train tour through Hawaii’s pineapple story aboard the Lady Liberty, Pineapple Express, Aloha Express, or the newest addition, the Ohana Express. Learn about the history of pineapple in Hawaii and the founding of Dole Plantation, while enjoying the stunning scenery of the island’s North Shore. The Lady Liberty train is a replica of a popular 0-4-4T model from the early 1900s, while the Pineapple Express was built in England and driven by a diesel motor and hydraulic pump. The Aloha Express and Ohana Express were built in China and operate using Diesel Electric like full-size trains. As you journey through the plantation, you’ll learn all about the history of pineapple cultivation in Hawaii and the important role that Dole Plantation has played in it. You’ll be able to explore the fields where pineapples are grown and see first-hand how this tropical fruit is harvested. All four trains offer a unique family experience that you won’t want to miss!

Plantation Garden Tour

The Plantation Garden Tour is a great way to explore the Dole grounds, featuring a guided tour through various areas. Explore the Dole Plantation’s gardens and experience the beauty of tropical plants used in creating delicious treats. From coffee to unique fruits and even Waialua’s signature chocolate, these gardens offer a stunning view of nature’s bounty. Don’t miss the chance to smell lei flowers like plumeria and pikake in season. During your tour, you’ll learn about the history of pineapple plantations in Hawaii as well as other facts about Dole such as its many unique varieties of fruits and vegetables grown onsite and their uses. You’ll also have the chance to taste some fresh samples from many of these crops.

Pineapple Garden Maze

Discover the world’s largest maze at Dole Plantation. Spanning over 3 acres, the maze consists of nearly 2.5 miles of pathways crafted from 14,000 Hawaiian plants and trees. Satisfy your sense of adventure by discovering eight secret stations that lead you closer to the heart of this botanical marvel, as well as a central tower with stunning views of the entire plantation. The maze itself is designed to mimic a pineapple with its winding pathways and round shape. It’s estimated that it takes visitors an average of 45 minutes to complete the Pineapple Garden Maze at the Dole Plantation, making it an enjoyable experience for anyone looking for some outdoor fun and adventure!

Plantation Grille

Indulge in a delicious variety of island favorites at the Plantation Grille, including tasty dishes like teriyaki chicken plate, kalua pork plate, and loco moco. If you prefer more traditional options, we also serve mouth-watering cheeseburgers and hot dogs. But whatever you do, don’t leave without trying our world-famous Dole Soft Serve! This restaurant offers guests a unique and memorable dining experience From the quaint décor to the friendly staff, visitors will feel right at home.

Tips for Visiting Dole Plantation 

  • Get there early in the morning to beat the rush of tourists – Dole Plantation opens its doors at 9:30 am, so plan to arrive around that time to make the most of your visit.
  • Take advantage of all the interactive exhibits and activities
  • Wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be walking around – there is plenty to explore at Dole Plantation, including acres of lush gardens and trails featuring natural Hawaiian flora and fauna.
  • Bring sunscreen or hats for protection against the sun.
  • Sample some local treats from Pineapple Express.
  • Don’t forget to drop by the gift shop.
  • Visit during the pineapple season to pick your fruits – If you attend during the pineapple season (May through October), you will have the opportunity to take part in a unique experience: picking your fruit right from their farm fields!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dole Plantation is a top spot to visit in Oahu. It is a crowd-pleasing destination that attracts over one million visitors annually.

In business since 1900, it’s likely that a visit to the one and only Dole Plantation is on your list of things to do if you’re traveling to Oahu.

More land was required as pineapple demand increased. Dole acquired Lana’i in Hawaii in 1922 and turned it into the world’s largest pineapple plantation, with 20,000 acres under cultivation and a planned plantation village to accommodate more than a thousand workers and their families.

At Dole Plantation, guests can enjoy a variety of attractions including the world’s largest maze, Pineapple Express Train Tours, a Garden Tour, and the Plantation Grille Restaurant.

While visiting Dole Plantation guests should always wear appropriate clothing. Additionally, visitors should always stay hydrated. Other safety tips include avoiding long grassy areas where insects might hide as well as never leaving valuables unattended when exploring different attractions within plantation grounds – keep these items in a secure place such as lockers provided by attendants near entrance gates!

Admission to the Dole Plantation grounds is free; however, certain attractions may require additional fees or tickets which can be purchased at nearby kiosks or online beforehand. For example, tickets for the Pineapple Express Train Tour start at $13 per adult (ages 13+) and $11 per child (ages 4-12).

How to Get There

By Car

Dole Plantation is just a 40-minute drive from Waikiki. Simply take H-1 West then transfer to H-2 North (Exit 8A). Take Exit 8 to Wahiawa and continue to Kamehameha Highway (99). You’ll find Dole Plantation at 64-1550 Kamehameha Highway.

By Bus

The Bus offers two different routes that go near the plantation; Route 55 and Route 56 both stop at the intersection of Farrington Highway and Kamehameha Highway, which is less than a quarter mile from the plantation entrance. You can also take a tour bus that goes directly to the plantation. Several companies offer tours that include pickup in Waikiki or elsewhere on Oahu, and these typically include stops at other attractions like Pearl Harbor or Chinatown in addition to Dole Plantation Hawaii.

Get Your Pineapple On and Tour Dole Plantation!

A trip to Hawaii isn’t complete without visiting Dole Plantation – it’s the stuff Hawaiian dreams are made of! Gorgeous views of lush greenery and fascinating historical tidbits abound, making this attraction a must-do. Whether you crave an adrenaline rush or a chance to unwind, Dole Plantation Hawaii delivers it all. Come with us and rediscover the magic of this paradise that you’ll never want to leave!