As COVID-19 spreads across the globe, we are doing our very best in Hawaii to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus. The islands of Hawaii are a natural paradise, and its smaller size, as well as its isolation from other countries and states, makes it both easier and harder to control the spread of this virus. To make sure that both Hawaii residents and guests to the area have the most up to date information, we have created a “one-stop” data base where we hope all of your questions can be answered.

Current confirmed COVID-19 cases in Hawaii: Updated case counts available here.

Status of Tours and Activities in Hawaii

Due to social distancing initiatives, as well as curfews and quarantines, the majority of the Hawaii’s activities have been either closed or the amount of participants greatly reduced. Many tour operators have ceased operations until at least the end of March, and a good number have either suspended activities until mid-April or until further notice. While beaches are not officially shutdown, all lifeguard personnel will not be working, and there for swimming in the ocean is at your own risk. Social distancing is still recommended even in the water.

If you have any confirmed bookings and would like immediate assistance, you can reach us at 808-690-9990 from 8:00AM to 5:00PM HST Monday through Friday, or at anytime via email at

Current regulations in place

  • Social distancing procedures are in effect with hundreds of thousands of residents working from home and a number of local and national retailers are temporarily closed or cutting back on services.
  • All non-essential state workers are not to report to work from March 20th to at least April 3rd.
  • There is a mandatory 14-day quarantine in place for anyone arriving into Hawaii. (source)

OAHU COUNTY: (source)

  • All state public schools are closed until April 6th
  • The state has closed all parks, visitor attractions and other gathering places. Entertainment venues such as the Blaisedell Center are also closed (source)
  • All bars and night clubs are mandated to close for 15 calendar days as of March 20th
  • All restaurants and cafes that serve food are mandated to close except solely for drive-thru. pick-up, or delivery service for 15 calendar days as of March 20th

KAUAI COUNTY: (source)

  • Curfew in place from 9:00PM to 5:00AM (source)
  • Store are now limited to five to 10 patrons at a time depending on the space of the establishment (source)
  • All non-essential retail establishments are now closed

MAUI COUNTY: (source)

  • Gyms, recreation facilities, and other places of public gathering are ordered closed (source)
  • “Stay at home and work from home” enacted until April 30th (source)


  • Hawaii county businesses and places of worship that remain open are to proactively address minimizing risk to personnel and customers. This is of assurance of proactive cleanliness of disinfecting and sanitizing your facility and implementing of social distancing.

Regulations currently planned, but not officially implemented

  • A plan is in place to decrease travel from the mainland United States, as well as a plan to shutdown Waikiki (source)

Information and Resources

(Last updated March 27th, 2020)