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Last review on 2022/09/16
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Pictures look great but reality not so good

Posted on: 2022/09/16

The underwater scooter adventure seemed like a great idea, particularly for my wife, who doesn't like snorkeling because of having the breathing tube in her mouth. This diving-bell style system seemed like the perfect solution. It worked, but there were some major issues. Start with the boat, which is small and when moored to the dive area bobs like a cork in the ocean swells, creating motion issues. The scooter itself has air pumped in constantly, resulting in an ever-changing level of air pressure until the air is forced out. So, your ears are constantly clogging and unclogging like you are descending and ascending in a plane the whole time. You also have no control over where the scooter goes, since it is not really self-propelled. Each scooter is accompanied by a "dive master" who physically pushes you to where the master wants you to go, and who controls when you submerge and when you surface. The marine life is swell, with fish food provided to bring in the fish right up to your helmet. The helmet is also very noisy, with the compressed air machine running, making it unlike snorkeling, which is quiet and peaceful. Bobbing up and down in the current inside the diving bell also produces a lot of motion, so don't eat anything before taking the trip. The crew was nice, but did not provide much instruction about what would happen once under the bell. There are hand signals for the dive master, but you feel very much out of control during the dive. On balance, I would not do this again -- even if I had not gotten seasick.

Rating: star
Attended as:Couples
Activity Date: 2022/09/14
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  • They do bring in the fish

  • getting good pictures is their specialty