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To participate in any of our on island activities, all travelers arriving to Hawaii must complete the mandatory 14-day quarantine, and the most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 in Hawaii can be found here.

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Reviews by Jeff
Last review on 2019/11/18
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Great and inexpensive trip!

Posted on: 2019/11/18

My wife and I booked last minute to take this tour. The hosts were great and it was a nice way to begin an evening out. Would recommend!

Rating: star
Attended as:Couples
Activity Date: 2019/11/05
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Haleakala was Amazing, Tour Guides Were Awful

Posted on: 2019/11/13

We selected this trip because we were unable to secure tickets to drive ourselves up to the summit for sunrise. We expected to be picked up early so we weren't surprised by the 2:40am pickup time. We were also prepared for the cold so no problem there. The biggest problem is that from the time we woke up to the time we were eventually released from our hostage situation, our guide did not stop talking. The problem wasn't even the talking - it was the fact that what he was saying was the dumbest minutiae that added no value to the trip, including saying one of the more ridiculous claims that Haleakala (approx. 10k feet high) is taller than Mt. Everest (approx. 29k feet high) because Haleakala has over 20k feet of it's height below the water which makes it over 30k feet. Our guide (as well as another guide from the same company we eventually met up with at the summit) also continually said "Haleakala is the world's second tallest mountain in the world after the mountain on the big island of Hawaii." "The world's second tallest mountain in the world." At that point I was so frustrated listening to these people talk that I was likely to be annoyed by anything but for two people to say "world's tallest in the world" over half a dozen times cut me to the core like fingernails on a chalkboard. Breakfast also offered 3 options with no substitutions at a golf course in the middle of the island. I would have been paying more attention but thankfully I had headphones to try to escape the idiocy being spewed by our guide on the way back down the mountain.

The views from the summit were amazing but the temperatures were frigid and the wind chill probably dropped the overall temperature another 10 degrees so be prepared. I would absolutely recommend the experience of going to the summit but do anything in your power to avoid doing it with this company.

Haleakala Summit - 5/5 stars
This Tour - 1/5 stars

Rating: star
Attended as:Couples
Activity Date: 2019/11/10
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  • View into the Crater at sunrise

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