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Group & Private Surfing Lessons for Beginners in Kihei

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Kind and patient instructors who know how to make learning fun

Reviewed by: basic surfer, 2018/11/27

We've done a few surfing lessons over the past decade. Our instructor this time topped them all. He was funny, kind, patient with our autistic son to the point of putting him on his own board and riding tandem. He spent half the class putting the extra effort to building up our boy's confidence before he was ready to try surfing on his own.

The picture of our kid's face when he stood up and surfed on his own was something worth buying - and we don't often purchase the pictures taken over the course of the lesson.

Josh didn't just teach him to surf, he gave him a lesson in confidence and perseverance that our son won't easily forget. The fact that he had the time of his life was just the umbrella on top of the coconut.

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2018/11/23
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Reviewed by: Samantha , 2015/06/09

It was an absolute great time. The instructor provided such eat direction and assisted in giving you the most successful attempts at learning to surf. They also provided amazing professional photographs.

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2015/06/06
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Great time surfing

Reviewed by: Paula Glidewell, 2014/10/26

This was a great excursion. I was a first time surfer. The waves were perfect. Not too big, but enough to where I was able to get up a lot. The instructors were very helpful. We surfed in an area where my friends were able to get some good pictures. I really enjoyed this.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2014/10/21
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Surf, Surf and Surf

Reviewed by: Guest, 2014/09/24

It was fun and we were only 3 in a group and the instructor did everything to make sure we could stand up.

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2014/09/19
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Fun but a little too basic...

Reviewed by: Mr. Anonymous, 2010/03/26

We had fun and enjoyed learning to surf, however we were taken to a very shallow part of the ocean where the floor was covered with sharp rocks. My husband and I were both injured and ended up leaving 50 minutes early from our lesson. The wind was pretty bad that day which obviously is uncontrollable, but there very few waves and lots of other surf lesson students so there was very little opportunity to attempt what we had learned. I do not feel the value of the lesson was enough to warrant how much we paid. But, again, we did have a good time and perhaps on a less windy and cold day it wouldn't have been so bad.

Attended as:Couples
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Reviewed by: Melissa Scott, KY, 2009/12/02

Surf lessons with the Maui Beach Boys were GREAT! They were so fun, laid back, goofy, relaxed, knowledgable, helpful, funny... you name it! I am EXTREMELY un-coordinated but love water so surfing looks fun for me but is something that is kind of unthinkable...the paitence and one on one instruction that we got durring out lesson was do helpful! The other instructors in the water even chiped in and helped push us off and give tips too! and when we were waiting for the waves to come in the conversation was very fun and smiles were a constant! This was a GREAT way to start our vacation!!! I will deffinatley do this again!!!

Attended as:Families
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