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Ocean Sports Kohala Coast Snorkel Cruise [Open Now]

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If you're gonna do a snorkel cruise, do this one

Reviewed by: Christina, 2019/01/08

This was THE COOLEST snorkel excursion. First they picked us up from our hotel, RAD. They have a marine biologist on board that taught us a lot about the creatures we'd be seeing and the ecosystem which was fascinating. The area they took us to was a gorgeous reef and we saw some amazing fish and sea creatures. The marine biologist was even diving for starfish that he showed everyone and let us pet while we were in the water. We got a good hour and a half of snorkeling and then it was time for a tasty sandwich bar lunch. On the way back was, yes what you've all been waiting for, an OPEN BAR. Those were the best drinks I got on the island. It was awesome, big shout out to the amazing crew.

  • Underwater photo of the coral and some reef fish

  • Beautiful view of Maui from the boat

Reply from activity provider

Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback about your Snorkel and Watch Watch Adventure Cruise for the Veltra Community (and us). We're so happy to read that you enjoyed the cruise and the service provided by the crew, the snorkeling, and our on-board menu. Thanks for sharing the photos too...so beautiful!
As a locally owned and operated company on the Big Island, we rely heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations, and we're honored by yours.
We look forward to sharing more adventures with you next time you're in our neighborhood!

Attended as:Couples
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Great memories

Reviewed by: shawn1677, 2015/07/06

Two years later and I am still thinking about how much fun we had snorkeling and sailing. Some of the best memories we have from our time on the Big Island. We'll be back as soon as possible!

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2013/07/22
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Awesome Trip

Reviewed by: DJS, 2015/05/28

This is an amazing snorkeling adventure. The staff is very knowledgeable - very attentive - and everyone of them went out of their way to make this a memorable (and safe) experience for us. One of the guides brought up sea urchins and starfish for everyone to enjoy! Highly recommend!

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2015/05/25
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Snorkel and whales

Reviewed by: Emma, 2015/03/19

Fabulous time, saw young humpbacks repeat breeches very close to the boat. Best part was when the sails were up. Well worth it.

Attended as:Families with Young Children
Activity Date:2015/03/16
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Great Start to a Holiday

Reviewed by: Bea, 2013/10/05

This is a great day for an experienced snorkler and, at the same time, individuals less confident in the water. An abundence of sea life, including a manta, a great beach and beautiful vista were all part of the experience. Followed by a smooth but good sail home, it was enough but not too much for a first morning after a late arrival. Food good, crew great and helpful, equipment good and boat comfortable - great for the activity type and well maintained. All in all, a very good experience.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2013/09/21
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Black Sand Snorkel Sail

Reviewed by: Helt Family, 2010/08/29

When we go to tropical destinations we make a point of booking a snorkel sail sometime during our vacation.
We have gone on a number of them in the Caribbean and Hawaii and have really enjoyed them all.
Our all time favorite was the Holo Holo charter on Kauai that took us over to Napali.
My wife and I, as well as our 3 boys, really like getting out on the ocean in a smooth running catamarran.
The Black Sand Snorkel sail was a blast. We really enjoyed the Sea Smoke and the awesome crew. Kane was very friendly and knowledgeable, and Captain Pat was great as well.
One of the main reasons I booked this particular snorkel sail was that it was close to our condo villiage in the Waikoloa Beach Resort. I think it may have been the only one available in that area since most of the others were out of the Kona area.
The only things I would not comment positively on were the fact that the breakfast offering was not good. All they served were some sliced oranges. Other sails I have been on ha

Attended as:Families with Young Children
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Catamaran Black Sand Snorkel

Reviewed by: Paul, 2010/07/29

Excellent. To start, we went out on the Sea Smoke, little did we know, this was owned by James Arness (Gun Smoke TV show) and he raced this from LA to Hawaii and beat the pack by 2-days… So we were sailing on a piece of history.
Crew was awesome and extremely hospitable. Equipment was very good; food and beverages were high quality and fresh.
We arrived at the dive spot and it was amazing, sea turtles to say the least. The black sand beach was amazing and really different than the typical white sugar sand that most beaches are made of.
I would recommend this to all skill levels and all ages.
On the way back they sent up the sails and turned the engine off, we enjoyed the speed and stability that 60’ catamarans are famous for.
If you have a chance, don't miss this opportunity to view the Big Island and its beautiful coastline from the ocean… Well worth the 4-hour snorkel adventure and very convenient to find as this is anchored at the Waikoloa Marriot.

Attended as:Families with Young Children
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Go Snorkeling

Reviewed by: Gary, 2009/03/30

The Snorkel Cruise was one of our top two activities. We very much enjoyed the cruise out to the Black Sand Beach. We saw some whales along the route. We enjoyed the snorkeling even more. This was our first ocean snorkeling cruise experience. We had snorkeled a little bit over the years but no where with as much color and marine life. Highly recommended whether you have snorkeled or not. The staff is very helpful and seem to enjoy their job. (if you can call that a job). Makes it a great experience. Very convenient launch from the Waikoloa Marriot. Very nice for us because that is where we stayed. Others were shuttled there and I am sure that was no problem either. Nice activity. Would do again.

Attended as:Couples
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Great trip

Reviewed by: Louise Huckabay, 2007/11/12

It was my first time to snorkel and I was a little nervous but the staff helped me and my experience was amazing. They went to great lengths to see that my experience was a good one.

Attended as:Friends
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