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Mauna Kea Summit Sunrise & Stargazing Tour

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Great Tour there is option of English or Japanese

Reviewed by: Andrew, 2018/10/09

We took the Japanese tour since the english tour was sold out. Fortunately we were bilingual so there were no issues for us. Mr. Aoki the tour coordinator was very helpful. There might be few things that you just have to laugh about.

Sadly we weren’t able to see the sunrise because of weather issues but we got to see the star gazing perfectly!!

FYI not being avle to see doesnt happen often because this tour is known for being able to see more than 300 days/year.

Still waiting for our pics from the tour guide since they took the pictures for us! Will post all the pics when we recieve them

Reply from activity provider

Aloha Mr.Andrew,

Thank you for joining our Mauna Kea Sunrise& Stargazing tour.
We are glad that you enjoyed the stargazing. I'm sorry if you We apology for lacking of communication in English.
In winter season, there will be more possibility of rain; however, as you mentioned, it is so true that most of time in a year, the weather is clear on Mauna Kea summit.

If you have not receive the password for your pictures, we kindly appreciate if you could send us an Email, and we will reply to your Email ASAP.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the Big Island!



Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2018/10/07
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Once-in-a-life kind of experience

Reviewed by: Shin Taniguchi, 2018/10/01

Many people say sunset is better than sunrise, but sunrise is great, too.
Even though we were on the tour about two days before the full-moon (meaning moonlight is very bright and moon doesn't set until about 5 in the morning), we could enjoy the gorgeous stars in the sky with decent explanation of the stars.
Sunrise was also gorgeous. It was no doubt one of the most beautiful scenaries I have ever seen in my life. Although we were lucky enough to see both stars and sunrise in good weather and it is said that we mostly see clear sky at the peak of Mauna Kea, you may have to keep in mind weather is always a variable you can never tell.

Our guides were good, with a lot of experience and knowledge, trying to do their best to make the tour enjoyable.

If you are okay to go to bed early on the day before and can wake up at 1:30 in the morning, it will let you spend your time more wisely because you have a whole day even after you come back from the tour. (we came back to the hotel around 8:30 am)

Also be noted that the temperature up there is very low. Especially because the weater in Hawaii is hot and you need to face the near-freezing-point weather on the same day, make sure to prepare warm clothes yourself. The ski jackets and pants they lend you will not be enough.

  • Sunrise you can expect

Reply from activity provider

Aloha, this is Sumire from NatureSchool.

Thank you for joining our tour and giving us your feedback.
I 'm glad to hear that you could enjoy the stars and sunrise with the clear sky.
As you said, it's very hard to expect the weather on the summit.
Even though the weather is not good, we try our best to make the customers enjoy the tour.
Our tour guides have much knowledge and many skills.
We would love to do more English tours in the future.
We are looking forward to seeing you again on Bigisland.
Thank you for joining our tour again!


Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2018/09/23
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First time close to the doors to haven:)

Reviewed by: Darko, 2018/09/12

I recommend this Sunrise tours especially to people who never conquers mountain peak higher then 3000 m.
Of course, I recommend it to everyone else, but for those who are for the first time on a higher elevation this is simply the must.

The flow of emotions I felt when I reached the peak was so overwhelming that I couldn't stop the tears.
It's almost impossible to express the feeling of inner fulfillment when you stand on the top of a high mountain watching the sunrise!

The Veltra crew did outstanding planning by set of small stops so our body can adapt to over 4000 m attitude.
First we stopped at 2000 to adapt to coldness of night and change in altitude. (They distributed parkas to all of us at that time)
Then we stopped at around 3000 m for unforgettable stargazing experience.
I saw shapes of Milky way, before but this was on completely different level.
I think the altitude of 3000 m makes substantial difference. There you don't have any light pollution but also the air is already thin enough to give you unforgettable experience of pure connection with the universe.

Then finally, just when you think that it can not get better then this, on the brink of dawn, we reached the summit and saw and felt unforgettable sunrise that will, at least in my case, stay forever in my memories.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank Veltra team and especially to our guide Stefan for allowing me to experience this unforgettable sunrise.


  • Sunrise

  • Just we and the stars

  • Observatory

Reply from activity provider


Thank you very much for joining our sunrise tour and giving us your review.
We are happy to hear that you enjoyed the sunrise and stargazing.
Because we are a Japanese tour company, it was our challenge to combine customers who speak different language.
We are very careful about the altitude accommodation of our customers.
Sunrise from the summit and the sky filled with the stars at Mauna Kea is outstanding.
I will tell Stefan about your review and he would be happy.
Thank you for choosing our tour.
We're looking forward to seeing you on Big Island again!


Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2018/09/11
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Breathtaking Views! A Once in a Lifetime Experience!

Reviewed by: Nichole B, 2018/09/03

My friend and I went on the stargazing and sunrise tour to the Summit of Mauna Kea yesterday. Todd was our tour guide and extremely personable. He was also a wealth of knowledge on constellations, and local landscape. The stargazing was outstanding, we saw satellites, shooting stars, and a ton of constellations not visible usually at home. The summit was breathtaking, watching the sun come up we could see the whole island and Maui from up there. It was like being on top of the world. I definitely recommend it!

Reply from activity provider

Aloha, this is Sumire from NatureSchool.

Thank you very much for joining our sunrise tour and posting your review!
I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the tour.
Our company's tour guides have much knowledge about stars and Big Island.
We can see bunch of stars that are invisible in a town.
Thank you for choosing our tour.
We're looking forward to seeing you again.



Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2018/09/02
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