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Captain Bob's Kaneohe Sandbar Snorkel & BBQ Lunch with Free Transportation

Snorkeling at the reef
Part of the sandbar and a small island behind it
Sea Turtle next to our boat
Ms Puff
Perfect Day with Captain Bob’s Sandbar
Look at this view
Sea turtles saw several
Absolutely beautiful views
Hawaiian volleyball
Sandbar with the husband!
Awesome lunch on the boat- doesn’t get any better than this!
He was super excited
Kiddos on the water
Special thanks to the Capt for taking this shot!
Will definitely do this again next yr!!
The Bar
Beautiful scenery
Corral reef snorkeling
Sea turtle
Kaneohe Bay Sandbar
The sand bar from afar
Gorgeous ocean views
At the Sandbar
Headed to the reef
Volley ball in the ocean!
Good times!
Ready to dive and snorkel
Fun time
Amazon views!
Sandbar vball net up
Sandbar vball net going up
Kaneohe Sandbar Turtles
Turtle sighting
Cool burger set up on the boat
View of our boat from the Sandbar
Lovely AJ
Turtle watching
Peep the honu in his little cave!
Happy mode
My love & I our way to the Sandbar. :)
Just loved every minute of it!
Bootyful picture taken by BF at Sandbar!
We could see the big turtle !
So much fun playing volleyball on sandbar !
Relaxing at the back of the boat
recommandable for little kids
It was an excellent experience
Snorkel companion
Friendly staff!
Drone captured image
Sand Bar!!
Lunch/ volleyball
Group of families
Group of families
Beautiful Kaneohe Bay
My son enjoyed the sandbar tour, snorkelling and sea tour.
Sandbar swimming
Chillin and grillin!
Gilligan's Island
Fish on the reef.
Cheeseburger in paradise!
Snorkeling practice at the sandbar.
Sea Turtle
Reef snorkeling
Myself holding soft white sand on the sand bar
Us with Jenner :)
On the sand bar
亀さん2匹 見えますか?
魚 さかな サカナ 魚え~
Life at the sandbar
the sandbar
Elegance of the Manta Ray!
A view of the Coral Reef.
Snorkeling at the Coral Reef.
The turtles were amazing!
A stop at the Sand Bar for lunch and volleyball.
Captain Bob's Kaneohe Sandbar Snorkel & BBQ Lunch with Free Transportation
Enjoy a day on a Kaneohe Sandbar catamaran snorkel cruise and head to the Kaneohe Bay sandbar to swim, play volleyball, take photos, or simply relax before having a BBQ lunch and snorkeling at a deep sea reef home to tropical fish and sea turtles.