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Waikiki Deluxe Turtle Snorkel Cruise & Water Fun Combo - Kayak, SUP & Trampoline

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Snorkel cruise Waikiki tours with water activity

Underwater Scooter 02

Chance to see Hawaiian sea turtle swimming around!

Deluxe Turtle Package-SUP01

Kayaking with the view of Diamond Head

Underwater Scooter 01

Must-try Waikiki attractions BOB scooter!

Sea Turtle Selfie_shutterstock_403434658

Swimming with turtles on the snorkeling trip

Water Trampoline-01

Catamaran cruise boat built for water activity

Underwater Scooter 07

Lifeguard-certified crews will support you

Deluxe Turtle Package-Kyayk04

Fun things to do in Waikiki with kids

Water Trampoline-02

Underwater Scooter 03

Have fun spending time under the sea by a scooter

Deluxe Snorkeling Package-01

Lots of things to do in Honolulu in a day!

Water Slider 01

Deluxe Snorkeling Package-03

Deluxe Turtle Package-Kyayk01


Enjoy snorkeling with turtles & tropical fish

Deluxe Snorkeling Package-06

Deluxe Turtle Package-Kyayk02

One of the best things to do in honolulu!

Underwater Scooter 04

Eaven non-swimer can enjoy the underwater world!

Water Trampoline-03

Jumping on a water trampoline is fun!!!

Deluxe Snorkeling Package-08

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