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Oahu Zipline Combo Tour with ATV & Adventure Tower - Coral Crater Adventure Park

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Amazing Day Out

Reviewed by: Rob, 2023/04/29

This is one of the best days out we had on the island.
Blane the ATV guide was great, really looked after us, kept us moving at a great pace.
The two girls who took us on the Zipline were amazing, very confident and kept everyone calm.
Was a Great Day out, would highly recommend.

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2023/04/06
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Birthday Fun!

Reviewed by: Chelsea Smith , 2020/03/21

This was the first time my boyfriend and myself have been to Hawaii. This was definitely a day of fun! Everyone that worked there was so nice and it was not busy at all so we were able to move at our own pace which was nice! The ATVing and zip lining was my favorite!

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2020/03/01
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Epic day of adventure for my girlfriend and I!

Reviewed by: Mike, 2018/10/01

We had a blast at Coral Crater! We booked the ultimate package that included zipline, tower,and ATV and it was so worth it! The day started off zip-lining. We had zip-lined at a few other places here which I remember being somewhat bored. This wasn't the case here. The lines fly through the tree top and it definitely felt a lot faster than our previous zip tour. No one got stuck on the lines because you go more than fast enough! I wish I was able to post some of the video here! After zip-lining we had a much needed hour break for lunch before the tower activity. It does get very hot as the adventure park is literally built into a crater and is protected from the wind. Taking a break to cool off and drink lots of water was very nice. The tower was a ton of fun, some obstacles were pretty easy while others were fairly challenging. I am not a climber so being up in the air really took me out of my comfort zone which made even the simple obstacles exciting! The safety equipment they use is top notch, high-end gear, so when you do fall you can rest easy knowing that you are safe.There was a 3rd grade boy in the group who was flying through the course, his parents (not old) could barely keep up! So its safe to say this great for kids. The most intimidating part is the "freefall" from 70 ft using the auto-belay device.It looks terrifying but is actually pretty fun. The climbing wall was a lot of fun also. We all got to take as many attempts as we wanted. I made it up to the bell both times I went and was exhausted after that. The final activity was ATVs. These are not normal ATVs, they are custom 800cc v-twin mid-engine off-road machines. I had a blast drifting and sliding the ATV around. I got the ATV almost sideways multiple times and at one point we almost hit 30MPH! This is not a slow, sightseeing ATV ride, so do not expect that. Driving skill will play a role in how exciting this ATV is. If you want to tear up the trail and get dirty, these are the ATVs to do it on!

  • Loved the tandem zip

  • Zipping through the trees

  • The tower!

  • Climbing wall was definitley a challenge but I made it to the top!

  • Tore it up in an 800cc mid-engine off-road machine!

Reply from activity provider

Mike, Thanks for the kind review. It was great having you at the park and we hope to welcome you back for another fun time.

Attended as:Couples
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Waste of Time and Money!

Reviewed by: SundayC, 2018/08/20

My two teenagers and I purchased the ATV/Zipline combo and were pretty excited about the ATV portion of it. When we got to Coral Crater, we realized it was a fenced in area with a bunch of trees and plants. Nothing to see or experience that has to do with Hawaii or Hawaii's beautiful scenery. We ziplined first, and that was ok. Nothing great or exciting...I would give that part of the experience a 6 out of 10. Again, you're just going through trees on the property, and in some instances, you see buildings fron across the street. We then went on to the ATV portion of this excursion. The ATVs are rigged so you can't get out of first gear. You go around and around and around on a dirt track and literally can't see anything but the dirt that's being kicked up by the ATV in front of you. These tracks should be watered down. There is nothing exciting about this, unless you're between the ages of 5 and 10. Otherwise, you get dizzy from going around in circles in the dust for an hour in first gear. My teens wanted to leave 10 minutes into the ride. Also, please be advised to bring a change of clothes, as you will be COVERED in dirt. We felt as though we wasted our time and money here. If I'm going to go that slow on an ATV, then at least I'd like to sight see!

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2018/08/07
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Out of our Comfort Zone

Reviewed by: Nunia T., 2018/06/05

The perfect way to spend our day together! We were booked on the Ultimate package that included the Adventure Tower, Zipline, Kings Swing, ATV & rock climbing. This package is perfect for couples as its all about trusting each others judgement and it could get a little competitive too. The adventure tower took a lot of energy out of us as it did require a lot of upper arm workout however it was defiantly worth it. The off road ATV drive was so much fun! You can either take turns to drive or for 20-30 minutes each. Lastly, for the Zipline we did the full 6 line and we had a blast! The staff members definitely take care of you and make sure you're comfortable before doing any of the activities. I would recommend this tour to anyone honestly. Young or old, either way I'm sure everyone will enjoy this full day tour!

  • Great staff members!

  • ATV ride

  • Zipline

Attended as:Couples
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