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Star of Honolulu Sunset Dinner Cruise with Polynesian Show & Live Entertainment

Getting hungry
The taro bread was very good
The feast
The first time I've seen Diamond Head from the ocean
My daughter kept waving at the dancers
You're free to walk the decks during the cruise as well
Chilling on the Deck
High Skies of Oahu (No Edit)
Diamond Head
Waikiki and Diamond Head
Good times :)
fireworks from bottom deck
night time view
Our dinner
Sunset from cruise
Steak was just the way I like, rare.
Star of Honolulu Dinner Cruise, Hi.
Perfect Sunset from Star Of Honolulu, Feb 13 2016
Beautiful moment!!
First Class meal
Honolulu and Diamond Head
Our guests from Holland and Korea.
Thanks again for the best time!
Awesome !
Hawaii sunsets
Beautiful view from the top deck
Great 5-Star food!
Sunset on Star of Honolulu
View of Diamond Head from Star of Honolulu
View of Wikikki Hotel forest from Star of Honolulu
Dancer's performance with hukalali, Thank you!
They sang Happy Birthday to my friend. Thank you, Ma'am!
One of the Hula Dancer
Before boarding
Sunset Dinner Cruise
Great Memories
From our table!!!
Two couples celebrating their 41st Wedding Anniversary
Waikiki and Diamond head view
Sweet potato Mulligatawny soup - 2nd course
Pineapple pinot grigio sorbet - 5th course
Roasted Apple Vol-Au-Vent dessert - 7th course
Waikiki view
Butter poached lobster with bean and corn ragout. 4th course
Arugula beet and goat's cheese salad - 3rd course
Beef tenderloin with Foie Gras 6th course
Beautiful table setting
thank you for your excellent service
Us and the Captain
Maine Lobster
Ryan was the best, it is employees like Ryan that make the cruise worthwhile
Carol, Denise, Kathy sisters First trip in a long time ., so much fun
Birthday Celebrations on the Star of Honolulu
Most beautiful sunset
Diamond Head
Honolulu skyline
Honolulu Skyline
Dancers super
Wonderful show
Sunset going down
One more of the sunset so enjoyed ourselves
Checking out the sunset
Family photo
Photo with the boat
A delicious and lovely vegan option
A salad so pretty I almost didn't want to eat it
Private reception and hula dance
The girls joining in a dance around the deck.
Some om the pre-boarding show cast.
My SIL with her boys
my 4year old Nephew dancing his heart out
Great memories
Enjoying the entertainment.
Enjoying lobster.
Beautiful Ship!
Dinner! All you can eat crab legs!!
Mai Tai’s
The sunset
Steak & Crab
Great views!
Sunset View
Amazing View
Amazing Experience
Sunset Cruise
Diamond Head view
Beef Wellington
Beautiful Dancers
Beautiful Sunset
Star of Honululu
Steak cooked to perfection.
Captain of the Star. ⭐️
Excellent entertainment!
Fireworks were awesome!
Beautiful photo and binder courtesy of the Star.
Lobster cooked to perfection.
Wonderful desserts!
Clean and comfortable coach bus .
Coach bus was comfortable and clean. Driver was courteous and informative.
Our view of the sunset!
My new wife
Friends and family
Star of Honolulu Sunset Dinner Cruise with Polynesian Show & Live Entertainment
Depart from Aloha tower aboard the world famous Star of Honolulu for an unforgettable evening of dining, entertainment and cruising the coast of Honolulu. Enjoy live music, an array of dining packages and the best sunset views Honolulu has to offer.