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Movie Site Tour - Film & TV Sets at Hanalei Bay, Opaeka'a Falls & More

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Great tour!

Reviewed by: Jacquie, 2017/12/30

We had Aunty Alicia as our guide and she was very knowledgeable and took us to extra spots! I was glad we got to see most of the north shore.

The only downside was the people flew in for the day and we were delayed waiting for them which cut our time short at some of our viewing sites.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2017/12/27
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Kauai Movie Excursion and Hanalei Bay Tour Review

Reviewed by: Ayshe Murat, 2015/12/03

We loved, loved, and loved it! The movie tour on Kauai is the perfect treat for not only movie fans such as me and my husband but for those who love seeing the beauty of Kauai. As it combines clips of scenes from famous, and some not so famous, movies filmed on the Island. It’s an easy six hours of entertainment as the tour guide fills you with fun facts of the movies with the reality of what actually had to occur (or not occur in some cases) for the film to be made. Bleeps of scenes and inaccuracies are pointed out with amusement such as scenes that go from one far corner of the Island into the mountains with the flash of the camera such as in the Elvis movie “Blue Hawaii.”

For a modest cost, my husband and I enjoyed touring Hawaii and meeting other tourists and having lunch (choice of Burgers; Pulled Pork and Chicken Sandwiches and Salads for the vegetarians) at the wonderful restaurant, Tahiti Nui, used in the film “The Descendants.” We even got to meet Julia, the real bartender in the movie.

The tour guide was professional, courteous and funny and went out of his way to point out great restaurants and frequent stops for pictures.

We highly recommend this for anyone as a wonderful way to tour Kauai and enjoy movie making at its most magical.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2015/11/25
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Alii Movie Tour in Kauai

Reviewed by: Nancy Ray, 2015/10/30

The Movie Tour with Johna, our Tour Guide was very informative and enjoyable because she was actually a native from Kauai. She brought in alot of details concerning the movie areas that we saw. I have been a movie buff for over 60 years and to see and hear about how the movie director used these areas was very exciting. The movie DVDs were very important for the touring people to identify the movies and with Johna explaining the how and wheres of each movie site , it made everything fit so perfectly. Each of the movies I have seen at least twice, even Lilo and Stitch and seeing the filming sites of "Jurassic Park", "Raiders of the Lost Arc" and "Dragonfly "were my favorites. Of course, "Elvis Presly", in my day, was the King and to see some of the filming sites of his movies and where he stayed was exciting. The Movie "Descendents" really showed the beauty and vastness of Kauai and the were got to eat at the same place the actors in the movie ate, Tahiti Nui. How fun was that!!!!!! The Hanalei Peir was very unique and I remember seeing it in several movies. The bridge that was in "Soul Surfer" was amazing and I really never thoght about it being only a one car at a time bridge. I hadn't seen one of those in forever.
The weather was awesome, at times it was sunny and then in the after noon we got some afternoon showers which made it even more fun and interesting.
This was the best tour ever. I could go on for days, but I won't. I have and will recommend this to to any and everyone I meet. Thank You for Your Tour Service and for our wonderful Tour Guide, "Johna".

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2015/10/26
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If You're A Movie Buff, Sam's THE MAN!

Reviewed by: gsr, 2015/08/10

We took the tour on June 18, 2015. My husband and I were the first to be picked up, last to be dropped off, so this tour was much longer for us than it was for those picked up last/dropped off first. We were tired by the end, but happy to have been able to see the extra filming sites and watch more of the associated film clips in that time. it was nice that the very knowledgeable tour guide, Sam, did that. He also edited the clips, so he really knows his stuff. (I was a film major in college, so I had high expectations for this tour, and Sam not only met but exceeded them.)
Sam is a professional musician, and he also serenaded our group by singing and playing his ukelele several times at stops long the way, which was absolutely charming. I don't want to give away everything - you really will enjoy it more if you allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised. But this tour is jam-packed with film trivia and celebrity trivia and so many stops along the way, all accompanied by corresponding film clips.
Our lunch destination was AWESOME! The food was OK, not amazing or anything, but the ambience was TRULY OUTSTANDING, for film buffs!!!!!
My husband and I meant to take the drive back up to the North Shore of Kuaui again sometime during our 1-week stay, but we never did make it back up there. We weren't too upset, though, because we felt like we got to see so much of it on this movie tour.
This was our favorite tour of the vacation, by far. (We also flew to Oahu for a one-day tour which was basically a "Stop and Shop" tour), and on Kuaui we toured Allerton Gardens and went on a helicopter.) This movie tour is long, but well worth the time spent.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2015/07/18
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Jill and John Adventure

Reviewed by: Johnno, 2015/06/11

Fascinating, Informative, Fun, and all the other superlatives to achieve my fifty words!

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2015/06/01
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Reviewed by: David, 2013/09/08

Tour guide was very knowledgeable and lots of fun it was a great experience. Would highly recommend this tour.

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Fabulous Time!

Reviewed by: Tom & Brenda, 2013/01/31

When Sam, our guide for the day, picked up my wife and I at our hotel, on time, we thought he was taking us to another location to meet up with a busload of other people for our movie tour. Instead, he said it was just the three of us on today's tour, off on a day of movie magic.
After sharing some of our favorite Kauai filmed movies with Sam, he made sure he highlighted several of the filming locations along the way. My wife and I never knew there were so many movies filmed on Kauai and so many spectacular locations to see. Sam was involved in pre-production scouting of locations for "The Descendants" and so was very knowledgeable about scenes from that movie and scores of others.
Sam personalized our tour for us, even fulfilling my request for a Bubba Burger and shave ice. He was a ukulele master musician and serenaded us at several stops along the way.
This tour made for a day in paradise that we will never forget!

Attended as:Couples
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An Interesting Tour

Reviewed by: Mr. Anonymous, 2010/05/18

When I found out that parts of Jurassic Park were filmed on Kauai I had to visit the film locations. The tour guide was very informative and showed us movie clips to refresh our memory of what the scene looked like in the movie. The scenery of Kauai is just stunning, and you can see why people filmed at these locations.

Attended as:Families
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