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Last review on 2015/06/10
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WOW what a awesome tour!

Posted on: 2015/06/10

So you wanna see movie sets... this is the tour you wanna visit.

ok so the start of it was a bit confusing, you get on a bus with many other tourists inc non English speaking people, but thats expected, but when the tour guide starts talking in their language first...not sure. anyways they were explaining what the difference options to visit on the ranch.

we did ATV, Movie guide and jungle safari but other options inc sail and island hide away. the ATV is good but sucks when it rains like it did for us, was wet but they did provide ponchos but the seats got wet and our butts and pants were wet for the rest of the day. about a 30mins tour up and around the valley with 1 stop up near the mid valley looking down, yeah nice view, but they could have taken us to some movie sights that are not on the movie guide that we went on next. theres a million movies and tv filmed here and many not visited so they could have stopped us at them.

The Movie guides was great, Visited the site of Jurassic Parks tree stump for some pics, then drove past the lost golf field, also saw a few Godzilla foot prints, would have been good to stop and get pics there, the movie guide also took in some history about the ranch as well as the farming they do (it is a cattle ranch after all!)

After a very well stocked and yummy lunch we did the Jungle Safari in what simply put a Safari bus, which was also used for the Jurassic World bus as seen in the trailer so that was cool to know, went up into the jungle was rough and bounch so it added to the Safariness, we stopped at a few film locations inc the new Jurassic World Science building, it was fenced off but got a chance to take pics. up into the jungle and more little hidden spots were films and TV were filmed and to the top of the valley, good view and ics taken and then it was back to the gift shop, i thought there would be more LOST but i guess for licensing reason they cant sell things.
it was a great tour, well worth what we paid.

Rating: star
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Activity Date: 2015/04/28
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